Marshal's of New Eden

Due to constant threat of High Sec ganking, individuals must again take up arms and deny the gankers their life style.

The Marshall’s will not be a corporation, but a title in your bio.

As a Marshal, you’re responsible for supplying your own ships. To earn ISK fast, simply join a FW corp, run the plexes, earn LP, then purchase FW BPC’s. Sell the BPC’s and get rich.

Then travel ro Uedama, after leaving FW and wait on one of the ganker fleets to arrive.

We might not be able to stop the gank, every time, but the practice of taking out ganker ships will give you training on how to rapidly defeat any ship that the Gankers field that then allows you to progress your PvP skills in Low and Null.

By providing inexpensive BPC’s to new joins, younger players will be able to achieve their goals in New Eden much faster and not spend nearly as much.