Kruul's DNA

Can Kruul’s DNA be used for anything or is it just a pointless commodity?

Thats what Mrs Kruul said


Collect it all and assemble your own Kruul.


If only you could, there are so many items in game that do not give a good explanation of where you can find them or what they are good for (if anything)

It’s useless mate



May I ask where that comes from?


Damsel in Distress mission.


Yeah I know where Krull’s dna comes from, I was asking about that offer for the Hookbil that @Aesir_Valtari posted.

That is the requirements to get the ship from lp store. Really though the bpc is about 20k lp, 10mil isk and built melting loot from 1 level 4 mission, so why bother? Doesn’t even need extra skills to build, just indy 1
Edit: he has old requirements up

There are 2 ways to obtain Hookbil from Loyalty Points Store:

  1. you bring frigate Kestrel and Caldari BY-1 Nexus Chip together to Caldari corporation station (note: chip is available to buy for LP in non-military corporation LP stores - check this site) and for 80 000 LP you exchange both items for Hookbil (10 000 LP in State Protectorate LP store);
  2. you buy blueprint copy for Hookbil for 30 000 LP and 10 mln isk in military-oriented Caldari corporation, like Caldari Navy, Ishukone Watch (10 000 LP and 2 mln isk in State Protectorate store) OR you exchange set of criminals DNA & Dread Guristas Silver Tag + 50 000 LP (like in screenshot in my previous post) for Hookbil blueprint (10 000 LP + Dread Guristas Gold Tag in State Protectorate store).

Just don’t put it in the fridge next to the milk.


Never throw out any of the useless crap they give you. Put it in station containers labeled “Junk” and keep it. You just never know.



Train up Hoarding skill to V. I think Elite Drone AI was fairly worthless when I took a break, and when I came back they were like 7 mil each, and I had at least a hundred in the junk pile. Another one may be something something card, and I’ll leave it at that…


I still keep container after container of biomass hoping CCP will go through on it’s April fools joke! :rofl:


And if you don’t have biomass on your overview, your a sheep, not a wolf…

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Classic, needs to be quoted! :rofl:

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I figured out what to do with it completely by accident, never would have guessed. Made billions. If I ever get back into hisec awhile I’ll do it again to fund things.

Well at least now if someone searches they may find this forum post, there must be 100s of items out there that have no real description or information about what they do.