Market was fun, what's next?

I’ve been playing for several years and found a niche in the market. It might sound strange, but doing the same tasks over and over was its own kind of fun and more than paid the bills.

The market fits my play style. I’m able to log in whenever, and if the kiddo needs attention I’m not stuck in the middle of a mission or somewhere leaving the keyboard at a moment’s notice would = bad.

Just wanted to see if there was any aspect to the game I wasn’t aware of that might be fun to move into. I’ve poked around with exploration in Null and it’s something I do from time to time.

I don’t need to make more isk, and I don’t mind spending $$ if it’s fun. My key limitation is the inability to dedicate long continuous stretches of time to the screen (which is also why I play solo, no time to coordinate with other players).

Thanks for any thoughts!

Maybe try getting into Planetary Interaction (PI)? Survey for deposits, process, and play the commodities game. Setting up a colony on a planet in low sec is pretty fun if you enjoy the cat and mouse game.


Heh today I was daydreaming pretty hard about Eve Online and I guess I’m in a mood to do the exact opposite of what you’re looking to do. Never undock again and max out my trade skills and enjoy life between the trade hubs/regional markets.

RIP CQ though.

Not seriously thinking about being a career trader but it does sound easy and my ISK is piling up with nothing else to do with it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am primarily an industrial player. I like the fact that the activities I participate in are waiting for me whenever I login - my gameplay doesn’t depend on anyone elses schedule. I compete with other players on the market and cooperate in industry but the interaction is asynchronous - we don’t need to be logged in at the same time. I can also participate in a lot of different industrial processes simultaneously. PI, manufacturing, research, invention, markets.

The part I enjoy the most is strategic planning, positioning my business to take advantage of changes in the game.

I haven’t done much PVE since the rats were red crosses but I’m hoping CCPs promise “to breathe fresh life into Empire space” will give me reason to give it another try.


@Do_Little Don’t hold your breath. :wink:

@Lulu_Lunette If you feel overburdened with isk I will help you out. Just send it to me and I promise it will never bother you again. No,no - no need to thank me, just happy to help.

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I’ve made a bunch of capstable over tanked setups to hopefully withstand a disconnection from the game. Can make 200mil/hr with blitzing and are pretty much never in mission for more than 10 minutes, and since it’s cap stable and over tanked you can get up if you really need to mid mission.

General mission setups: What are your favorite idiot proof mission setups?
burner setups: Burner Mission - Ship advice to solo them including fittings

all that said I’m making more money with industry and trading right now than I ever did mission running. I still do like logging in and shooting some npcs from time to time, but it’s not my primary focus anymore.


Sitting cloaked in a rented nullsec system doesn’t need any attention. you can watch people posting tears in local and you don’t need to interact with them, unless you want to extort them. of course it’s not engaging at all, but you can fantasize about what’s going on in the minds of those who are scared of an unconfirmed threat.

Alternatively you can entertain locals in your system, which eventually gets them to throw money at you if you do it regularly, at the sqme place. Socializing is nice, idiots aren’t everywhere, they just appear to be. Scamming, of course, is also a possibility.

I know this is the PvE forum, but as you said you’re doing the market, which is PvP, i see no harm in writing down the above.

Marathon exploration or wspace harassment are good options. I used to(and probably will return to) do lowsec and nullsec exploration runs lasting weeks of IRL time. Basically I’d have a lot of IRL stuff going on, so I load up my hacking, salvaging, and archaeology gear on my stealth ship of choice, then set a warp path going through 50+ systems. I log on, do a site or a bit of scanning, then log out. The slow rate of movement allows some backtracking if you’d like, or even doing closed circuits of 10-15 jumps allowing time for sites to recover. You may want to set up some drop points so you dont carry a billion isk in salvage as you’re exploring. You can grab it on your run back to jita.

Plus, since you’re going slow, you can read the map data for potential camps and just log out til they’re gone. No need to rush into danger.

Another option that I have entertained the notion of, and done some initial testing for(many years back. Take with some salt) is the idea of a mobile w-space operation. Use a cloak fitted orca, or a black ops with a few mobile refits inside. Jump into a c2 and basically spend your time harassing the locals, stealing sites when they’re logged off, and generally just siphoning off their resources over a decently long period of time.

Mobile refit stations make this way less risky as well, since back when I did my testing the only way to safely go that route was to put a cloak on an orca and use webifiers to lower align time. But it remains incredibly risky.

Just adding a reply to keep the topic under radar :slight_smile:

actually when I played EVE for the first time in 2010 I did only a little PvP, now that I’m back I’m trying to go for “less war” subjects, I’ve been station trading and yesterday I was all night accepting courier contracts and manage to do 30M isk - I want to explore PI but it will be probably next month when I’ll omega a couple of alts

talking about daydreams: world is not only PvPcombat, station trading, explore and mining, don’t you think that could also be interesting to have some new jobs? even getting a job on a station with some tasks that could interact with other players - for instance we could apply for a mechanic job and everyday we should complete our # of specific orders to accomplish some reward or even isk or LP, on the other end, other players might need some extra services that could be obtained paying with isk to the station owner - but not like 1b isk for each service, the idea behind was that all players could interact (alphas and omegas) and not only the ones that have zillions on the wallet

Thanks for the thoughts, all! Just getting back from an eclipse trip. Let’s say same question. . what would be new/fun to try out. . but what if it was ok to go isk negative? Put another way, is there something fun to do that’s worth spending the isk on?

I’ve thought about going into newbie areas and rewarding folks who go out of their way to help folks (I’m so specialized I’m not much help outside the market).

I’m not thinking of fitting a carrier to get blown up right away (although maybe I should to say I did). . but if you had to spend a lot of isk, how do you get the most fun out of it?

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Solo roaming PvP with whatever shiny or not shiny ship floats your boat. Use wormholes nearby your home station and see where it goes from there … if you keep yourself close to NPC affiliated space, you can pause any time.

Else already mentioned, beside market go full industrialist and build, research, invent.

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There needs to be a way to funnel isk into arming pirates in different systems, NPC and/or player. Some kind of equivalent of giving guns to bad people. What could go wrong?

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You can do semi-AFK PVP with a cloaky ship. Hide in an exploration site or FW plex, and gank whoever comes in.

It’s boring AF just waiting, but if you’re multi-tasking or need to leave at a moment’s notice, then this style of PVP is great. And very profitable.

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