Making the wrong decision but sticking with it

Focus on one decision at a time and be accountable so the choice works for us all while you help us remember what you wanted to achieve.

Slowly unplugging from the capsule pod as our leader has gone astray with the whole sticking to the decision even though it might had been seen by fellow Capsuleers as a negative.

Poor decision making doesn’t introduce loss in faith in the leader as the individual compromises themselves even when they don’t get what they want. Please understand that by changing the blackout back falls into this category and it is here where I find it difficult to move forward and progress my pilot as it shows lack of leadership when not sticking to a decision even if might be seen as a wrong one to a number of Capsuleers.

In closing I ask you please reconsider your plans to cancel the blackout in nullsec and above all please stick to your decisions to lead us through progression.


You realize that “Blackout is an event of undetermined duration” means that they are sticking to the decision of implementing it, seeing what happens, then ending it?

It was never intended nor communicated as being permanent.

I call out CCP on tons of things they do wrong (IMO)… but trying to paint blackout as a commitment they did not ‘stick to’ is simply false.

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Alright I did not read every thread on the subject and as watching this video again

The Scope does say if the Drifters continue to attack at the current scale then the fluid routers are not expected to support full services.

In saying this and now finding that info on it not being permanent then I will bow down and say that I am the wrong decision maker here and it is now seen as our Leaders are in control and going full speed ahead with strong sticking with it decisions and our progress can only improve from this day fourth.


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After rewatching the announcement of the removal of BO, I couldn’t help but note the expression on Falcon’s face
I’ve run into beaten abandoned street dogs with happier expressions. Yikes!

It may have been the realisation that EVE has changed and there’s no going back.

EVE has changed. There is no going back.

The only problem is that CCP (and many forumites) simply have no clue on how to move it forward.

Hot tips for anyone interested on moving the game forward:

  • You don’t do it by making the game more punishing, risky, or randomly changing key mechanics
  • You don’t do it by making the game harder to succeed in
  • You don’t do it by trying to go back to the “EVE of seasons past”
  • You don’t do it by ‘raising the bar’ on how much time, energy and commitment is needed to play EVE
  • You don’t do it by trying to force everybody into the playstyle that metrics tell you pay the most subs
  • You don’t do it by “randomly pulling the rug out from under players”
  • You don’t do it by making people feel stressed out when they play

That’s the “don’ts”.

What you do do:

  • You align the risks/rewards of various game elements so that people actually want to engage in various playstyles
  • You stop pretending you know how to design a conflict-oriented sandbox, and actually get someone in the decision making process who can do it
  • You work on the early portions of the game first, so that you start bringing in and retaining more players, rather than working on end-game mechanics and ejecting the few you have left
  • You focus on “engaging and retaining player interest”, rather than stupid cheap “let’s get everyone to log in even if they actually do nothing” stunts.

That would be a start, at least. Getting out of “some of our code almost works” quality control territory and into a “our updates actually work the way we intend them to” production mode would be the next step.


I think you make many good points, but this one is “less good,” imo. Rare login promotions will statistically lead some players to say “well, I logged in for the free xxxx, I may as well do yyyy while I’m here.” That puts some pilots in space - op success.

Where it falls down is if it becomes a daily routine; I’m not going to make a special effort to log in for a 'daily reward" of 10,000 SP.

Most of that makes it in to YOUR game, but not MINE nor what we signed up for when we started. Now what?

It’s funny how people call “change things to how I like them” “progress” and “moving forward”.

Yeah, who thought he could actually get any uglier.

No. There is going back. If EVE change, it wont be EVE anymore. And will also loose players. EVE needs to stay to the principles of it.

Yeah bud, we heard you in the other threads: “CCP knows best”, “CCP knows what’s good for their bottom line”, “if you don’t like what CCP is doing you are a krab and need to go”.

Other than a bunch of arse-kissing I don’t see many ideas or suggestions coming from you though. Only “casuals go home!” type comments. Much like the one I’m replying to.

Feel free to take any of the above points and respond specifically to them. Why are my “don’ts” something the game needs? Which of those “don’ts” is in ‘your game’ and is part of what you signed up for?

Which of my “do’s” are game-breaking, would lead to more botting or more crabbing? Which of those “do’s” absolutely must not be done?

Tossing out cynical criticism with no actual points beyond “you’re pushing your own agenda” (without even mentioning what that agenda is) is kind of a waste of everybody’s time.

PS: I have an agenda. It’s called “making EVE a more interesting and more successful game with more players”. Too bad you’re not into that.

They’re game breaking for a PVP sandbox where doing well comes from putting in effort.

I’m not in to getting more players, we don’t need MORE players. We need BETTER player which make the game BETTER. A game isn’t better just because it attracts more players. That’s like saying some small company that makes high quality niche products is terrible, because it doesn’t appeal to the mass market.

EVE’s salvation lies in sticking to its niche, that niche it’s been drawn away from for many years now through effort from random investors and the CSM. Why? Because trying to be mainstream means having to compete with other mainstream games and that’s a battle they can’t keep winning. By sticking to its niche, where it has little to no competitors, its future is secure.

