L4 Epic arcs. Single ship?

Missing a cloak

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doesnt need one cause its a PALADIN!

I switched to 250mm rails on the Proteus fit I posted earlier in this thread for the Gal Epic Arc.
The Studio mission required some manual piloting to spiral in to get under the guns of the battleships. Just don’t skimp on your tank.


I think he meant for travel. Some gankers will gleefully go for a blinged out shiny kill like that. Especially if you don’t manage to react hardeners at the gate once decloaking.

Same with incursion ships. If you’re going to fly a 3-5b boat in highsec, better to cloak trick to make sure. Plus its faster than normal aligning unless you have something like a machariel probably :stuck_out_tongue:

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Besides Jita and amarr there are very few people who will try to gank you.
If you don’t stay on the gate after decloak, they need to scan you, have the correct ganking ship on hand, track your position to shoot you out of the gate. With the risk of losing too much isk to cover for the price of your ship.

for the incursion ship, I commend refit to a travel fit (so align and tank), and request a move by public contract of all the bling. Worst case, the hauler gets killed and you get repaid for your modules.

I personally had an alt come in a BR or DST to move the stuff.

I think the megathrons / hyperions have like 20-30km range so you should range tank them, and the domnix are fitted railgun, so should not track you.
Why did you need to spiral in ?

I was thinking of redoing the Amarr L4 Epic Arc again. Doable in a regular T2 Gila? :thinking:

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I was pointing out that the subject of this thread is a “single” ship that can complete all arcs. Given at least the caldari arc requires either LS or NS travel, you can’t meet this threads topic at least with a marauder. That is unless you feel comfortable flying it with a T1 cloak through LS. :slight_smile:

Um, because if you read his post he was in a proteus? You aren’t going to do an effective sniper fit in any cruiser (well maybe a sentry ishtar). But you can still effectively sig tank.

@JohnCee_Calhoooon on my most recent run (with the new loki talked about on this thread) I blitzed everything I could. So for studio I basically ignored the field and just destroyed the studio.

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Probably? I’ve done it in an Ishtar in the past. I found it annoying though.

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why do you need to go below 30km in a railgun proteus ?

Well given the fit he posted, in order to get a 30km optimal your railguns are only doing like 140dps.

Personally if I were going to do the Proteus I’d keep the blasters and just get up close.

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You don’t want to get a 30km optimal. even though using a uranium you have 27+15 with 176 DPS.
But anyhow his drones are doing the DPS.
here are the effective DPS switching ammo (CN for non T2)


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You win.

it still does not answer my question : why did he have to spiral in ? My guess is that he could get shot by the dominix above drone control range.

I didn’t know what their ranges were. I thought it best to kill frigates and cruisers as i spiraled into Javelin optimal on the battleships. I had tried spike at range against battleships in an earlier mission and it was pretty slow. It was a lot more fun doing it in the Proteus than in my trusty sniper Dominix.

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Well your fit is oriented towards drone DPS, so your railguns should be used for small fries first.

But thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

I switched away from the drone subsystem to the hybrid one. I apologize for not making that clear. As I didn’t have as much experience with the hybrid sub as I did with the drones, I was trying to clear the site as fast as i could while still being cautious.

Drone aggro management has been a pain especially against Elite frigates and cruisers in missions.