Leaving High Sec is a SCAM. Stay High (sec) new brothers!

Wow, this thread is really delivering!

You know when you’re walking down the street, and two tiny dogs start snapping at each other? Not even barking, but more like raspingly gasping for air. And the owners start moving to separate them, but you’re like “wait, hold on, I want to see where this goes…”

This is kind of like that!

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I tend to ignore wild claims or invitations to do things that only 3 out of 5000 guys could pull off.
And some would swear on them as if the exceptions made the rule.

I ignore those even more.

Scams are allowed in EvE.

Broadcasting my activities in the game is a sure way to put everybody to sleep.

Then EvE players should demand a refund because I am very bad content. Unless exploding a free corvette I got from a mission agent is “content”.

I may be a fool but I’m not greedy.

I wouldn’t know. As I said, I’m not greedy. Not interested in cost and value of a non-existent currency.

I don’t have much to do of my days and it’s interesting for a few hours. :woman_shrugging:

No. I’m thinking if I can have some sort of fun for 2 or 3 hours then it would be fine.

I hope they have time to waste then because this rabbit has no meat on him.

Do you think it generally works on new players or do you confuse “new player” with “toddler”? I don’t think it works as well as you think.

No chance. I don’t fly blinged ships.

I will play the game as I please, thank you very much.

I think you’re the clown with this thread.

Nah. I bought and am building a few ships. I’m not gonna just look at 'em. I’ll take them to Low and Null and lose them on my terms.
That’s better than cowering in Hisec for 3 hours of wasted time.

Some have’t worked out more than solo allows more fun options.

I liked support back in the day. Logi not so much, I never really had the “healer” mindset.

Recons, EAF though…this I liked. Hoping to catch some of the more organized fleets where that hyena I have ready gets used.

It has the same appeal I guess bullriding does. I ride that bull tyring to not be kicked off as long as possible.

Non solo/Fleet work allows for specializations like this which is an eve aspect I always liked.

Doing PvP “solo” is basically EVE incel behavior. If you’re not tackling a ship and then letting all your buds get in on the kill mail while making fun of the target in local, you’re probably mentally unstable and should be put on some kind of watch list before you commit a mass shooting in real life. Only no-skill losers try to fight alone, because players who are always bringing a big gang are already secure in the knowledge that they’re the best PvPers. CCP should make it so that “solo” kills don’t drop any loot, because there’s no reason to reward these little pudknocker goblin virgins for not sharing the fun.

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So much reaction and so much defences xD.

Like kindergarden babies crying in a choir WAA WAA DOINT SAY STAY IN HIGH SEC, YOU CAN*T SAY STAY IN HIGH SEC WAA WAA WAAAA WAA BABBY CRIII REEE :smiley: :smiley:

It seems i was spot on, if luring n00bies to get killed on low sec isn’t true i wonder why so much reaction and butt hurt occurs?

There it is ladies and gentlemen see how defensive and upset peoples get when their ruse to lure you out to low sec has been compromised.

Stay in High Sec and flip the finger to these gankers :slight_smile: There is nothing better than empty gate camps xD.

Ask youreself if my claim wasn’t true wouldnt this thread be just silent and without interest, clearly there is a big incentive to get you there to the wolf’s lair! Hehehe.

Merry Christmas everybody, fly safe stay High %)

You are a very good writer Redden.

I hope to hear more from you!

Thats a long ass post ! Struck a nerve?

Lowers to 2 knees to kiss it royally (It’s a big target) MMMmmaahh

So many ass kissers its hard to fit in here babs…

Please send link to Onlyfans <3

Muchos love!

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Not at all. If you take a look at some of my posts you will notice they resemble the one I replied to you with.
Why, was it too long for your reading abilities?

Yeah Professor ■■■■■■■■, thanks for chppin in ( The best song eva).

My point is that in HS you are relatively safer solo than in Low Sec, thanks for confirmation!

Im used to only tictocs, can you do a dance so i could understand it better ?

[ forum bug ]

No, but I can certainly block useless members like you.

Some read his original post
And there was much myrth
And shaking of heads
And mutterings of time wasted


I am just happy everyone acknowledges, you go to Highsec for Safety.

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High sec is a scam too. Ask anyone if they feel comfortable there

I’m very comfortable in Highsec.

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So what we have here is a newish player who ventured into LowSec a bit, hoping to make quick, big money. He probably wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings and got popped on a gate.

Unable to retaliate in any meaningful way - since he has no friends - he is self-soothing by spewing fantasies of “starving” the “gankers” of content by everyone boycotting LowSec and NullSec.

You actually should get out of HiSec and at least venture around LowSec, even if all you do is mine:

Note, this post is probably a bit out of date as far as numbers and ship performance, but the point still stands (I will probably update it later today).

I’m not even that good at making ISK. I keep getting distracted by PvP. But this is the result of this month’s lazy LowSec mining and gas huffing.

Then again, since I’m not scared of PvP, I have an entire constellation on absolute lockdown and most of my neighbors know better than to try to PvE in my systems, so I have free reigh on everything.


Except you’re yet another 6 year old player with zero killboard…posting ‘think of the poor noobs’ posts. Why have we had so many of those lately.


OP, this is low quality bait. Next time, please put in more emotional language and comparisons to real life. Free psychological diagnoses of everyone are also kindly requested: the mental health resources available in many folks‘ community are underfunded and usually unavailable so you’d be doing a community service.

Merry Christmas.