Main AFK cloaky thread

(boernl) #4071

there can not always be a defence fleet and with the fatique that would be very simple calculated and still no counterplay

(Maekchu) #4072

Or you could also just keep aligned when ratting. If you at the keyboard, you should be able to warp immidiately once local spikes or something uncloaks.

You still haven’t given me counterplay for safe ratting.

Also, this discussion and these points have been discussed over and over in this thread.

And no, some arbitrary timer for cloaky afk’ers is not the solution, since afk cloaking is only a symptom of people not being able to deal with the tools carebears have. You gotta fix the source of the problem, but that would mean adding some danger to nullsec carebears which they obviously will be against.

(boernl) #4073

well it woudl actualy do something it would annoy the ■■■■ out the ppl that have become used to rely on cloaky eyes not goign to say alliance names

and when i said a few of the changes i did not realy mention ratting but 1 sabre can counter that warping out if he is smart enough to calculate where the capital will warp to
that is part of what i mean by work for it

for the miners if ccp would make the sites visible for if you have a sov structure ( ihub - tcu) and not visible than it would make it safer for them only it would take the extra effort for the pvpers to scan them down again ( 20 sec delay for a skilled scanner)

(Sugar Smacks) #4074

Since cloaks have been out for a while I now need a cloak that always stays on and lets me fire at people while they cant see or target me.

(Maekchu) #4075

The sabre thing is somewhat valid, but then one could say to just have cyno jammers up in system. The ratting carrier should be able to fend of a lonely sabre on his own.

But ratting carriers are not really what I was pointing at.

I was more thinking about ratting VNI or Ishtars. I’m a solo pilot and I have many times tried to make roaming for hunting ratters a thing. And it is literally impossible for me to get any action other than sitting in something cloaky waiting for people to be impatient and rat with a neutral in local, besides those afking ratters or incompetent ones.

My guess is, that the above is what you want. You want people to roam around finding content, instead of planting afk cloakers in every system. From one who have tried roaming around null with the attempt of finding ratters, I have to say that it is quite hard given the intel tools the defending party has.

Nullsec is quite safe from random roaming fleets, so other tactics has to be used.

(boernl) #4076

you forget a small thing

theres always someone not watching intel channel or is pre occupied with something else so he misses that 1 neut coming in

and for the supressor
for the large aliances yes for the smaller groups it is just pretty costly
now i give myself as example i am not in the bigger pvp alliances atm and i make enough to keep all in order and with the 3 members i have i actualy started making a profit

if you just go after as i mentioned easy kills than maybe you should go to npc nulsec there ppl are a lot less organised than in sov nulsec

(Maekchu) #4077

Which is why I mentioned incompetent people. We are trying the balance the game around the assumption of two individuals with equal skill. A game should not be balance around assuming one party is incompetent.

Doesn’t matter which nullsec, the problem is still the same.

Anyway, I am just pointing out why afk cloaking is a thing and why people do it. It is simply because people have gotten better at eve and the current null mechanics are rather safe. So if we want to make it more safe, we need to give more tools for the hunters as well to balance it out or just leave it at its current state.

(boernl) #4078

oke i am not going to argue further i udnerstand ur point and you udnerstand my point

only in the last 10 years all the "new tools"have bin given to the hutners and non to the pve / industrials in nuslec maybe we should get a break …?

(Old Pervert) #4079

Why? What unfairness has been inflicted upon you? I say this as a carrier ratter in a nullbloc.

At the end of the day, you feel the space should be yours to do with as you wish. You feel that you should be able to do your PVE without interruption. You feel that the cloaky camper increasing your perceived risk level is unfair.

So let me ask you this.

Why do you deserve to use the space to do your PVE in, but the camper does not deserve to use the space to sit AFK in?

(CabMerl) #4080

Any timer limit to an afk cloaker must also apply to everyone who is afk, including those just sitting around in stations, POSs, afk miners etc.

Be careful what you ask for :slight_smile:

(Rina Cotte) #4081

I’m still shocked we have not found a solution to this problem in eve. People want some kind of cloak finder, I agree we should be allowed to have one. The bottom line risk vs reward is not found here at all. So person can hide all day with NO RISK, and no reward. That needs to be address and no system should offer complete satey to members unless it’s in your hanger locked up and not being shared.

(Dravick Afterthought) #4082

Correction - Some people want some kind of cloak finder. I suspect they’re a fairly small proportion of the player-base, and there aren’t necessarily any more of them than there are people who don’t want a cloak finder.

(CabMerl) #4083

If everyone waits just a little bit longer then this problem will go away, as there wont be any “free” systems left, once all the Big Alliances and Corps “claim” all the systems and kills off exploring for good.

Only then will you know that a red in “your” system is a baddy.

(Black Pedro) #4084

If there is no reward, why should there be any risk? If you stay cloaked you are safe, but you can’t do anything exactly as if you were docked. You earn no resources nor can you interact in any way with an opponent while cloaked, and the moment you uncloak to do something, you are vulnerable.

There is no issue here. Yes, there is room to add more gameplay around AFK cloaking, but it is the only counter to the infallible intel of local chat. As has been said dozens of times in this 4000+ post thread, any iteration on AFK cloaking is going to have to be paired with changes to local.

(CowRocket Void) #4085

My AFK cloakers are SP farming. No risk, plenty of reward.

(Salt Foambreaker) #4086

That’s because all cloaked people are bad people…

None of them are explorer or indies hiding from a gank.

Also keep in mind being afk is not illegal and you are not logged out for it.

Botting is illegal but you have to actually do something to bot, cloaking is doing nothing

(Black Pedro) #4087

Even SP farming alts need to return to the keyboard and uncloak to collect a reward thus putting themselves at risk. Just leaving them logged in AFK and training skills provides no reward and certainly no reward over just not even starting the game client in the first place.

(Merin Ryskin) #4088

Never. You can already make obscene amounts of ISK with near-zero risk, stop trying to make nullsec into highsec with more profit.

(boernl) #4089

that is what i meant the afk timer in general

(boernl) #4090

so youre opinion is the hunters are the only eve pilots that pay to play ?

or do we have as many rights as the pvpers