Links with pictures are too large

Holy cow this reddit video link is huge. Whose idea was it to have such huge previews?

How is this a problem? EVE forums are fixed-width. As long as there is a height restriction AND proportionality is maintained with regards to the height restriction then there should be no problem.

It is a problem because it pushes any content down for basically showing a supersized thumbnail. This was not the case in the past when the forums had a reasonable approach to this by showing a reasonably small thumbnail and video frame that you could increase to full screen if you so desired. This was and still is a much better approach than this huge preview picture and video frame that looks more like spam than beneficial site usability. As it is, I have to scroll down to start seeing any potential text of the topic and first responses to this topic. With a smaller video frame, as it used to be, this would not be necessary. Instead I could start the video and start reading topic text and responses at the same time. This is much better usability than this huge, pointless thumbnail.

I wish I could upload larger sized stuff to the forums. I’ve had large pictures hang while uploading, and the forums straight up tell me that my gifs were too big. So, I’d have to shrink their resolutions, lower their bit rate, AND drop the frame rate down to like 10 frames per second in order to get them down to size. Yes, yes, I make garbage that no one wants to see; but I get annoyed that I have to intentionally ruin the quality of my stuff in order to upload it to the forums.

At least you have options where you can upload bigger files.

Small addition to my original post: In my foolish naivete I assumed that that huge picture frame of the link was the actual video like a linked youtube video as it has the Play arrow that usually indicates a playable video. But no, it is indeed just a huge pointless thumbnail that only opens the reddtit post when you click on it instead of playing the video. This makes this huge picture even more a waste of space.

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