Main AFK cloaky thread

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Thank you. :smiley:

Holy ****.

So I’ve recently come back from a 3-4 year break from EVE (RL got crazy) and this argument is still here? And better yet the argument is still exactly the same?


They have nothing else but always the same …
… and always from the perspective of a self entitled, self declared victim …
… which should be entitled to everything and anything …
… instead of what it naturally should do:

Die and perish.


Still looking for a way to threaten a cloaked ship out in space that is both invulnerable and impossible to interact with rather than watching someone use a single button to deny pvp content when the odds are not 100% in their favor.

This issue is magnified significantly in lowsec, so please think of the dead area of eve when purposing changes.

Now I understand what happened to @Nicolai_Serkanner

No, go away!


Still looking for a point to any of your ideas, given the fact that if you implement any of them the AFK cloaked ships will just log off and be equally invulnerable to PvP.

This issue is magnified significantly in lowsec, so please think of the dead area of eve when purposing changes.

No, it’s minimized in lowsec because NPC stations are everywhere and a player who wants to avoid PvP can just dock. AFK cloaking only exists in nullsec, the only place where docking access is not available wherever you want it.

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Just yesterday, actually around 10h ago, I’ve checked this thread again to see how many posts have been made since mine. To my surprise it was eight days since the last post … which was mine.

And now … boom. In any case, there really isn’t going on much anymore in this thread and I assume most of these assholes have been banned already. Except Mike Voidstar. I think. Maybe. Idk.

I’ve seen others suggesting that Black Ops should disappear from local, and I agree. However, they should lose local themselves and not be able to D-Scan. They could put probes out, and scan with actual probes, but D-Scanner wouldn’t work and local wouldn’t work while cloaked.

So, a cloaked individual would have to warp around to get a visual on enemies, and this would make covert-ops cloaking even more valuable since non-covert-ops ships with prototype cloaking devices and such could cloak but then they lose local and D-Scanner.

I could also see a module that requires fuel having to be fueled for local to work. And the owners could decide if only allies, corp members, or everyone can use local… but whatever choice they make, its stuck on that. Meaning either hostiles can be seen and see everyone, or they can’t be seen and can’t see anyone. So it would cut both ways, you COULD-NOT say, “We can see hostiles in local but they can’t see us.” It’s either we can see them in local AND they can see us, or we can’t see them and they can’t see us (but we can see friendlies). I don’t know who’s use “Allies Only” or “Corp Only” over “Everyone” and “No-One” but with the option there, who knows, someone might find a use.