Make the pushers in high sec areas targetable without concord action

in high sec some people are there because they enjoy mining and pve content they don’t have much of an interest in low/null sec areas. As such the elitist people who have been playing for years find it fun to just fly around and bump orcas in stabbers for instance for hours on end there should be an aspect that makes this repeated action turn those players suspect so they can be targeted and shut down for their pure antagonism as it gets to the point where they just do it over and over so you literally cant do anything, cant warp out to a base,you can’t target them or even web them to stop it so you can warp out…and why do they do it purely just to stop people mining

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You enjoy mining…they enjoy antagonizing miners in the hopes for a kill or extortion…or to get you to leave so they can have those rocks for themselves…

Working as intended…If you don’t like it, get your miner friends together and gank the bumper (as you have all the advantages so…)

Carry on…

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How else would they stop your Orca from mining their rocks other than bumping you away?


By spamming nonsense on the forum in an attempt to make CCP take decisions that would go in their interest ?


/me puts his tinfoil hat on.

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it’s not their rocks, they arent even in the corp that has spent the time and isk setting it up

There was a project a few years ago, that could have helped escape bumpers. But the big Bumper and Ganker Lobby wouldn’t let it happen. At 51:42


If you could shoot at them without CONCORD intervention then they could also shoot at you - and they would almost certainly win.

Generally, these people are either racketeers - looking to sell you a permit or they are mercenaries - paid by someone who wants you to move.

If you want to mine in peace, pick a backwater system a long way from trade hubs. It’s inconvenient for you to have to haul your goods to market but it’s also inconvenient for others to harass you - they’ll look for easier targets closer to home.

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This still needs to be addressed.
I do like that 3 minute idea expressed.

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As a “pro-bumper”, I also don’t have a problem with that…


No it’s pure mental illness, you are trying to put reason to your post but these folks do this for hours because there is nothing for them left in eve but they can’t find it within to just leave, it’s all they have.

They will never give it up because you react to it and it is the obsession and their mania, when they are in one pole (bi-polar), or the other they are behaving in ill manners, the results you see for yourself.

You are not going to get CCP to change this, just don’t belt mine and for goodness sake MOVE out of Caldari space!

I post this video in every thread about bumping until somebody stops me or this mechanic comes to new eden. :grin:

i agree with this, this would be a viable alternative to stop their atagonistic gameplat going on for hours hassling miners as en quote “they are bored with their gameplay”

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A solution to longtime bumping is on the way.

Next we will hear: “Three minutes is still too long and unfair. UnSub.”


Mass test on Singularity this Tuesday for the 3m warp mechanics. if that doesn’t make you happier nothing ever will.
You have your game play they have theirs. You enjoy industry, they enjoy being irritating, ganking, etc. Now they can only do it for 3 minutes at a time rather than “Hours” as you mentioned.

Side note if your frequently bumped fit a MWD and learn to use it to instant warp, anything about 15* infront of your ship should be sufficient for you to warp to as soon as the MWD cycle ends. Also applies later down the road for moving ships like the Bowhead, DST etc

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