Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(HellToupee) #111

Suggestion - notification in market order window of recently closed/completed
Keywords - UI, market, QoL

Many times when I have a number of buy and/or sell orders placed it’s not readily apparent which specific ones have been closed. Perhaps keeping the order in the list and marked CLOSED or COMPLETED would be an idea?

(probag Bear) #112

Suggestion: Keyboard shortcut for Multibuy
Keywords: keyboard shortcut, multibuy, ui, market
Note: Useful for multiboxing

Currently, you are able to open the market window, import a shopping list with two clicks on the same spot of the screen, and buy items with the “Enter” key. You still have to move your mouse to open the multibuy window though. Adding a keyboard shortcut for the multibuy window would allow you to multibox without having to move your mouse.

(probag Bear) #113

Suggestion: Allow full compatibility between the Multibuy and negative quantities
Keywords: multibuy, asset management, industry
Note: Extremely (!) useful for asset management and for industry

Eve can currently generate shopping lists for bills of materials (such as for industry) in-client. It can merge linear combinations of these shopping lists in-client. It can turn asset lists into shopping lists in-client. It can correctly merge shopping lists with negative quantities and shopping lists with positive quantities in-client. But the user still has to leave the client in order to negate a shopping list.

For example:
Let’s say you’re building widgets that take 10 Trit and 2 Pyerite to build.

  1. You obtain this bill of materials in-client. You import it into multibuy, and you multiply it by 43 because you want to build 43 widgets.
  2. You go to your assets window / inventory and copy the contents into multi-buy. You multiply it by -1 because that represents the quantity of Trit/Pyerite that you already own.
  3. You merge the two multi-buy lists via export/import.
  4. You now have a shopping list of exactly the extra materials you need, and nothing more.

Step #2 is currently the only step that cannot be performed in-client. Allowing full compatibility of negative quantities with multi-buy will make inventory management in general a lot easier, and allow players to perform it without having to leave the client.

(Eddie Miner) #114

Suggestion: Total Skill Points in skill queue.
Keywords: Character Sheet, Skill Sheet.
Note: Eliminate guessing how many injectors you need.

Add how many Skill points are required to train all skills that are in your skill queue.

(elitatwo) #115

Suggestion: The option to pin the fitting screen
Keyword: Fitting screen
Note: All other windows can be pinned, so should this one

(Mangeir Berrund) #116

Suggestion: Read the post about some new map improvements suggestion.
Keyword: New map, Beta map.
Note: A few things that new map are missing in order to be a worthy replacement for the old one.

(Tvashnar Crendraven) #117

Suggestion: Allow users to ‘zero’ out count of items in multi-item sell
Keywords: market, usability
Note: It should be possible to zero out an entry to prevent it from being sold. Currently one must cancel the window, deselect the item, and restart the multi-sell process.

(Acac Sunflyier) #119

Suggestion: Put Lyavite Ore on the market.

Keywords: Mining, Marketplace, Incursions

There doesn’t seem to be a reason not to have it on the market.

(Rivr Luzade) #120

Suggestion: Notes tab in Show Info window of corporations/alliances and most importantly player owned structures.
Keywords: UI, notes, show info window
Notes: Direly needed because of all the mess with citadel access denial bulldung.

(Chingy Chonga) #121

It would be absolutely fantastic if we could get scaling over 150% 4k monitors are extremely affordable and almost all laptops now come with extremely high density screens. The fact that I can barely see what is on my screen is really terrible :confused:

(Henry Plantgenet) #122

It would be nice if you could have entries on the calendar of your corporation for citadel fuel running out type things like is currently POSible (if you’ll pardon the pun) for player owned starbases.

(Kaj A Beardhat) #123

Keybinds for fighter modules would be nice.

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #124

I personally always preferred the more gentle blue coloured pulse animation that tracks along your route on the old map. The new map has a violent and hectic staggered green line. Much less attractive.

(Col Crunch) #125

Suggestion: Notifications when assets are automatically placed in asset safety.
Keywords: ui, citadels, assets, asset safety, notifications
Note: I just had my first experience with asset safety and I am not impressed. Assets I had in a citadel were moved to asset safety when the citadel was taken down. Now, I had no knowledge that the citadel had been taken down, and would never have known that my assets in that location were moved, if I hadn’t needed them (I can still deliver them where I want at least). It is not far out of the realm of possibility that someone might not need something, or look at the asset window for the length of time that the auto deliver kicks in, at which point, I don’t imagine they would appreciate it being possibly 20+ jumps from them. This seems like it is a feature that should have had notifications from the start, considering you are moving people’s assets without their knowledge.

(Mina Sebiestar) #126

Suggestion: Make bookmarks in right click sortable by range.

Keyword: UI,bookmarks

Note: Ease of use if in system with large amount of BM via right click so system can favor closest created BM like instant undock/dock BM and the like without need to search them in list in a fast paced environment.

(Viper Low) #127

Suggestion: Ability to disable Notification Subscriptions via Context-Menu on a Notification
Keywords: ui, notifications
Note: Disabling Subscriptions via Context-Menu on Notifications beats “working” through the Notification Settings

Just reinstalled my System and got to configure my client… The notification settings are a piece of work to get through. Make it easier so we can just disable notifications via Right-Click if we don’t care for them.

New ContextMenu…

  • “Hide from History”
  • “[Enable|Disable] Popup”

(Evaldia) #128

Suggestion: Fitting Simulation - Tutorial video

Keyword(s): Newbro, Tutorial

Note: A Tutorial video (for the F12 > Tutorial Videos) on how to use Fitting Simulation. Will be very helpful for the NPE.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #129


Market Window-style ship categories for the SKINs tab in the Character Sheet


SKINS, Categories, Menu, Character Sheet, QOL


Scrolling through the SKINs tab has become highly tedious, with so many different SKIN types being listed all at once, one on top of another. If the menu had categories and subcategories like how the market window does for ships, plus a search bar, then navigation would become far easier.

(Sarmatiko) #130

Suggestion: Remove “Report bug” section and button from F12 help menu and create separate button for it in Neocom menu and panel.

Keywords: ui, support, bugreports

Note: For years newbie and veteran players confuse Bug reports and Support tickets in F12 menu. Since Support tickets were long removed from the client, many players click buttons without reading description text and submit their support requests to first form they see on screen (spoiler: it’s Bug reports)

(Sarmatiko) #131

Suggestion: Implement bounty protection for first characters on accounts younger than 30 days (e.g for rookies).

Keywords: UX, NPE, rookie griefing

Note: Bounty system frequently used as trolling and griefing mechanic forwarded towards unsuspecting rookie players.Either protect them by disallowing bounty placement on newbie players (else some may leave the game without searching what exactly “Bounties” are) or make bounty notifications\tooltips clearer with full info about consequences and removal methods.