Leak or good sense of future?

Looks like CCP announced a higher output when reprocessing old Starbase Industry and Moon Mining modules.

Just wondering why someone bought out all those (that are not totally overprized) already 5 days ago.

Looks like someone had a good feeling for things to happen in the near future.

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No such thing has been announced. POS Industry has had it bonuses removed ages ago, and Moon mining is only possible with Refinery Structure. If you have proof of such things, do the courtesy of providing it instead of just being a rumor-monger.

If someone is buying all those things, it’s most likely because they are speculating in the action CCP will make when said Items are going to be removed from the game.


Sorry, I meant reprocessing output. Didn’t know how to call it. I’ll edit the opening post and the title a bit, so my question remains but it isn’t seen as rumor-mongering.

Of course this stuff is being leaked. Why else would you want your alliance on the CSM? It’s not like they’ll disband any of them even if they get caught…


No leak, it was publically announced on Fanfest (but few realized). Five days ago the new rates were “published” on hoboleaks website. I came to late for the final rush but already bought tens of billions of cheap modules over the last couple of months and happily looking forward to payday now. :smile:


So indeed a leak, just a Hoboleak :wink:

Good call and also RIP PI prices.

It’s part of EVE’s ESI API. One can access data for Tranquility as well as Singularity, and all one needs to do really is to compare both data sets. The delta is the stuff that gets removed, added or changed. This appears what Hoboleaks does and in a way so that all players, even without programming skills, can access it.

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Yeah I know, it’s a great site. Somehow I missed the new information there.

My mistake. Kind of feel stupid for instantly jumping to rumors :slight_smile:

You are not completely wrong though. Not everyone understands this and it does end up being kind of insider information, and all because CCP couldn’t get the exact material costs for these items right and now has to adjust them upwards. It’s definitely not good when something like this happens.

Actually this is common practice, and CCP did before. It’s a very clever solution, just up the reprocessing output to match the build input at 55% reprocessing. Much better than injecting ISK to the game.

At least it’s good for some people like Tipa. I didn’t invest in these, because it seemed too long-term for too little profit, but I guess I still have a couple of Bil of those laying around.

Let’s bet on how far PI prices will fall as a result.

Not sure if we’re talking about the same thing. From what I’ve picked up has the material cost for some items nearly doubled. I don’t know if these can still be produced, but if these items can be reprocessed then they could easily return more material than what they’re currently worth in ISKs.

They can’t be produced anymore. And the last part of your sentence … well, this is the point :rofl:

I don’t find it nearly as funny as you do, because it obviously only profits a few players.

Yeah, those who pay attention, which I think is fair.

Do you, really?

What about the little and new player, who only has got 5m ISKs? Do you think they had the same chance as the older, more informed players with deep pockets and enough ISKs to buy into this?

I don’t see it as fair. I’d say it’s just another mistake by CCP. And repeating the same mistakes isn’t clever. Mistakes are there to learn from, but not to repeat them.

Yeah, absolutely agree. Otherwise it would just be that no one profits and that is against the idea of the market in EVE.

But the new player probably wouldn’t have the money to make such investments anyway. Even if, there are better ways to make ISK with short-time trading for them. For them it is also much more uncalculatable how many of these mods are still laying around and how the PI prices will react. I mean people who invested tens or hundreds of billions into these, will certainly make their profits, but it’s not like anyone could equally profit from trading anyway. You need to be dedicated and I think Tipa is right, that paying attention should absolutely pay out. Newer players who have some ISK to invest and regularly read the news could have also made some ISK here, maybe some will.

So should CCP do this more often?

They will probably do it again in some way or the other with the rest of POS modules and the POS themselves.

If they didn’t do it, there would be a lot of protest from previous POS owners about reimbursement. The build cost for POS modules in terms of material were higher than even the buffed reprocessing rate. They could have either paid players out in ISK, which for the entire chain of POS stuff could easily be in the 2 digit Trillions or tried to replace old modules with their equivalents in times of Citadels, which would have been near impossible (many modules have been merged, build costs now could be much higher than before tec.) to do in a good way.

Increasing the Reprocessing rate to reimburse the players was maybe the only way.

I guess they are not totally unhappy with the pressure it will create on PI prices, but that’s just a theory.

P.s. To answer your question, they have to introduce changes in some way. The increase of reprocessing rate was indeed announced at Fanfest, just without a set date. Everyone who wanted to invest long-term could have done it if they have the ISK. For the announcement itself: well, they can just put it on SiSi or announce it here or on reddit or whatever, someone will always be the first to notice it and buy at the right moment. There isn’t really a way around it, unless they didn’t announce changes anymore - which would have its charme too. Not sure.

That’s not what I’m asking. I’m asking if you think CCP should do this more often?

When you think it’s fair and adds to the game-play, then you can answer the question with a Yes. Or you can say No, when you think it shouldn’t happen more often.

It’s a simple question, and not an offense or an insult.