Looking for someone's free alt

So yeah, i fell for the scam, burned myself out making billions of isk to pay for omega only to get real advice stating that you are not viable in this game unless you have trained for 6 months to a year. I want to continue playing eve… but i cannot farm billions of isk for absolutely nothing.

If anyone has an alt they are willing to throw away just to see it get some good use with an extremely active player well then you are a saint…

long shot… i know…


That person would need to pay real cosh in order to initiate the transfer…
Not sure about what viability you are talking about. Eve has one of the most generous subscription model out there. You can do ton of activities completely free. From time to time you’ll get omega deals, check your account messages on website. I’ve got ‘3 moths omega for the price of one’ deal not a long ago. And after you learn how to farm, this game becomes completely free. Watch some guides on YT how to maximize your training and farm isk via various activities

“Eve has one of the most generous subscription model out there.”

Just this comment alone has stopped me from replying to you.
You my friend… Are insane. Eve is the only game on planet earth that costs 25 dollars a month to play, and nobody will tell you that the first year of paying that monthly 25 dollars, is a complete waste of time, because your skills are not good enough to do anything viable.

You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

oh and PS… just for your information… YT videos are click bait lie ■■■■■■■■. :slight_smile:

you do know that you can buy plex put it in plex vault then go to jita and sell it and you will be able to recover your losses hope it helps

Wow… ok

Can i please get a reply from someone with a brain cell please? :slight_smile:

Use the billions to buy PLEX. Use the PLEX to buy skill points. Use the skill points to level everything faster, buy skill books, new ships, increase isk generation, increase PLEX buying, lather, rinse, repeat.

Join a corp/alliance in nullsec, get free ships and ship replacement, get access to better stuff to make money with, expand faster.

Also, based on your two replies here, don’t be a #($%. That will go a long way towards helping you in your goals.

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I personally think he is out to get something for free like in the game, rather than getting of his a@@ to do anything. Your comment right here makes perfect sense on how to progress through the game. Spoon feeding people these days is a common thing imo.

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If you have farmed billions of isk, why aren’t you willing to BUY someone’s alt?

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