Main AFK cloaky thread

As people have repeatedly told, no one here is rabidly against changing how cloaking works. That is mischaracterization on your part. What people are/were against is buffing the power of local as an intel tool by removing the ability to keep your name in that list indefinitely. There is no reason why local chat should be made more oppressively powerful an avoidance tool, but post-Black Out, that isn’t a concern.

So now that CCP has put a bullet in the head of local-as-a-proximity-sensor, by all means, let’s discus making cloaked ships less safe. I do however feel almost all of AFK cloak whining is over given we all know it was the safebear farmers that were the source of almost all of the tears over AFK cloaking. Now that nerfing cloaking won’t give them the safety they crave, they’ll move on to the next boogeyman that presents any risk or interruption of their compulsive resource grinding.

But an intel structure that provides some of the intel capabilities lost with the deletion of local chat, along with some ability to scan down cloaked ships sounds good to me!

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Not to mention being a cloaked spy, afk or otherwise, is not very effective without local.

On the contrary. At-the-keyboard cloaked spies are arguably far more powerful (in some respects at least) now because they can watch fleet movements without anyone knowing they’re there.

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Congratulations you have broken WH space.

I think its great, it make intel gathering while AFK useless. Meaning if you want to gather intel, then you actually have to be active and alert.

WHOO HOO! No more AFK Cloake stuff. Everyone should be happy… right? Right?

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Sorry, it’s hard to not get tunnel visioned on the dedicated postings of repeat individuals claiming otherwise. A middle ground is all I’ve really asked for, put a little risk on the cloaked guy.

As per the local thing, a role bonus to pirate faction ships to delay their appearance in local would be interesting.

Of course it remains to be seen what CCP will do with regard to this test they are doing in null presently… but that doesn’t help me shoot cloaked fuckers in lowsec.

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Neither does your terrible idea for nerfing cloaks.

What if CCP were to introduce a special kind of probe:

  • have a very short non-adjustable radius (0.001 AU or ~150 000km)
  • can only be used with expanded probe launchers and max number of probes in launcher/space is 1
  • emits a strong EMP impulse that interferes with cloaks in affected area disabling their use for some duration
  • has some recharge time between impulses (recharge time is longer than cloak disruption time)

While it might not help with finding cloaked things in safe spots (although not theoretically impossible), it will make it possible to discern an ambush in whatever exploration site you have just scanned down if you follow up with combat probes. Or a way to find cloaky observers on the gates…

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Only if you lack reading comprehension. I do keep trying to copy the text verbatim regarding cloaking and heat, but I can only do so much.
Game mechanic reminder: Heat damage can damage ship mods, thus disabling their activation/bonuses/effects. If a cloaked ship generated minor amounts of heat, extended cloaking imposes a risk of losing the ability to cloak until repairs are made. If you can’t cloak, you can be found. Risk level increases for anything but short term cloaking. More risk will induce more chances for content.
Course I’ve said this before, but if you’re truly unable to understand it (and not just trying to sabatoge the discussion) then please ask for complete step by step details, I’d be happy to oblige.

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You have already explicitly stated that your proposed mechanic does not create any risk for active cloaked ships, and inactive players will not stay logged in for you to find them. Please stop acting like people will be stupid enough to go AFK while cloaked despite knowing that their cloak will overheat and fail before they can return.

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IOW, “I don’t like it when PvP threats hide in my PvE site, I want a way to know if a site is safe before I start farming so I can go farm elsewhere if there’s any risk”. So, no.

This is over, they made their decision, local got the nerf, cloaks didn’t.

Cloaking was never going to be nerfed, it has so many users and purposes beyond the narrow discussion in this thread.


you forgot to mention that you do this along side constantly claiming that other people are posting the same counter arguments again and again and that they are wrong to be doing this.

Game mechanic reminder: Heat damage is applied when a pilot Overheats a module. During normal use modules can run permanently given the appropriate cap.

There is always someone who has to feed the troll…


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Well, ya no longer have to worry about a AFK cloaked ship.
They no longer appear in local.
Only 2 classes of ships can fit cyno fields now.

Cloaky Force Recons…

Perhaps introduce an activation delay siminlar to locking when trying to light a cyno after cloaking, only works for the normal cyno

Which is why as a middle ground option that doesn’t change cloaking (but only increases the risk for prolonged cloaking) is what I’ve been arguing for. You do know heat damage doesn’t just apply to an overheated mod, right?
Although as it stands the current mechanics with this purposed change would only affect high slot items, so it’s possible to make cloaking unique and generate heat all over the ship so it properly represents the effect of keeping your ship completely undetectable, by storing/banking heat generated to avoid detection.

And if anyone wants to have a discussion I won’t stop you, but just saying “cloaking idea bad” or “-1” or anything similar just shows there isn’t any reason besides you don’t want your playstyle affected, whatever that unlimited protection in space that playstyle needs.

Course just to drive the point home, here’s the copy pasted idea so those with short attention spans can read it:

Cloaking devices should generate very minor amounts of heat, causing extended cloaking to carry the risk of disabling your mods and putting your ship at risk.
In this way, the hunters can have a chance to find the target, without introducing any changes in how an active player uses the cloaking device, aside from being unable to remain cloaked for an unlimited amount of time.

Outside of WH people that just want to sit there all day cloaked, afk gate watching alts who just stay cloaked, or other afk characters just sitting in space cloaked, there’s no reason put forth that you should be able to stay cloaked and un-engagable for an unlimited amount of time… outside of change bad risk bad don’t change my cloak.

What would needing to pay attention to your cloaked ship do? Sure, you could probably step away for 10-15 minutes easily and come back without worry, but 10-15 hours?
If you need to watch a gate, put up a structure and sit in it.
If you need to sit cloaked in a WH… sorry I can’t really do anything about that. You weren’t supposed to live in WHs anyway.
If you want to sit somewhere else cloaked and watch for targets, you’re just being a lazy ■■■■ and no amount of mental gymnastics will change that.
And if you run into hostiles and want to escape by cloaking up and waiting them out, you still could but not forever. You’d have to risk decloaking and logging off, giving those hunters a chance.

That’s all I really want. It’s just too safe to be cloaked, and with all the players that just do PVP things clamoring on about how they want more danger, more risk, more chaos… to everything but their activities, it’s the textbook definition of a hypocrite.

Reminder that I don’t reply to bots

Jesus Christ on a Goddamn Pogo Stick…

We have the black out…we have incoming cyno changes and yet the whining continues.

Anyone complaining about cloaks, cynos or the like in this thread should be permanently banned from the game for life and the life of the great, great, great grand children.

Troll Feeder!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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