Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Please only 1 suggestion in each post.

Suggestion : Enable sell directly from cargo hold & ALL containers while docked.
Keywords: sell, cargo, containers
Note: Reduction in drag & drop = playerbase happiness


Suggestion : Option to remove individual items from Overview.
Keywords: overview
Note: Just because we don’t want to see one particular thing, doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t want to see every single other thing of the same category.


Suggestion: Warning popup when autopiloting to an Edencom system

Keywords: autopilot, triglavian
Note: As a pilot with very bad Edencom standings, autopilot prevents you from piloting through an Edencom system but does not warn the the user if the destination and/or waypoint is an Edencom system, resulting in the inevitable loss of the ship and capsule. I suppose this also goes for Triglavian minor victory systems for those Edencom loyalists


Hmm interesting. I don’t know if this is actually unintended. The safety setting prevents you from flying through avoidavle lowsec systems, but it won’t warn you if the destination is in lowsec, right?

You would then in that case likely die to any gatecamp/ship in the area. This is most certainly intended, but your problem is a little different and I don’t know if that parallel is intended…

You get a warning when jumping into lowsec system with default settings. So, yes, this seems different.

  1. Keyboard shortcut to loot-all the selected ship, so it can be done without the overview losing focus.
  2. Stickier focus for the overview - windows with no meaningful keyboard interactions shouldn’t take focus.
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Suggestion : Same functionality within containers as with Item hanger. ( eg. Sell, Repackage )
Keywords: containers, hanger
Note: I think it would be great if we could organise items within containers exactly the same as we can for items in the Item hangar.


Suggestion: Add multibuy tap to interpret ‘1 x item name’
Keywords: ui, multibuy, market
Note: Copying from blueprint to Market - Mulitybuy - copy from clipboard

Copying items from blueprint copies ‘1 x (item name)’ like ‘1 x tritanium’, but multibuying tab cant interpret it from clipboard. it would be really comfortable if it can be copied to interpreted.

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Congarts on 77777 views XD

Suggestion: When you tick the ‘Invert zoom direction’ box in settings, also reverse the direction of probe scan range adjustment via alt and mouse wheel.

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Suggestion: Add an option to retroactively hide blocked chat messages

Keywords: ui, chat
Note: Will help address a lot of problems in the in-game chat all at once.

There was a recent spate of alt spamming in the rookie help channel, where a disgruntled recipient of a banhammer was rapidly creating new alts and mashing ctrl+v enter to flood the chat with an explanation of their own stupid and totally legitimate ban… Any time someone posts a wall of text (or multiple walls) to obstruct conversation, this is a solution which is notable by its absence from the game in its current state. Would be nice to see it fixed if possible. It might even help with the million SP spambots, and even more complex problems like Jita local…


suggestion allow players to buy shares in corporations which handle legal trade goods and receive a monthly dividend or simply be allowed to redeem a number of trade units of said item, players returning from a long break in the game could then have a bunch of low income assets to sell to get the ball rolling again.

Career Agents:
Specifically, the missions that include acceleration gates. Some of these gates are locked behind specific ship requirements. When you reach normal missions, the mission details will tell you about ship limitations in the messaging before accepting the mission. This same messaging seemed to be missing from the Career Agent mission information.

Request: Please include allowed ship class details in the Career Agent missions where applicable.

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Suggestion: Ability to compare a linked fit with your current fit.

Keywords: ui, fitting, fleets, F1monkey
Note: FCs post a fit in MOTD. Is my current fit correct

When joining a fleet for a large fleet battle the FC normally posts the wanted fits in MOTD. It would be really nice to click the link open the fit and compare it to my current fit. It should show missing items and extra items. This could be in displayed in 2 seperate lists.


Add a small button in the notification feed window, next to the gear icon. It should clear the feed. Instead of having to click the gear icon opening the config window and click “clear notification history”. I regularly clear the notification feed to help me keep track of changes such as standing or skills.

Thank you!

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Suggestion: Self-destruct in station should reset combat timer, too

Keywords: game play, QoL, filaments, inconsistency
Note: Self-destruct in space resets combat timer, self-destruct in station does not

After lost fights I want to get back in action as fast as possible, so I use self-destruct in the closest station, buy a new ship and get back out. Often I want to get back to Pochven, but the combat timer stops me from for 15min. It’s not rational that self-destruct in space does reset the timer, but in station does not, even though it’s essentially the same function.


Suggestion: mining hold should be a multiple of ore sizes

Keywords: mining, ship design
Note: the mining hold bay in various ships should always be a multiple of the largest ore type size. For instance the venture should be 5040 not 5,000 as that will fit an even number of 16, 8, 3, 2, etc sized rocks with no extra space.

Suggestion: Partial Multifit

Keywords: Fitting, Market, Modules

Note: Currently you can buy missing modules from the market, but you cannot actually partially multifit stuff.

If I have to fly a ship to another location enroute to the final destination (e.g., a solo PVP ship departing Hek for Floseswin, but needs to pick up a module with a cheaper price on the way to complete the fit), I have to manually fit it. When I have many different ammo types and I have to put 1,000 of 6 ypes in my ship, it would be really nice if I could multifit the ammo to my cargo before I depart to get that last mod. Would be a very appriciated QoL improvement.
(Make sure you notify the user that it’s a partial, otherwise some people could get a little miffed.)

Suggestion: Fix the Republic Fleet Firetail skin.
Keywords: Republic Fleet Firetail, Skins
Note: The Firetail’s Republic Fleet skin lacks the hard edge colour patches of the other RF ships.

Am I recalling correctly that this ‘blurring’ happened to a number of other RF ships at a point in the past, and these were corrected?