Marauders - Fittings for Maximum Damage Application

Great job on with the OP!

Looking forward to the Vargur piece. While i suspect you won’t have many good things to say about it, i still probably won’t change it for anything else…

Autocannons go brrrrrr

EVE has sound? :laughing:

Not sure can’t hear it over sound of my happy

AC vargur? preposterous

Can any of our statisticians out there tell us if there has been any uptick in the number of Marauders lost since the change? I can see that particular number going either up or down, depending on use increase, using offensive firepower as a defensive tool, more active hunting, etc.

You can see it for yourself:
Losses Points ISK
May 99 979 415.84b
April 466 6,792 1.62t
March 524 7,375 1.56t
February 251 4,010 615.14b
January 223 3,588 577.99b

the prices jumped a lot. If points are related to isk value, then we need to correct it WRT inflation.