Making Low-Sec Gate-Camping A Concord-able Offence

If you want a security blanket camp in the middle of null sec. It makes little sense with the game mechanics as they are that a bunch of -10 wanted criminals wherever they go can act with extreme impunity right on the edge of space where they could get shot, it might move people from gate camping 24/7 or for hours with no real consequence.

It’d be interesting to see a bunch of faction police in T2 ships, navy issue battleships and possibly caps depending on what’s on grid take down fleets of capsuleers camping the low sec side of a high sec system.

Whilst we’re on the topic, either remove defunct and redundant gate guns on null sec side, change gate gun activation to respond to timer flags to anyone on grid, warping off or not, in low sec or have gate guns everywhere respond to threats and criminals everywhere

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