Londala Pox: Vote FriendShip

Every year we are given the chance to make a difference with our CSM vote. My love for EVE extends to every player who undocks with FriendShip, for we are all close in a game where relationships matter and true community can exist. EVE has been refreshed by a massive overhaul that changes nearly every aspect of how we choose to play the game. My EVE experience has been forged by this process of renewal, intergrating old and new in all areas of New Eden. This has given me insight into the experiences of day one pilots to the most seasoned bitter veteran, and I ask you all to choose me for the top of your ballot.

My EVE Experience:

  • Leadership in Highsec, Lowsec, Wormhole, and Nullsec corps and alliances
  • Appearances in EVE media including EVE Radio, Open Comms, and Talking in Stations discussing socio-economic topics
  • Experience writing new venture and corp/personal growth and development articles for Imperium News Network

My experience outside EVE includes formal education in business administration, and military experience in IT, electronics, and telecommunication. My RPG industry experience includes 18 years of Dungeons & Dragons storytelling, including two years of professional storytelling. I have a personal love for economics, statistical analysis, and operations management. I am a candidate that can understand both the technical and socioeconomic aspects of the game deeply. As an EVE generalist and communicator I am a candidate that would create better understanding among more specialized candidates and CCP staff.

Currently I am the Director of Recruitment for Fiction., part of BlackRose. alliance, one of the fastest growing and most exciting places to be in New Eden. When you are a BRo, every loss is a lesson; every kill is exhilarating; every fleet is a celebration. When you fly with Blackrose. you are always winning. When you vote for me you are making part of that success yours. Take this moment to think about the journey you have taken in EVE, or the one you are about to take. With me on the CSM you can be confident that your journey will be one filled with memories and moments you will never forget, no matter your play style.

For more details about my and my platform, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. For many of you this will be our first interaction, and I am looking forward to meeting more of the EVE community through this opportunity.


Hello Londala, I hope your campaign goes well!

I did have a couple questions since you have a love of economics.

What would you do to fix current economic issues that are going to be forming due to the new industrial changes that are coming to EVE (the rebalancing of blueprints, the new materials needed to make battleships and caps).

As an aside, what would you do to help new players in EVE?

I appreciate your time and once again, I hope your campaign goes well.

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Sorry the ChampionShip is better than the Friend Ship

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  1. EVE’s new state of industry: What I see with these changes is an integration of many resource gathering systems into a more meaningful and valuable position in the EVE economy. Market forces will incentivize more players to engage in those activities and the market will adjust. This process is not without disruption. I’m sure that the changes have altered and even undone some player’s activities. I am a proponent of creative destruction. I would rather not play Hermit Kingdom Online. This game can be so much more with richer interactions and more trade with the changes as they have been put forth, and I applaud the work that CCP has done to decouple small subcapital ships from the rest. Now larger and smaller ships can be balanced around the true balancing point of EVE: The Almighty Cruiser.

  2. My platform pertaining to new players: EVE is one of the most complex puzzles in all of gaming. I would hope to figure out one of EVE’s conundrums. The game tries very hard to not be self-aware while still requiring the use of third party content to make it through the basics of the game’s interface. Without becoming too onerous I would hope to encourage CCP to create their own content that handles these basics:

-Directional and Probe Scanning in a simple simulation setting, only accessible at Career Agent Hubs and completely optional. I would hope for this simulation to accomplish allowing the player to understand these interfaces in a simple environment with no explicit reward. The orientation and understanding is the reward.
-Joining a Fleet, Adding Pilots to Watch List, and making/using Broadcasts in a similar simulation setting.
-Interaction with the Market and Fittings (Buy Order, Sell Order, Fittings, Multibuy, Multifit)

I think this is the lowest hanging fruit for CCP, and these three simulations would help to take away some of the disorientation brand new players feel from these systems. Understanding Scanners, the Fleet Window, and the Market will greatly improve any new EVE player’s experience.

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ChampionShip and FriendShip are cousins. I’m glad you know them both :slight_smile:

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