[KYBERNAUTS] Investigating the truths of Raravoss as EDENCOM evacuates from the system

Guess the Flow of Vyraj is lucky the punk-ass Trigs kept their noses out of nullsec, huh?

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It is sad you speak of the Flow as something bound by luck. You clearly do not appreciate the opportunity for cladistic proving. Keep extirpating yourselves, Narodyna.

For all their talk of “proving” the Triglavians don’t seem particularly strong or talented. Trig forces are composed primarily of huge numbers of small weak ships that we’ve slaughtered in the millions. Are Kybernauts learning their delusional tendencies from their masters? Could this be a side effect of bioadaption?

No more insane or delusional than most nullsec capsuleer groups and their wars, or the ongoing militia conflict losses sanctioned by the big four in low-security spaces.

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Well, then let me be more clear:

Your Triglavian masters are cowardly little punk-ass bitches who intentionally restricted their activities to locations where they knew they wouldn’t face significant supercapital resistance. They proved that they are weak, ineffectual, and not worthy of incorporating into our flow. And their kyber lackeys are simpering sycophants who wouldn’t last a week renting in Oasa, much less having to actually defend themselves and hold space.

I’ve heard that sort of talk since I became an infomorph. Selfmade lords not for glory, but for might. The unfit seem to think cladistic proving is the mere capacity to extirpate troikas. Regrettable, but it will not halt the Flow into Viraj. It will not stop Narodyna from communion and attaining fitness to enter Buyan. Do as you will, Narodyna within your own Struggle. It matters not, the Flow cannot be halted. Perhaps one day your ears will heed the words of Zorya of Triglav.

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Just wait until they have to fight against Sansha. If they thought Amarr Navy were a pain in their triangled backs, Sansha will teach them an even better lesson.

I see someone support slaving

The Triglavians would have earned far more sympathy and trust if they had invaded Stain.


That’s Flow of Viraj. Can’t you even keep your nonsense straight?

Yes, that was an error. Well, as soon as people start to attack grammar instead of your argument you no longer need to make it. Signing off, sobornost to kybernauts.

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Both your grammar and your argument are lacking, so I agree that this is an excellent moment for you to sign off.


Freedom in a social sence implies ability (or otherwise issued permission) to commit something that is otherwise considered illegal, amoral or prohibited by other means. However, in more broad sense, of course, any sort of hindering like being attached to something (e.g. machine, weapon, prison cell, spouse, etc) will mean you’re not free.

Typically when you deal with someone looking for “freedom”, it only means they most likely have urges to commit something illegal or something unaccepted by the society.

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