L4 Epic arcs. Single ship?

So I figured I would post a follow up. Thanks to @DeMichael_Crimson for his excellent Loki fit. I managed to play around and came up with a similar fit in tank and DPS at about half the price. Still not cheap mind you but when is a T3 anyway right?

I had already started Penumbra (caldari) epic in my Kronos. Man that epic especially was painful having to go back home to pick up a ship appropriate for the low security missions etc.

I bought the loki and ran Wildfire today (Minmatar arc). Man it was the fastest I’ve ever run an epic arc. I was a bit nervous flying something so expensive, especially after getting so useful to a MJD bastion blap maurader. However the Loki performed flawlessly. It was also more fun as you have to actually pilot. I think for the most part it killed faster than my sniper kronos.

Gallente arc is next. I won’t lie I am still very nervous about that one. I’ve had times where I was worried about my Kronos in some of those missions due to the DPS.

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Glad to hear you’re having fun with it.

I suggest checking the comments on each Mission page of the Epic Arc’s on Eve-Survival: Mission Reports

There’s usually good info, tips and tactics posted in those comments. As for the actual Mission details, I always try to update them whenever I run the missions.

By the way, I saw your Eve Mail message (using 3rd party site), I just haven’t had time to log-in and check the fit due to working a new job, I’ll definitely check it over this weekend.

Yes I keep eve survival on my second monitor. I built up a combat and exploration fit and swapped as needed. The exploration fit worked great for the hacking missions.
The only big surprise is the auto cannons. Honestly this is my first major time in a minnie ship. Those things chew through ammo like a fat kid in a candy store (sorry if I cant use that euphemism anymore).

Also I found the exploration fit works great if you like to chase down the new triglavian scouts that are showing up randomly in systems.

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Nice, T3 Cruisers are great, easy to customize them to fit your game play.

As long as you quickly remove all web/stasis items from the grid, the ship will easily maintain a good speed to help tank against the rat packs. The only issue is Newts, once your Cap is gone, so is your tank. So for missions with Newt Towers, I always lead the pack out beyond the Newt range and then engage them.

As for ammo, Barrage is pretty cheap and works good on small hulls and even on some of the Medium hulls, I usually use Republic Fleet Phased Plasma and Drones for all the Medium and most of the Large hulls, will switch to Hail ammo for tougher targets and structures.