Main AFK cloaky thread

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Is this where I post ideas about how to combat cloaky AFKers?

(Scipio Artelius) #323

If you want to combat them, no need to post. You’re already doing it right. :+1:

If however you want CCP to change the mechanics so you don’t have to combat them at all, then yes, go right ahead.

(Bob Maths) #324

Scan AFK Cloakers Dish® Deluxe 5000++++ Ultra Luxury Edition
There could be a structure that is only deployable in wormhole space allowing us to scan down AFK cloakers within a structure. A capsuleer has to command the structure either via tethering to it and not being able to operate their ship whilst they’re in control of the structure or being docked in the structure itself.
Astrometric skills could be invented so that the operation of the structure is based on these skills. These relate to a new stat of a ship called Optical Resolution, the lower the optical resolution the more cloaked a ship is. A new skill for pilots who want to operate the cloak and remain undetected could reduce the optical resolution of the ship whilst using the cloak. Optical resolution is only relevant with a cloak enabled.
The skills of a pilot using the structure will allow them to in increments increase the scan range and also enhance the scan strength of each increment (maximum strength at the first increment, minimum – 60% - at the furthest increment with no skills). The device can also be operated like a D-Scan and the angle of the band can be adjusted for increased strength at further increments.
With maximum skills for reducing optical resolution and implants (possibly), it would take the same as well as a minigame to detect the cloaker. If there are multiple structures in the system, their signal strength could be linked together via deployables and this allows them to combine their strength but only if they are scanning for the same target. There could also be a skill to increase the amount of linked structures that each pilot can benefit from, so at level 5 of this skill the pilot benefits from 5 linked and operated structures.
A service module for the citadels could also be made to act as a central hub thus further increasing scanning fidelity but a balancing factor of this is that itself cannot be used to scan and the structure has to be linked to the citadel – each structure has a limited amount of potential links it can make and it cannot inherit the benefit, every structure would have to be linked to the citadel instead of making a chain of linked structures.

I’m sure that it could work in sov space or npc null too but maybe to less of an extent

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No one in WH space cares about an afk cloaker no one even knows exist. Actually, no one in WH space cares at all, because they’re not people who see themselves as victims.

I dare generalizing that. What is the point of your post?

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Thats called summer numb-nuts. Happens every year.

Just another carebear that doesn’t know his arse from his elbow.

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yeh i knew this was bait

And the fact you felt the need to insult me while moving goal posts and becoming even more pedantic proves this. I expect to see this on reddit, but here? lol.

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Why can’t your side ever answer a question honestly vs. this stupid and insipid dance?

(yellow parasol) #331

Because that’s not how their brains work, and you need to stop believing it does.

What you’re doing is the ewuivakent of talking to a wall, and the wall will always win. Always.

You’re doing it wrong. No offense, Teckos. Maybe you love being stuck in a groundhog day scenario, but i personally actually don’t enjoy the fact that people waste their energy achieving nothing, just because they don’t understand the “enemy”. All this wasted energy achieves nothing and they still “win”.

You can’t destroy a wall with a pen. You have to use dynamite.

All people here arguing with the unreasonable are missing that they, too, are unreasonable with what they do. It’s pure insanity to believe that doing the same thing over and over again will somehow lead to a different result eventually.

Can people now please learn, instead of behaving like those who won’t, so we can group up?

(Teckos Pech) #332

Well, I have gotten Mike the alter his arguments. Not his core belief that cloaks are just completely broken, but he has ditched various arguments.

But yes, people actually will go to great lengths to hold onto their core beliefs. Getting people to change or abandon those is near impossible.

Also, the opposition is not the only reason I respond. We can’t all think of every valid response. So, for example, in the other cloaky thread there was the claim, “Oh it’s free!” I didn’t see anyone responding and pointing out that is in fact not true. So by responding hopefully other people who are reasonable about things will see that response and if they see such claims again they can deploy the opportunity cost argument now too.

(yellow parasol) #333

I understand the thought process behind your thinking, but it has flaws.

  • it assumes that other, later, people will read it, which is unreasonable due to the length of the thread. besides, those who complain won’t google anyway.
  • you don’t set yourself a limit.

for your efforts, to make sense in the long term, it is vital to stop repeating yourself (when the next guy comes along), and instead linking to older posts of yours. we have bookmarks, and they’re awesome! :smiley: that helps filtering out people who don’t want to listen (they won’t care reading), saves you a gigantic amount of time, and stops redundancy.

in the end is it not bad that you do what you do. what’s missing, from everyone here, is that th3y stop being reactive. so far, everyone is completely reactive, and no one tries to actively get this to stop. of course, most people s3e no way for that, but there are ways, and that’s why i step in and want us all to group up and have a nice talk, in real time and off the forums (maybe with cacao or wine :slight_smile: ). a nice talk about our options, the situation and how to fix it.

it takes effort :slight_smile:, but that’s better than being a forum “slave”, until the inevitable burnout/bitterness hits. then they win yet again. they’ve burned through a lot of people over the years, which turned the old forum to a zombie, and the new one will suffer the same fate.

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Doesn’t matter, those that were participating in the thread at that time saw it. That is sufficient to help spread information and knowledge. Does everyone see it? Nope, but why let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

(yellow parasol) #335

Spread != a handful of people, including the ones it addresses.
Spread == reaching multiple dozens at least, to catch a few multipliers.

well, okay then. if groundhog day is what you want, then good luck with it. :slight_smile:

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Please don’t answer to a thread about cloaky camper in WH untill you learn there is no cyno in WH. Thx. now gtfo.

(yellow parasol) #338

Or else what?

(yellow parasol) #339

i really wonder how long it will take, until teckos realizes the reality of the situation.


(guigui lechat) #340

or else you remain the noisy kid who does not understand a thing about the topic but needs attention and vomit everywhere thinking this is surely the best thing to do.

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I’m pretty sure there is no cyno from an AFK cloaky camper either. Maybe you meant to post in the “nerf all cloaks they are meanies because I cant see them” thread???