Lore Discussions helps CCP with some fresh ideas

Apparently CCP’s creative team have run out of ideas and are resorting to collaborations with unrelated IPs.

SO in the spirit of helping, I was thinking where else can we get some engaging, story driven and fun ideas? The answer is YOU!

Come on Lore Discussions, lets brainstorm some great event ideas and maybe… just maaaybe someone at CCP will read them and have an EUREKA moment.

The Lore team has not run out of ideas. The latest News Roundup has lots of interesting tidbits for more interesting, engaging and EVE-like content. CCP’s coffers are running low on money and their marketing team is running high on greed and stupidity, though.



This is an honest question, not meant to be edgy,

What is the ratio of Omega to Alpha characters playing at any time? I remember the 14 day trial Eve. I know that free to play games were/are a strong fad, but they HAVE to make money somehow, which turns in to ads and in game purchases (plex) etc. If the coffers are empty, then folks aren’t ponying up to pay. Here in the US the cost is $15/month. 2003 $15 vs 2022 $15 are very different. I would prefer hard decisions be made in favor of Eve staying pure vs. a marketing tool or pay to win functions.

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