Launching a positive, polite and respectful place to exchange and "Level up" ;)

Sorry in advance is now launching its community group on Facebook : Facebook Groups

The goal being to bring people that want to exchange in a polite, positive and respectful environment, but also that want to improve themselves on a personal level.

Everyone in the Eve community is welcome! We’ll be monitoring to make sure that the values of the group are followed. Please be aware that it won’t be a carebear friendly group. The goal of eve is to lose ships so that the economy can work, hence the whole game. If you consider yourself a carebear and would like to “level up” out of this status, this group is definitely for you.

The idea is to reinforced people’s mindset with positivism. We see it has an help to go in prevention to #B4R. Don’t hesitate to ask if you got any questions.

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I’m kind of confused as to what exactly you are about. Like you kind of sound like a player support group, but also talk about game stuff. I dunno. I’m confused.

Also, I don’t know how many people are like me, but I absolutely refuse to use facebook (and most social media). They don’t respect your privacy and are actively data mining their users. So, it’s possible that you might get slightly more people if you had a discord.


It is indeed a new Idea that we are bringing to the community. It can be seen as a kind of support group, but you don’t need to be in need of support to join it.

In those difficult times, a lot of people generally need more positivity in their lives and that’s one of the goals of this community. Other goals has do deal with self-improvement, politeness and respect.

Concerning Facebook, you are right that it is not for everyone. We do have a discord that is set for the same goals. We’ve adjusted the permissions, so that the community can join and take part in it.

Thank you for your question. We’re now better cause of you @Shipwreck_Jones

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CCP is doing that too you know… Maybe not on the same level as facebook, google, apple, and twitter, but they do it and do it constantly.
On the other hand, I’m with you on this, social media is something I don’t use and never intend to.


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