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Making nullbears pee themselves in fear is not “destroying” industry? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

:flushed: … it kinda is.

I know, I just get in a chat and put a vga-to-dvi on my spacebar when I go away. Works perfectly in all these games. Afk timer only works on stupid people thats why EVE doesn’t have it.


‘You lot’? Which lot am I part of now?

I’m not trying to take any sides, whatever sides you may have in mind. I just think that the only reason AFK camping is done because of local. There would be no reason to leave your character logged in afk to camp a system if there was no local, except for laziness.

The only reason to afk camp before you come online and try to catch someone instead of log in when you come online and try to catch someone, is because the latter gives a warning that you just entered the system.

I’m sad that I didn’t experience the game during the blackout, it came right after I was a bit EVE-tired and was playing other games. And then it disappeared again way too soon before I came back to try it out.

Ah yes, another cloaky thread makes it home :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Then accept that status and adapt to it.

Look, if you can’t do a modicum of research and find out when these guys are active (zkill tells you alot) then please…GTFO. HS is that way ---------->

We get it. You need to adapt if you can’t do that. Use cheaper ships. Rat in the same system. Rat in groups. I often rat with my main and an alt. Two ratting ships becomes a bit harder for a cloaky hunter. Sure they could bring in a bunch of black ops and cov ops, but oh well. It was just some cheap ships.

Yeah, and if you want to be small and such…then deal with it. Don’t ask for a mechanics change simply because of the style of play you choose. Why should your style take precedence? Why not the big guys? See, your argument is actually a double edged sword…you just don’t realize it.


You can’t die to someone who is AFK, generally speaking. Especially one that is cloaked. Maybe a drone boat could AFK kill someone who attacked it, but generally no. In fact, I believe a carrier back when carriers used drones as well as fighters did manage to kill a number of stealth bombers while the player was AFK. It was in Deklein several years ago when Goons still lived in the north.

As for a cloaky hunter, last time I was not paying sufficient attention. He de-cloaked and caught one of my ratting ships. It was my fault for not paying attention. If I had been paying attention I would have seen his name pop up in local and would have warped off.

No. AFK ships tend not to kill anything. And cloaked ships cannot target anything let alone shoot.

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what it comes down to is unless you have a fleet of supers on call, there is no effective way to counter a cloaky camper. I say a fleet of supers because you have to assume the worst possible thing is gonna come through that cyno. say 20-30 supers at any one time just twiddling thumbs in station…vs 1 camper…yeah thats fair and balanced.

This is the same wrong logic that highsec defeatists like to engage it. “There is no point in fitting any tank because the gankers will just bring more ships!” I mean maybe, but if you just assume your opponent has infinite resources and infinite pilots, you’ve already lost.

By all means, act on any intel you can collect about your potential opponents and decline fights you have no hope of winning, but just assuming everyone has dozens of supers waiting to drop on you means you will forever be a namby-pamby milksop.

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That’s the wrong way to approach that question.

‘Are there accounts of people getting killed as result of an AFK cloaker that was in system - that came back online to catch someone, as opposed to a cloaker that logged in right before he tries to catch someone.’ should have been the correct way to look at that situation.

And yes, there is a definite benefit of (A) being cloaked AFK in system before becoming active, as opposed to (B) logging into the game before becoming active. In situation B local will warn your potential target that you just became active, while situation A gives no warning about you becoming active, it only gives them the potential danger of your name being in local all day.

AFK cloaking has benefits for people who want to catch their prey. Those benefits are gone when local does not warn the prey, because without local there is no difference between staying in local afk, or logging in before hunting.

AFK cloaking is effective as long as local gives free intel about who’s in system.

Or you could pretend they aren’t there.

Personally I think that when cloaked you disappear from local. I’ve never understood the concept of being stealthy if your name always showed up in local. I guess it is why I’ve always liked Wormhole life.

Counter what, a cloaked ship can’t DO ANYTHING.

That you are afraid of the cloaked ship is not something code can fix.

A cloaked ship can observe/locate vulnerable targets- and choose to strike when they have an advantage.

Now, someone might ask “how is this different from a hunter randomly jumping from system to system?” The difference here is- a cloaky camper can do this faster/easier than someone randomly jumping through systems.

I’m not saying cloaky camping is overpowered. I think there’s an argument to be made for making nullsec more dangerous rather than less- but I do feel that limiting the current cloaking mechanics would make nullsec safer.

Making null sec safer is definitely NOT a design goal :crazy_face:

Well to be fair it could be a design goal. It would be the wrong goal in my opinion, but a goal nonetheless. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree that I don’t think nullsec should be any safer than it is.

What’s your point? If you don’t have a decent fleet available then why should you be able to claim nullsec space?

It’s already pretty safe, if the system is empty farm and dock if anyone shows up.

If the system is not empty dock and whine in this thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“AFK Cloak” term was coined as a way to demonize a practise that someone decided they wished to win a nerf over. I’m not a fan of this tactic. Claoking is not 100% safe. but it should be very difficult to deal with… working as intended folks.

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How’s my favourite RMTing crowd doing?

This thread came to quite the halt,
comparatively speaking.