Main AFK cloaky thread

One thing, docking.

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You might want to look into getting some basic game mechanics knowledge first before making moronic comments about it.

Instead of insulting you should try to prove me. :wink:

Since wormholers always assume a hostile is around all it would do is grt them excited about a possible fight. Not like in NS where everyone scuttles for safety.


Yes by checking local. So what causes AFK cloaking? Local or the class aking device?

Suppose you have a player using a cloak in HS to move expensive low volume stuff? Why should his game be nerfed? I submit that such a nerf is ■■■■■■■■.

How about a guy rosming around NS doing exploration? Should his game be nerfed? I would argue it too is ■■■■■■■■.

How about someone hunting ratters with a cloaked ship while ATK? Seems like ■■■■■■■■ to nerf his game too.

And don’t waste time in setting up traps. ITT there were discussions of how to deal with AFK cloakers that minimized the risk they posed while still doing your stuff.

You do know you can fit a cyno on your ratting ship. And when using a drone boat or carrier it poses little loss of ratting ability.

ATK cloaking shouldnt be nerfed - i agree with this 100%!
But some random guy shouldnt be able to waste other’s time while he is sleeping or at work.
Cynoing a fleet in works but if the cloaker is afk then its a pure waste of time for the fleet. They are waiting for the ratter’s call which maybe will never happen… gg you just wasted a few hours of your friend’s playtime. This is not the right answer.

sorry, what does this mean?

‘afk’ cloaker in system poses a threat to you? i simply move system.

Actually what i tend to do is rat in a raven, 200k from the warp in…

*prove me wrong
Sorry english is not my native language + having a horrible headache so yeah mistakes happen.

Then make noise about the observatory array.

np and ok

if he truly is afk move system, job done; youll know he isnt if/when he moves so thats your cue to be ready.

My issue is less about that and more about me trying to interact with someone who’s not there.

I don’t want to spend a ton of time trying to lure a cloaky pilot into dropping on me if he’s not actually at his keyboard. I’m sure an active hunter doesn’t want to spend a ton of time trying to lure me out of a citadel I’m in if I’m not at my keyboard.

So the solution… log the AFK players out.

Nothing wrong with a cloak. Just no need to waste the time of people by having someone who is sleeping still logged in to the game.

Moving systems kinda solves that problem. If you move and he doesn’t follow…you should revise your prior probability that he is AFK higher.

Can you define a “ton of time”? Is it 1 minute? 5 minutes? 20 minutes?

Logging them off solves it too. I dont think that an active player should move to another system because of an afk player.

Yes, it also allows for greater safety while ratting, mining, etc. It may even be a buff to botting. There is another thread in GD right now where people are talking about camping suspected botting systems.

The idea that this has one benefit, not spending time trying to determine if a cloaked hostile is AFK or ATK, but it also comes with costs/downsides. And people talk about “working for their intel” well…work for that intel. Make a few jumps back and forth with an epithal and see if the guy responds. Maybe zip around to a few POCOs. If nothing…chances are he is AFK, move next door rat away. But now it is “log them off” and buff the power of local.

I don’t see a need for that buff.

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I’ll rephrase. I don’t want to spend ANY time trying to interat with someone who’s asleep and has been sleeping for the last hour.

I DO want to be able to interact with people who are present. I also like to see someone is present to interact with.

I honestly have mined in a bait setup for an hour when I saw someone come into the system (thinking he was active), only to find he went AFK while cloaked. After logging off and logging back on 6 hours later… still there. The knowledge that I actually ended up sub-optimal mining for an hour because I actually thought I had an active red to shoot at when he just went to sleep is REALLY frustrating.

I wasn’t looking to mine… but this guy going AFK resulted in me doing that.

so you pretty much stay in the same system then?

No, your choice to set a trap resulted in you doing that. Nobody forced you to set a trap, or to spend a full hour mining even when they didn’t take the bait. Stop whining that your choice didn’t get you an easy killmail.

PS: how do you know that they were AFK while you were bait mining, and not just refusing to take the obvious bait?

When doing PvE… yes. I’m doing it to raise the ADM of the system. That’s really the main reason I’d do PVE… I’ve gotten to the point where trading and industrial activities give me income that dwarfs what I get from running anoms or mining ore.

Reds are a good break from that… when they’re really there.

Of course since I’m in providence… I’m talking about how things were 6-months ago. Now there is not a problem finding active reds quickly. Baiting hunters is not necessary.

the fact they were still there 6 hours later?

I suppose that could be some really dedicated ATK camping… but I doubt it.

simply put… an AFK log-off timer would have saved me a lot of time and allowed me to pursue interaction with someone who was actually present instead of someone who is not.