[March] Jump Fatigue Changes

This is a very dumb change it brings back all the cross map jumping we had as an issue before(remember tidi in a hotspot fight gives these people plenty of time to get there with just a max 30min delay from literaly half the map away).Not to mention your ■■■■ game/servers can’t support giant battles anyway so why throw this at us?


This fatigue change approximately doubles the speed of long-range movement. At the moment the optimal strategy is jump, wait ~1h for fatigue, then jump again. Under the new system the optimal strategy is jump, wait ~30m for reactivation, and jump again.

Have you considered the implications of making the Eve universe a smaller place?


PH wants to move away, no one really there to defend that space from the evil bees.

In a totally unrelated event, ccp changes fatigue so NCcPL can still defend that space from 8 regions away.



Let me put it very simply: This happens = I quit.

One thing that worked miracles for meta, and ofc it gets removed by CCPL.

This has to be the april fools joke, it has to be, nobody in the right mind would remove fatigue, it needs to be added, not removed, ffs!!!

Bubbles nerf was bad, but this is just the end of the road. I sincerely don’t know how would I play if we’re back to blobs dropping on anything that moves 23/7. The most likely answer is that I won’t, moving on to games that doesn’t ■■■■ me over like this, and my wallet goes with me.



Regarding industrial ships – is the jump fatigue bonus enjoyed by haulers (including jump freighters) being retained? Will these ships enjoy a 95% reduction on the new baseline value?

Might i inquire about the procurement of your belongings?


This is a good suggestion, and they might be able to design it around the current JB/POS ■■■■.
But they might be able to get it to work with the new JB moduel’s that will come.


CCP, the people thusfar as of this posting saying good changes: Suitonia, the man who while is now living in Lowsec, has spent most of his career with the Imperium/Panfam. Karn, who is a member of NCDot. Jay Amazingness, who is a member of Goons. And Killah Bee, who is a member of NCDot, formerly PL. The commonality: Big, blocs. Of course they want to see this, because these guys want to be able to project capital supremacy across New Eden.

Reductions this low are bringing the fatigue levels down to a point where everyone is asking why, because it literally begs the question. We’re next to not having fatigue at ALL with these levels. We’ve had many examples of fights extending WAY beyong Suitonia’s proposed 4 hours, just in the past 6 months, that involved Capitals and Supers. More than enough time for every power in Eve to bring the entirety of their capital/Super fleets to bear if they wanted to with these mechanics. Do we REALLY want to have the ability for another B-R again? I thought Phoebe was implemented to STOP this from happening again?

Please reconsider keeping fatigue levels where they are, and look at the recent history of how many battles this would have effected with capital ranges beforehand.


It will be nice to be able to use my carrier as a jump freighter for ships again, but I do worry about the possibility of every fight escalating to a capitol fight now.


And opposing this change you have Juvir who is a member of Requiem Eternal. The commonality: Legacy Renters. Of course they don’t want to see this, because they want to be able to krab to their hearts content.

You realise Legacy are a bloc with a goodly number of caps and supers too, right? You realise that means those can be deployed just as quickly as ours can to counter the stuff we can move? This is going to stop supercap fleets being stuck in one place all the time and make for more dynamic content.

You’ll note I’m also hugely in favour of the change that’s going to make moving those supers more risky. Why on earth would you want to make something like B-R impossible again anyway?


i like the term NCCPL.(dot) more

I’m not opposed because I want to Krab (seriously, find me in a belt or ratting site, you won’t because I don’t go into them often). I’m opposed to it because we’re already having issues with too many people in a node and causing issues with planned fights. Can you imagine if we had been able to project into MTO2 for the Keepstar? The Sotiyo? What about the recent Tri Keepstar? 4 hours is 8 jumps for a capital fleet, at the max timer, with the new changes, and that’s a lot of movement. Those fights lasted a looooot longer, the dog piling is going to get ridiculous.


This is a big mistake. Jump fatigue must be longer but not to reduce it.
Reason -capital ships must be capital ships but not a vessels anyone and anywhere to use.
There was a meanings in Phoebe release. This was with good reason and legitimately.

The decision of DEVs on reducing jump fatigue should be reconsidered.



Right but what you’re really complaining about there is server performance by the sound of it, not the mechanic itself - by the same token, anything that’s likely to make more people log in and do stuff is going to be bad because it adds to server load.

This is going to help with the fact that doing anything with caps right now totally sucks, because every time you jump you can’t do so again for at least 20 mins or so in most cases.

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It’s not just server performance (although yeah right now that’s my primary complaint). We’re also looking at what everyone was starting to hate about pvp in nullsec pre-phoebe, which was everything turning into a capital brawl. With power projection going to this scale again, in essence that’s what is being encouraged, because all of our capital umbrellas are going to extend massively again.

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some years ago JF was introduced and local content, especially in LS, rose to new levels of fun.

Now is the time to kill again that content.

They really hire the most genuine geniouses at CCP.


It’s going to extend umbrellas some, but it’s not like NC’s super fleet can appear in Impass from the north in no time flat - it’s still going to take longer than the duration of most fights for that escalation to happen because you can’t just cyno chain half way across the map instantly.


I thought this was an April fools joke… but apparently they big capital Alliances finally get their way.

I guess this was just too good an opportunity for CCP to punish every player who cannot call in caps at the drop of a hat . Congratulations CCP - you have finally decided torpedoed the one last restraint on the ‘Hotdrop a hel’ crew. Fast moving hotdrop fleets aren’t the problem, it’s the Hotdrop capital ships that’s a mess.

Reducing the ‘poor experience’ for the minority will screw the majority, great job!!!


welcome to the Capital Online


I agree that the current jump fatigue incentives get weird at the margins, and the real penalty for jumping when you had an hour timer before was that the next jump would be blocked for 6 (!) hours, but 30 minutes seems short to me.

Anything under 50 minutes or so will still be optimal to just keep jumping, if you’re making long jumps. If a primary goal is to make jumping immediately almost always the correct choice, which seems like a worthy goal to me, I’d suggest capping the fast (orange) timer at 45 minutes.

Then again, I haven’t jumped a capital more than once in kspace since I moved to wspace, so it’s not like it will hugely affect me anyway.