Does that correlate to my personal play style? YES but that is BECAUSE WHEN I STARTED PLAYING I UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED TO ITS BASE PREMISE. It boggles me that people start playing a VERY specific game that’s different from all others in that respect and then say “why is it not more like all others?”, that’s insanity.

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Yeah, but how many? 2? Your guess is as good as mine. Given that these free SP things are becoming less and less rare I’m leaning towardst thinking they don’t get a very good bump from additional logins. I mean, if it actually worked to increase logins they wouldn’t need to do so many.

Gotcha, there’s not a single point there you can disagree with, so instead you just say “they all break the game”.

Right. Because constantly losing players is somehow making the game “better”. Still no ideas from you other than “casuals must go!”.

Yeah sorry but you still understand nothing about how “business investors” work (even though I already explained it to you the first time you displayed your ignorance on the topic), and you don’t have a clue how the CSM works either.

News flash: CSM doesn’t make changes. They don’t set directions. They don’t tell CCP what to do. CCP comes up with some plans, gets them 80% complete, then talks about some of those plans with the CSM and says “Here’s what we’re doing guys, what do you think?”. Then they ignore most of what the CSM says anyway, gets the code 85% complete, and drops it live. Then they continue to ignore what all the rest of the players think, unless there is a mass revolt. So seriously, stop whistling the “CSM wrecks everything!” tune. The worst they are guilty of is okaying everything that is good for Null while arguing against anything that isn’t (some of them, not all).

None of my points, do’s or dont’s, suggest going ‘mainstream’.

So secure that they have lost 60% of their players and are rapidly losing more with every step they take.

What should really boggle you is all the forumites who argue against everything they see without having a single useful point of their own to make. Without actually even understanding the things they argue against.

Find an idea you think will help the game. Get behind it. Push it. Get other people to agree with it and push it. Get so many people to push it that CCP can’t ignore it. It may not work, it probably won’t work… but it’s a hell of a lot better than all this useless “Everyone’s a carebear but me!” gum-flapping.

If the lifeblood of Eve is player interaction, don’t you think having more players or at least a critical mass of players online is a good thing?

Where do you think all those BETTER players are going to come from over time if not drawn from a pool of MORE players?

“make everything easier” is the general idea of your “moving the game forward”. There’s exactly 1 idea that isn’t and one that’s bogus. So yes, they’re all bad.

You can play EVE just fine casually, I’ve been playing EVE casually for pretty much 6 years now but “casual” isn’t the same as “easy”. You don’t have to invest tons of hours into the game, you don’t HAVE to do anything, there is no daily grind you’re tricked into being compelled to do.

Random Investors don’t care for the game, they care for the profit. If that means destroying the game by making it short term do really well (while being disastrous long term) then so be it. If you don’t realize or understand this then there’s very little hope for you.

The CSM doesn’t steer anything, true. But CCP listens to them and may or may not use their input. Simply put: you’re straw manning, you’re effectively stating that lobbyists don’t make the decisions therefore they’re not a problem. Which is a laughable position to take.

And yes “make everything easier” IS mainstream. I’m sure you noticed this. Again, losing players isn’t fun but at the same time we don’t know WHY we’re losing players and if those players actually contributed anything at all to the game world. You just choose to use YOUR preferred reasoning as to why we’re losing players and whether or not that’s a bad thing for the game world.

Just because you voiced an idea doesn’t mean it’s a good one and we should all stand in awe, applauding.

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Lets make a really good comparison that’s hot atm.

WOW retail is pretty much super easy: every class can do everything, you don’t need anyone really, you don’t have to interact much, LFR removes the need to interact with others as you get grouped with random people whom you don’t speak to and you complete your goal. Everything is instant, everything is easy, everything is meaningless.

So that attracts and keeps active players who agree to such a game. Result is that not many people interact with each other because they don’t HAVE to and by not having to the percentage of players who doesn’t WANT to increases, while pushing away the players who DO want this. Creating a snowball effect.

Now look at WOW Classic:

Everything is slower, everything takes effort. You can’t do everything yourself, you’re reliant on others more and you have to interact in a personal manner with others to make that happen. So first of all you HAVE to interact with others more which in turn attracts more players who WANT to interact with others more and it discourages players who DON’T want that. Again the snowball effect.

So players who enjoy Classic are “better” players (from a living MMO world point of view) than Retail players. Doesn’t mean they’re better at the game neccesarily, perhaps I should have explained that earlier. It’s the same in EVE, the game will do better if we have less solo grinding, risk averse and economy destroying alts/bots/super casuals. So by making that more difficult to do you a) discourage those players to start/keep playing and b) in time will attract players who WANT the interaction.

If you want a healthier game where people interact more and make the game world more alive, in whatever form or way, you HAVE to discourage the zero effort/afk/alts/bot play styles. Otherwise the brain dead zombies take over.


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