Main AFK cloaky thread

(Teckos Pech) #404

I never said that i was an epic struggle and of course the cloak makes it easier that is why people use them.

But you have brought up effort before, but you seem to think that that effort is not continuous. If you aren’t going to take steps to secure your space, even against an opponent using asymmetrical warfare then you don’t deserve that space.

This is why having good TZ coverage is good. Also, even if he does get in, take the effort to neutralize that threat. If you can’t do it directly, then do it indirectly. This is asymmetrical warfare. On one side you have an alliance that has enough power to take and hold space. On the other hand you have a group with vastly less power–i.e. they are not a significant threat to your space. But somehow they bring you to your knees?

On the old forums there was once a post by Vic Jefferson. He wanted anomalies to work kind of like cyno jammers. Ahhh here it is.

Here is the first post.

As title suggests, which means you can still covert cyno. Pirate

With perfect, 100% reliable and instant intel, the recent nerfing of null-null wormholes, mobile depots to instantly refit, and the proliferation of ratting capitals, null is comparatively risk free compared to the rewards. Rating capitals are simply not vulnerable enough given the difficulties of projecting your own capitals into null, and given the ability to cyno in a response fleet.

You’d think after a while, other pirate factions would learn this trick from the Sansha.

Baltec1 had the best response, 1 line at that,

He likely went roaming in Dek and ended up with 3 titans, 7 supers and a gaggle of carriers dumped on his head.

Why is it that Goons seem to know how to deal with this problem?

(Scipio Artelius) #405

You just jump one more gate and rat next door to where they are.

Bubble the gate to catch them if they aren’t AFK and send their clone back home.

If they are AFK, then rat in the freedom and safety that so many are really looking for when they whine about cloaky camping.

It’s as simple as taking a gate and bubbling up.

(Linus Gorp) #406

In short: You don’t know what logic is. Not that that’s news.

(ashofski) #407

Why is it that Goons seem to know how to deal with this problem?

You’re still not addressing the point, which is that even with every member of goons in one system they still would not be able to force an AFK player to loose their ship. Not a single other situation in the game where you can be AFK an invulnerable. A docked player my take a few days, but you absolutely can stomp on their sand castle. Somebody with a macro that logs on and presses F1 immediately after dt on the other hand is completely invulnerable for an infinite amount of time.

(Octoven) #408

I think after a period of time cloaky campers should be more noticeable but not completely visible or 100% easy to find. Something along the lines of two phases:

Phase 1 - After 1 hour of not warping the cloaked ship will still not show on overview nor be physically visible except for the cloaked outline the cloaked pilot sees to find their ship when flying. So you would see a slight distortion but you would need to be on grid and look carefully. This prevents camping on gates, sites, and stations for extended periods of time. If the pilot is truly not AFK they simply need to warp away and back once an hour.

Phase 2 - After 6 hours of not warping the cloaked ship will show up on combat probes; however, the position will not be exact, the pilot scanning the target down would warp to the location which can be within 1,000 km from the cloaked ship which gives a potential 2k diameter bubble to search in, the ship would also be partially visible like it normally shows in phase 1. Again, warping away and back would prevent this.

Keep in mind 1 hour and 6 hours are just place holder time frames those times could be adjusted, but the general idea is the longer you are AFK and cloaked the more at risk you become of being exposed. However, the most you can hope for is an approximate grid where the ship is, you still would need to look carefully to find it on grid.

(Teckos Pech) #409

Nope, working as intended. The cloak renders the user totally safe…and totally impotent while the cloak is active. Thus balance. Maybe not optimal, but still…balance.

You can AFK and totally safe in a station (note, station…not citadel).

Only until the next down time, and you are completely invulnerable to them too.

(Teckos Pech) #410

Can we get this effect for local? after an hour there is a non-zero probability it won’t report people coming into system? After 6 hours it stops report completely.

But don’t worry your buddies who are in system and can still see people, either they just logged in or they are lucky and see the intruder can warn you.

