Login Failed - Handshake error

I had this issue and solved it by changing Windows display language to Swedish (im in Sweden). If i use English, which i prefer although in Swedish, i get the Handshake error message.

Hey Guys,
Looks like someone can’t look at old posts and continue the conversation. The other thread below seems to have some more info and fixes.

We are investigating this issue but we are not able to reproduce this yet. According to https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4464619/windows-10-update-history then Microsoft has paused the rollout of version 1809 due to issues. We don’t know if and how they are related to these handshake issues. For the time being I recommend that you uninstall update 1809.

Looks like I dont have issue anymore. Have not done anything to fix it.

i mean, also got this issue today.
relog helps, but it’s kinda annoying

Looks like it’s Cache related.
deleted all downloadble content - no luck, still have issue.
Cleared all cache, including in-game, launcher, etc - all working fine, at least for now.

I also got this problem. After some time dilation on the test server, I flew some abyssal sites, then suddenly I disconnected from the server and when I tried to reconnect I got the Handshake error. After 30 min trying to reconnect I found this posts. I tried a few things and the only one working for me is to pin and unpin your added acc. If I try to start the client while it is pined it gives me the error and as soon as I unpin it works again.
Also, I have Win 7 and haven’t updated this PC for a long time so it hasn’t necessarily to do with the win 10 update.
I also think this error kind kicked me from the server.

Suddenly encountered the problem on the test server, even though I could log on tranquility just fine. Tried everything mentioned in this thread except for clearing the cache, because I was afraid that it would reset all my windows and other client settings.

Found a work around by clicking the “E” in the top right corner, and selecting “Server List”. I then clicked on play on Singularity. I had to manually enter in my credentials, and wait for the acquiring bulk data thing, but I was able to get in.

Update: When I tried logging in the next day, I found that the problem had resolved itself, and that I could now login normally.


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after todays update… i removed all accounts… then it worked, i restart launcher and the ■■■■ begin again…

Thank you. This is a workaround for me as well.

cannot add account’s
getting register failled
i have this problem everyday thanks CCP!

I just had this problem while running 12 accounts at the same time. Randomly, 1 of my accounts was disconnected and now unable to connect. I’ve tried removing the account from the launcher and adding it again, but no luck.

God CCP your server infrastructure just SUCKS big time. Your lousy software tells me I would have no internet connection while 2 other accounts are logged in at the same time. Good god fix that ■■■■ already.

Confirm that this worked for me too. However as soon as I get a socket closure now, I get the handshake error again.

Seriously this is getting worse, Socket Closures, Chat system problems and now this, CCP, sort it out we pay you money to access this game and you ain’t delivering.

Just started having same issue since yesterday, only on one account while other accounts are just fine (all in same launcher) . Tryed the here mentioned solution of removing the account (clicking X) and re-adding it.
Worked for me.

Clearly something CCp should have a look into… as i see more and more people starting getting this…


I have the same issue. But only for some accounts and kinda random. Anyways I tried to turn on logs to see what is happening, and everytime when I run “Start LogLite” the problem dissapears! So it seems it actually fixes something.

I have the same problem, it started yesterday got my main acoount disconected, and couldn’t log back in cause Handshake error, cleaned cache, restarted local network, tried a lot of stuff, but still dosn’t work, and now not even my alt account can log in, cause the same problem.

Got the problem as well. on my 3 accounts.

Happens almost on a daily basis, really annoying having to delete all your accounts then re-do them again. Please sort this out CCP