Login Failed - Handshake error

(John Varg) #21

I had this issue and solved it by changing Windows display language to Swedish (im in Sweden). If i use English, which i prefer although in Swedish, i get the Handshake error message.

(Pretentious Knob) #22

Hey Guys,
Looks like someone can’t look at old posts and continue the conversation. The other thread below seems to have some more info and fixes.

(CCP Explorer) #23

We are investigating this issue but we are not able to reproduce this yet. According to https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4464619/windows-10-update-history then Microsoft has paused the rollout of version 1809 due to issues. We don’t know if and how they are related to these handshake issues. For the time being I recommend that you uninstall update 1809.

(Pretentious Knob) #25

Looks like I dont have issue anymore. Have not done anything to fix it.

(Hive Overmind) #26

i mean, also got this issue today.
relog helps, but it’s kinda annoying

(Hive Overmind) #27

Looks like it’s Cache related.
deleted all downloadble content - no luck, still have issue.
Cleared all cache, including in-game, launcher, etc - all working fine, at least for now.

(Nadja Cosec) #28

I also got this problem. After some time dilation on the test server, I flew some abyssal sites, then suddenly I disconnected from the server and when I tried to reconnect I got the Handshake error. After 30 min trying to reconnect I found this posts. I tried a few things and the only one working for me is to pin and unpin your added acc. If I try to start the client while it is pined it gives me the error and as soon as I unpin it works again.
Also, I have Win 7 and haven’t updated this PC for a long time so it hasn’t necessarily to do with the win 10 update.
I also think this error kind kicked me from the server.

(Shipwreck Jones) #29

Suddenly encountered the problem on the test server, even though I could log on tranquility just fine. Tried everything mentioned in this thread except for clearing the cache, because I was afraid that it would reset all my windows and other client settings.

Found a work around by clicking the “E” in the top right corner, and selecting “Server List”. I then clicked on play on Singularity. I had to manually enter in my credentials, and wait for the acquiring bulk data thing, but I was able to get in.

Update: When I tried logging in the next day, I found that the problem had resolved itself, and that I could now login normally.

(Arisha Moon) #30

after todays update… i removed all accounts… then it worked, i restart launcher and the ■■■■ begin again…

(Pearl Abyss Diver) #31

Thank you. This is a workaround for me as well.

(Bubu lete) #32

cannot add account’s
getting register failled
i have this problem everyday thanks CCP!

(Jefrotee) #33

I just had this problem while running 12 accounts at the same time. Randomly, 1 of my accounts was disconnected and now unable to connect. I’ve tried removing the account from the launcher and adding it again, but no luck.

(Amaris Aidoios) #34

God CCP your server infrastructure just SUCKS big time. Your lousy software tells me I would have no internet connection while 2 other accounts are logged in at the same time. Good god fix that ■■■■ already.