What do you say? Are you willing to give up, at least partially the one thing that helps you be so safe?

(Mike Voidstar) #411

Right. The I Win Button.

You just Abandon the Space to them unchallenged. Problem solved. Good for you.

(yellow parasol) #412

/me sips coffee.

We should pay people to afk cloak everywhere. The tears would flood the grand canyon.

(Daichi Yamato) #413

Are they not already flowing? This thread (and its predecessors) is a salt mine!

(yellow parasol) #414

Imagine a world (game), with a group of antagonists having a leader, and following, who don’t care about childish ego crap. who rather want to see the world burn, because they can. Imagine a world, where every time a new face posts a complaint, ten people jump and start flogging to the system he’s in.

Imagine a world, where natural selection actually has a meaning again.
Help those who are in need, or ask … punish those who whine and complain.

This thread really should only be foreplay.

(Teckos Pech) #415

No Mike not an I win button…except when your opponent is terrible and doesn’t belong in NS anyways and would have been sent back to HS sooner or later.

(Scipio Artelius) #416

Abandon? No need for that.

Figuring out how you can win and then implementing that strategy is not abandonning. It’s demonstrating how impotent cloaks camping really is.

Like many things, all it takes is someone willing to take responsibility for their situation and engage their brain, rather than the far too common approach of blaming circumstance, or someone else, or CCP.

No need to abandon anything. Only need to be proactive and not a pussy. It’s EVE after all.

(Mike Voidstar) #417

Your only realistic option is to do as you suggest: Leave the system. You can watch to see if they follow or not, but that’s mostly just another waste of time. Unless you move over one system with an insta-lock to pin them down, they are just going to cloak again… so either they are stupid and choosing to take fairly obvious bait while you use multiple people to catch one dude, or you waste everyones time since you can’t force anything on him.

Thus your suggestion is really just to abandon the space. Leave it, and hope you aren’t in an area where lots of systems for many jumps are similarly camped, because despite Tecko’s incorrectly applied theory concerning opportunity cost the alts used for this are practically free and no hardship to place or maintain.

(Scipio Artelius) #418

Wrong. You can continue to play, unaffected and just be prepared for PVP. That is also a possibility and realistic.

You don’t need an instalock either. Just an interceptor. It’s easy to decloak ships if you are fast.

Just more excuses for why you can’t do anything about your own situation, rather than just thinking through the problem and actually dealing with it.

I get it. You are going to cry about this stuff forever because it prevents risk free ratting. But just a little bit of personal responsibility goes a long way to solve the issue and that’s very EVE.

(Mike Voidstar) #419

So fly stupid, ignoring the threat (allowing an enemy on grid with a PvE ship is suicide, they win by default). Fly compromised (they win by default) allowing their presence to cost you some part of the reward for your chosen activity, or abandon the space (oh look, they win by default again).

At no point do we get an option to take the fight to our aggressors, because balance? Only according to Dev fiat.

(Scipio Artelius) #420

You can fly as stupid as you want. Or just be smart and figure out how easy it is to really deal with cloaky campers.

Crying is far easier than thinking. I totally get it. Much easier to blame the game, blame campers, blame CCP. Anything else but accepting personal responsibility to do something about it that is simple and effective.

(Scipio Artelius) #421

Rubbish. If you want the fight, then just wait. Nothing else to be done.

And that is the lie if this argument. You don’t want the fight. You want to remove all possibility of a fight. It’s classic carebear reverse thinking.

If you want a fight, you shouldn’t in the slightest care about a neutral in local.

(Mike Voidstar) #422

I see you have no real rebuttal here.

Personally I don’t fly stupid, but it doesn’t change the fact that a trivial module negates all attempts at system defense in such a way that use of the space is impaired without recourse unless the aggressing pilot allows it.

(Scipio Artelius) #423

That’s not a fact. That’s a complete falsehood.

Jump one gate, bubble up. If the guy is AFK, no worries. If he isn’t, kill him.

If he is currently AFK, then at some point he won’t be, so kill him.

It’s so easy.