Main AFK cloaky thread

(Mike Voidstar) #4051

If you need to hide perfectly for hours on end like that, try just logging off?

Those explorers, haulers, etc… should have their own 50+ man defense fleet on batphone, and really on grid, like the PVE guys in null are supposed to have 25/8, right? I mean, you advocate everyone being ready for 50+ man escalations at all times and that EVE should not be played for fun ever. Why do they get a pass?

(malogos) #4052

The irony of cloaked players that are invincible complaining that NS isn’t vulnerable enough, lol.

(boernl) #4053

it is maybe time after this practise for over 10 years

a solution can be actualy very simple
if someone does not click on something for 15 minutes plus he goes automaticly offline
also helps against the server loads
and if they wanna use a bot to keep online that can also be traced automaticly

(StonerPhReaK) #4054

If he is AFK how is he a threat?

(boernl) #4055

very simple do you have a camera behind every cloaky camper in eve ? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Black Pedro) #4056

But how would people weaken the reliability of local chat as an intel tool if they were forced to log off after just 15 minutes? Leaving a name in local as a false alarm is the only viable way to do so now.

Seems your simple solution does nothing but make living in nullsec safer. I think you’ll need something a little more nuanced if you don’t want to be accused of asking CCP to stack the deck in your favour by making your game easier, and your opponent’s game harder.

(boernl) #4057

wel perhaps it would make my life easier and yes ppl would actualy have to run around to find targets would that not make the game better than to have everywhere cloaky eyes ?

(Black Pedro) #4058

I don’t think so. It’s hard enough to catch someone who is paying attention in nullsec to force a fight. Giving them a perfect proximity alarm system does not seem to me a recipe to generate more content and player interaction - rather it is just a way to increase the already obscene amount to resources flowing into nullsec each day and a buff to both lazy play and botters.

(boernl) #4059

the resources that are gained in nuslec also flow back into the economy in general
and yes it may be hard to catch someone but there is a big difference between ppl ratting in capitals or ppl mining

and a buff i would not call it it just makes a end to the ppl who think it is good to disrupt the “as you call it lazyplay”
let ppl work for a kill nothign wrong with that

(Bangalash) #4060

I don’t know if someone already suggested it, but what do you think about adding to cloak some amount of capacitor drain and blocking cap regen while cloaked?

(boernl) #4061

that is not a bad idear in comby with the afk timer

(Maekchu) #4062

It makes good sense, until you’ve actually roamed to try and find targets to kill.

Because of how local works, people are aligned and ready to dock up as soon as a neutral comes into local. There is literally a 0% chance of catching a ratter this way. The only things one can catch are incompetent and afk ratters. Should we balance the game around incompetence? No, instead we should balance the game around interesting tools that makes it possible for the hunter to outplay his prey. As it is now, we only catch those who are not aware of their surroundings aka. incompetent.

People have gotten better at playing eve and it’s pretty common knowledge how to rat safely in null now. So as long as the above is not fixed, people have to resolve to afk cloakers.

(boernl) #4063

@Maekchu yes i know where youre pointing at but is that not the basic commen sense
that ppl are alligned and will dock up if a neutral ( not friendly) comes close
and that this makes it hard to kill a ratter well so be it

that is not a reason not to remove a nuisance from the game

(Maekchu) #4064

Well, it has to stay since there is literally no counter play otherwise.

Like I said, we can remove afk cloaking once that issue has been fixed or just stay as it is now. As it is now, the system is still rigged in the favor of the ratter.

(boernl) #4065

o there is counter play enough
you just have to work for it

first pvpers complained we cant catch miners easy enough cause we have to scan the sites
ccp… oke well make them always visible
than they made the boost on grid but did not make the "hidden sits"hidden again

than they made interceptors immune to bubbles some are still immune t bubbles

when does the pve side of eve deserve a small break ?

(Maekchu) #4066

Please tell me of this counter play to an aligned ratter ready to dock as soon as a neutral enters system?

You want hunters to roam for their kills. I’m fine with that. I’m just telling you that only incompetent ratters are going to get killed with that. There is no counter play to the above.

(boernl) #4067

oke lets keep it on this where is the counterplay ( looking at deklein region) when every system has a camper in it with cyno ?

(boernl) #4068

maybe time if you want to fight go for the fight and not just easy kils

(Maekchu) #4069

You have a defence fleet up ready to counter drop the aggressor. Why do you think every VNI has a cyno in its high?

(Maekchu) #4070

I’m arguing your point in which you say that hunters should roam. I’m telling you, people are willing but there is no counterplay to aligned ratters docking when neutrals enter system. You still haven’t given me the possible counterplay to the above.

This has nothing to do with fleet vs fleet combat.