Left because of wardec

the isk isnt even better than level 4 missions as far as i can see.

Blah blah blah

In the end, just as predicted, the bears still leave.

They were never “cut out” for this game in the first place and the first time they get ganked, but any method, they quit.

This was a fools errand.


Why does your corporation not protect its members from war declarations? Perhaps the SEC and CONCORD should look into forcibly disbanding your corporation for failure to perform the duties laid out in your corporation charter.

As i have pointed out many times, most players in eve are not pvp based.
in truth, this has been a long problem, and even now with war eligibility, it will continue to be one.

Look, you dont know how to play, but thats no reason to necro.


Where are you getting the idea that Concord is supposed to “protect” players? They are designed to be punitive, not protective. The entire premise of your argument is flawed here. CCP’s own article about Concord states this clearly.

“CONCORD should therefore be regarded as a force of retribution, not one of protection.”


It works one way. Concord brings retribution only against those who decide to take revenge on the pirate.

All the functions on this garbage is completed.

I’m not sure what you mean when you say:

Don’t Pirates receive a Criminal timer for engaging upon people in High Sec? I was under the impression that you were allowed to fight back in those situations and Concord will not punish you for fighting back.

Or do you mean something else?

Yes, let’s give you retribution on the your mining barge against 50mil. sp pilot on battleship. Good mockery from game. Also as a reward for heads. Which are so cool bragging.

The fact is that these players: fully protected from real retaliation in the game. How do you think that bastard can every day kill industial ships in Jita without any consequences. More than 5 years!

All messages like yours just cover up the truth. It is not surprising that Eve lose players, negative natural selection: ■■■■ accumulates if you don’t remove it.

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I feel like such a hypothetical engagement seems a little outlandish. Not to mention, Concord will still destroy the aggressor’s ship in such a situation. They have committed a crime and have paid for it with the loss of their ship.

Are you advocating that these people continue to be punished for future crimes they have yet to commit? Or what?

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Why wars in highsec anyway?
Why allow players build citadels in high sec?
Now all those balance updates… could have spent time on something better!

High sec should just be starting ground, enough for new players to start their eve journey.


This s an old thread.

The offender chooses victims and always has the benefit. They immediately pay back the cost of the ship.

I wrote above is nonsense when hi-sec alliance declares war on 0.0 alliances, they are in different conditions. Alliance 0.0 can not punish these hooligans. They (H-sec pirates) are always in more favorable conditions.

Just check it:

20/1 Efficiency! What did they do for this? What are the super capital wars? Capture systems? Coordination of large fleets? Creating useful content for the game? NO ONE! They just parasitize on other players due to broken system.

Do you think they would be able to climb at least to the third grade of the alliance at 0.0? I think no.
These players are simply gangs of gangsters who terrorize the game. Using exploits left behind by developers. Only alliances 0.0 must declare war against 0.0 Not H-sec pirates spam war evry day it’s VERY BIG game exploit.

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I don’t see how this is a “broken” system though.

As for your suggestions about “super capital wars” and “useful content”, why are they required? They are hunting players who play in a manner that makes them very vulnerable and easily taken advantage of.

As for the actual mechanic of War Dec’ing, you are not obligated nor required to anchor your own structure (which would make you War Dec eligible). You can choose to remain in your own corporation without an anchor structure to keep yourself safe from War Decs.

Beyond that, Ganking is and always has been part of EVE, and I don’t see anything wrong with it. They already lose their ships from Concord response immediately afterwards.

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I would suggest that this ganker you detail is pretty easy to defeat, all you need to do is take your BR to another station and switch to a DST which is setup to deal with Tornado gankers. The objective in this game is to out think the enemy that wants to steal your things. You have a counter there which is open to you as a solo player.

The sole reason I go after freighter bumping is that there is no real counter for a solo player apart from logging off. Notice the difference.

PIRAT, lets be blunt about them, they gained a huge advantage in the past with super botting that enabled them to pay for wars and fit themselves up with bling ships. Their previous leadership cheated to get them up to that point, so part of their success is based on cheating.

However two people I know and respect have said that they are clean in terms of botting at this point. They are a very effective and dangerous alliance and have an approach which is mainly to pick off dumb 0.0 players who ignore the fact that they have a war in hisec. And even players who are not dumb fall for it.

Very soon the consequence that will change things for them will be happening, in that they will have a declared war HQ, the question is whether the 0.0 alliances will now make them pay. Of course PIRAT will declare wars from some cheap Astrahus against the Goons. Maybe they will go balls deep by setting up a Keepstar, but there is a consequence there for war decking the wrong people.

Let’s see how this pans out first. Because it is likely to be rather interesting.

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Where do you see ganking here? You always try to prove that this is pvp content, but it is not. This is not a normal! infinity spaming wars. They do not fight they just use the flaw in the game.

I’m starting to think that you are one of them. You are protecting it so much.

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Well, first off. If these people cannot defend themselves in a war, maybe they should have reconsidered anchoring a structure and allowing themselves to become War Eligible. The mechanic is built into the game now. And by definition, this is PvP. So I’m not sure where you are getting that idea that this is not PvP.

People are given proper warnings and notices. It is not for the game to cater to players who refuse to pay attention or are unable to improve their own gameplay to prevent such losses to War Declarations.

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I would like to see how it will burn. But everyone knows how everything works in this game. They will talk about neutrality with Goons or someone else from the top3 And everything will be fine, trucks will continue to burn and the pirates have fun

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Well that might happen, however they lose a large amount of their targets and that has an impact on their content. This will be interesting to watch.

Remeber this quote kids when you complain that Null Sec has it easy.

Apparently High Seccers are in the advantage!