Leaving High Sec is a SCAM. Stay High (sec) new brothers!

Title says it all.

You read guides how to make that BIG ISK and you hear all kinds of glamour stories and wild numbers. Forum posters heckling you to be a real man and get there to get the BIG ISK !


You will never make it. All systems are full of alts and bots and scouts telling on comm’s where you move, YOU the new guy are the content for the game, but ONLY if youre the greedy fool who ventures to the wolf lair! Be smart and prosper!

It is true that in theory you CAN make some big ISK out of HS, but at what cost?

Why would you play in constant danger and pressure from a team of PvP hungry peoples who’s only intention is to find easy fights so they can brag about them Ph4t Kill mails? Do you really think you can beat 10 years old veteran on he’s turf? You cant. There is no good fights there is no solo, there is only the rabbit being chased (YOU).

This “Come to low sec for big ISK, man up” is just a ruse and a scam to get the most valuable content of EvE , salty tears and phat killmails, do you really want to be the laughing stock of the game?

Stay in High Sec and play the chill PVE game EVE can be ! The ISK is not that big, but you will not loose any ship or be the clown who got killed in the expensive ship, just a free warning i hope we get to keep these new players that join in on Christmas holidays !

So to conclude–> Avoid anything than High Sec or you will be the clown. Stay in High Sec and prosper in chill peace and let the gankers sit in boredom in their empty gates :).

Thats all, fly safe new space brother!


called risk vs reward ! you can get was more isk but you need to risk more ! easy … not a scam !

you play this game … whats your intention to play eve online ? btw … HS isnt a safe place xD just to warn you before you got killed :wink:

yes you can ! why should it not be possible ?

there are good fights ! they are not fair but eve isnt fair !
there are many of solo pvp ! hard to find a target as real solo but not impossible !
if you choose to be the rabbit then youre absolutly right :wink:

you think the big isk in other spaces are scam → you are a laughing stock of this game !
btw … if its scam then tell me this → how could all the player living in low sec, nullsec and wh space survive and have all the big isk ?

oh deer youre so wrong xD
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HS doesnt mean youre safe and dont get killed !
but youre right … if youre completly risk averse then stay in HS ! you got bored to hell after a time and then come back to this forum and cry about something …

you are sitting in HS and you ARE the clown right now … leave HS and be succesful ( dont tell you how :wink: ) and you can see youre totaly wrong in your whole thread !


Why so much hostility ? Are you angry about something?


Ahh here is the reason you got so defensive, it seems you have killed 12 350 player ships.

Im beginning to suspect your a gate ganker and play in cowardly gangs 97% of your time.

Why do you lecture me about tales of solo PvP when all you do is blob? LOL

You seem unhappy about my good and wise tip to the new players heheh, and for a good reason hehe.

What we got here is one of those gankers i was warning the new guys about , storming in the post all guns blazing :smiley: .

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why do you start with so moch hostility ? are you angry about your disability to live outside of HS ?

why should i be angry ? only because of another sensless spam thread in this forum from a dude who never has done anything useful in this game and only can write with a forum troll ?

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There there, no need to get this vocal about a video game. Just offering tips to new bro’s, whats youre beef ?

Its time of cristmas and merry jolly times, please cheer up big guy!

there are not tips to newbros ! only rant about stuff you are not able to handle !

btw … still the word “Scam” is wrong ! youre not being scammed youre being killed !
and its not a scam if ppl say that some regions are way better for generating ISK then HS ! its simply the truth !

if you would offer tips to newbros then write down real stuff what they need to “fear” out of HS !

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No thanks i just write this guide to protect the Christmas players.

Care to comment me those solo PvP moments mr 97% gang kills …not too many solo kills apart from miners and trashcans. Tell me a tale of youre most glorious solo kill :D. Gang noob.

"I saw this threatening MTU in the mission hub, i DSCANNED -->no one there . I undocked my Machriel and went in …target on sites a dangerous MTU (a space trashcan).

I heated up my prop and guns and went in pew -pew pew. My heart was racing and i got the zkillmail, yep son that trash can will trouble us no more"


And heres the proof, indeed a trash can was killed that day !

HAHAHA what a bottom feeder. Nice solo kill cowboy!

Sorry about my last post. I looked the kill more closely and it seems you had to bring 5 guys to kill this MTU, my bad.

But i know that an fearless ace like you could take a MTU on (unguarded) any day of the week, you just felt safer with friends xD.

sorry this is not a guide ! its rant …

if you want to help newbros i have an idea :

you could write what you did !
you could write what happen to you exactly !
you could write that newbros need to because leaving HS includes legal attacks against you !
you could write how you still can survive out of HS ! as a player from 2017 we can expect that you know something like this !

so you think that everbody need to fight solo ? why ? i decide not to be solo ! i always flying with minimum 1 alt because i know eve isnt fair ! so i´m not fair ! if you want a fair game then look for another game then eve online

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as i killed this procurer with a svipul the gnosis lands right next to me … and i still managed to kill both with a svipul !

its the last one i didnt want to look that much back in my history ! but i´m sure i would found nice solo kills !

now tell me about your pvp experiance :wink: forum trolls dont have any i heared

1st … its in nullsec and not a mission hub !
2nd… i was not alone !
3rd … i was not sitting in a machariel

less ranting more real informations forum troll !

i dont kill MTU´s if i´m alone ! not per default … if this MTU is sitting next to a target then maybe yes because it could eat the loot i will get !

could be shock you but i dont have any forum alt xD i write with my main and only with my main !

he is not the one with the most likes to my posts !
and btw … i dont care about likes ! i dont give some likes by myself so i dont expect somebody else to like my posts !

so you mean its nothing for you and my 393 solo kills are far mor then your killboard would shown ?

btw … there is a good reason not to be solo in eve online xD

that he can close the next thread ?

i take a little research and i found this solo kill … nothing special but still my favorite !

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Here is a good guide to new pilots looking to make a fortune in the safety of HS, where the chill and good mannered peoples roam, the serene peace among the stars, come join us in High Sec brother , here you are welcome and can be youre own boss!

Stay safe, stay high!

i actualy postet now a second one !

would be against the rules

still against the rules

Ok :frowning:

OP is misinformation

and apparently being called out on that upset him so much, that a whole slew of comments by the original poster here got flagged…

actual new players should get their info from a better source.

yes, null and losec are relatively more dangerous, and hisec is relatively safer. but even in hisec you may get ganked, and there is no guarantee you won’t lose a ship. take it as a given that you will. always be prepared to replace the ship before you undock. that’s the nature of the game.


Well, there are numerous clowns in Highsec, too…
Didn’t read all the thread, but this generalization is just wrong.
What we tell any new player all the time: Try everything you like to try, don’t mourn about lost ships, try social interaction (talk to other players), and most important: Have fun! It’s just a game.

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