Local Comms Blackout - Discussion Thread - Part Deux!

Yes, which is why a dropoff in PLEX volume traded indicates more accounts inactive than just those who PLEX their accounts.



no need for me to check trade volume of Plex…checked corp - and alliance chat, checked Mumble…

only a few players left in Null, maybe Eve´s not dying, but small corps and alliances in Null do.

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Wow Mark wormholes more dangerous than Null because of asset safety? You’re not supposed to store months worth of loot in there, noob. And just because you can’t afford a Dread doesn’t mean dreadbombs don’t exist…


Of course, shatty skins. :joy:

If you buy 100 Plex and wait for someone to krab to the bone with bots and buy that Plex with ISK,

Where is your revenue?
You just spent $1500 rougly…

How much money did you make?
In exchange what you have is a big pile of ISK you never mined or ratted. You don’t have a way to backup all that ISK. You are ISK laundering.

Will you ever get the $$$ back?
Or a markup??

Is it that all Bots just went RMT?
If so, why are so little RMT caught?

Why CCP allows for more than one Plex be sold per account / month? Do they care?
If Plex was not meant as in game trade of real money, why is CCP allowed to trade ISK in real money represented in Plex and not the other way?
Why can’t someone just get out and sell 100 Plex he just bought in game with botting and …


Ssooo, I can just go out, but 100 Plex, get back in, capitaliza in ISK and be the owner of a bunch of assets for no particular reason?
Because honestly, there is no reason to pile up assets if…


Because there is no big enough conflict to burn all that ISK in the first place.
Then, why didn’t the Plex ISK price ever went down?

Because those who buy Plex are not bots. Botting is used to buy only those Plex for their accounts to run.

The rest was “legal” ISK?

Why would the BO be implemented against bots then? it could have taken the Bots in a rush but … no legal ISK makers? just people that are not cheating?
How many were those? How many did make ISK legally in the game and bought Plex for gaming.
How many did bot to buy plex and sell it IRL?

In the end, the person who bought the Plex in the first place, if he is not part of the botting and not part of the RMT, when did he get the money back?

LOL… To much work??? I started back in 2007 and have watched EVE get easier and easier. And it’s not just eve. Several games I really liked have done similar things to make the game easier and it’s getting disgusting really. I frankly love it when a game gets some difficulty put back in. In short “EMBRACE THE CHALLENGE!!”

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Yeah I’m sure your since 2007 you just out ratting in your ishtar… waiting to get ganked… loving the change the whole time…

Well whats the challange with this sneaking around nonsense supposed to be?
You don’t even need a Cloak really - at least i didn’t get anywhere near a situation where i’d have to save log (let alone loose) my Ashimmu flying around Test space for days and ganking ratters.

Low Sec sits right on the other end of laughable combat with it’s restrictions and gate guns so where exactly am i suposed to find a challanging ‘good fight’ now?

This forum is much more fun than the game itself now.

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Let the Bitter Vet flow though you,

feel the hate, the anger, flow through you

Embrace the dark side of EvE.


They should remove that low sec hisec etc and there should be only one type of space. They should also reduce the number of systems (why do we need so many?). So you can fill everybody in one room and activity rate explodes :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually yes this is my main Born 2007.01.05 I’ve lived in High, Low and Null. I remember my first run into 0.0 with my lil T1 Executioner with about 3 BOB members chasing me through their space :slight_smile: And the day EVE stopped when BOB fell and everyone was just floating at the gates reading the net lol.
So yes I’ve been around for a bit.
While you may think this is a terrible change I personally think it’s a good move. What I see is a lot of botters crying right now. I have always hated botters and mess with them when I see them if I can so anything that hurts them is fine with me. Real players will adapt and survive.

And How dare you suggest that I would fly an Ishtar! I’m Amarran damn it and would never stoop so low. :angry: The only thing worse would be to suggest I fly a Minmatar rust bucket lol.

So, I have just read on alliance discord that blackout is supposed to be over on Monday. Have also seen the twitch below. Can anyone confirm this or is this CCP being again numbnuts?

@CCP_Falcon how about making an official forum announcement?


Yeah Null sec gets to go back to being hello Kitty and my accounts have already unsubbed.

CCP just killed the game for all non Null players.

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RIP blackout, one of the best changes made in recent times
Still, free intel is free, for both you and me!

Will u unsubscribe now? Forum and game?

Can I have your stuff?


A comment made on alliance discord is whether CCP is restoring local back to what it was before or are they still going to be idiots. I guess we will have to see on Monday


No I am going alpha.

Apparently CCP like people who don’t pay cash.

No one , seriously no one will miss you.


Logic wins. Good decision. I can resub now. And BO fans, you will not be missed :smiley: