Left because of wardec

Lol. Most of us have done null, low and wh space and found high sec pvp to be the most fun. We like to fly bling sub caps where you cannot be hot dropped and where tidi does not exist. We prefer a good fight from a group but only get this from time to time.

Maybe before you spout ■■■■ do some research.


No one in the alliance is doing botting to my knowledge. We have a good business model with good income vs expenditure. Citadels changed wars for good and this is a good thing.

No doubt, and because of changes made it is obsolete and misleading.

@ISD_Buldath, @ISD_Hazard, @ISD_Sakimura can we please lock this, it is obsolete and misleading.


That is the case now as I have detailed. However previously the then CEO of PIRAT did, it was before you as Vendetta joined them.

That is what I have been told and I have no reason to disbelieve that.

I am happy to see that you are adjusting and doing well, you are smart, able and wealthy players after all. I am very interested to see how you do at the next update. I have a feeling it will cause issues but you certainly know your stuff. At least you will have fun.

I do not understand why this thread needs to be closed, cleaned perhaps.

As it stands the next patch is not going to cause too many issues. We have adapted and ready for such changes. The only issues will be admin and logistical based ones.

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I think it is safe to put up a control tower in highsec but not a timer stucture unless you have support or a part of a large Aliance.

In saying this, there are many things that can keep you sticking in New Eden using the Control Tower’s Bubble and just change what you do in New Eden to look as random as possible and that way you won’t be hunted.

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This is pretty smart when ever I see a control tower I think o this person forgot to take it down or something.

Sorry, but necromancy is necromancy.