Mass cloaky camper

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I rather like Putin, it’s the defence minister that scares me…

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The only illogical nonsense is the ■■■■ you lot post pretending it’s a real detriment to you to go and camp a system.

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This reads like your biggest issue is income?

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You still have nothing original to say I see.

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I’m not one for illiterate non-sense discussions, sorry. Call me once you’ve got an education.

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Quite the opposite, nonsense is exactly what you are into.

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Unlike Teckos, I won’t waste my time trying to educate the illiterate.

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You guys keep circlejerking over AFK cloaking opportunity cost then lmfao.

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“You guys”? It was you and Teckos doing that, not “us”. Then you came along with “this is my last response hurr durr” and since then you’ve posted how many more replies in here? 10?

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It was me and Teckos, and then you jumped on his ■■■■, so yes you guys.

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Where did I jump into that? I didn’t discuss anything about economics or opportunity costs. I merely pointed out how illiterate you are.

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Well why the ■■■■ would you say anything unless you disagreed with what I said about opportunity cost. Dumbass.

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Not really… I can already sub using a fully skilled alpha in hi sec with maybe an hour or four a day spread over two or three weeks depending on luck when I want to.

So I feel I’m already there (on the income front) after a fashion.

But I’m now converting to passive PI (etc) income, skills I couldn’t train until I subbed so just starting with them.

There are reasons for the choices… the original one was about not having to bend the knee for ISK earning potential if I didn’t want to… so from there I went about exploring the options in hi sec… I’ve found them far better than advertised in the forums to date, but I expected that, after all… it’s a very popular “recruiting meme” that you can’t make any money at all in hi sec :wink:

I’m perhaps being a bit slow & “methodical” (?) about how I’m going about it for some, but it floats my boat :blush: so they can get stuffed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is all very much off topic for this thread though… how do we start a private conversation in here?

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You’re obviously not a very smart person, despite you thinking that you are. Teckos tried to explain to you why you’re wrong, but you’re just too illiterate to get it. Watching him trying to spoon-feed you things you won’t ever understand was just so tiring that I decided to get some decent troll value out of you.

Of course you didn’t even notice that you’re nothing but a toy.

If you want to have a literate discussion, then might I suggest you start with getting those basic-level educations in economics and logic you’re missing?

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Other than the benefits they could have gotten by not AFK cloaky camping. Other than that you are totally right…for a very wrong reason.


(Caitlynn Askyra) #219

Well the cloaker could’ve been trading instead and made 100’s of billions, but do you think that’s a realistic value to place on the cost of AFK cloaking? Of course not.

So how do you come up with a realistic cost? You look at what those players tend to use the cloaking accounts for when they are not cloaking, how much are they earning from active input? That active input is as close to realistic as you are going to get for the cost, as passive income can be done at 100% efficiency while AFK cloaking. The cost of the account also does not matter because the account has not been made for the purposes of AFK cloaking, so that falls under the cost of setting up a skillfarm or whatever, which we are not discussing here.

So for a pilot with a bunch of skillfarms, he has no lost income, all he loses is the time it takes for him to travel, which is why the cost is negligible, which is why your argument is irrelevant.

(Teckos Pech) #220

Well, it is something that I just started thinking about. But there is some work on coevolutionary algorithms involving games where participants work at creating a “champion” who will then go out and compete against other such champions. The results indicate, so far, that these algorithms out perform other algorithms when averaged over fitness landscapes. Up to this point evolutionary algorithms worked not better than any other algorithms when averaged across fitness landscapes…which implied that no algorithm is, in general, better than random search. That is algorithms work well when they are tailored to a specific landscape.

In regards to a market process, which is in my view is similar to an evolutionary process, the process of innovation could be seen as a “champion” that multiple actors work towards which then go out and compete with each other. In this regard there could be a “free lunch”.

I got the idea when listening to a podcast. In the podcast the guest was discussing Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs and how their ideas and the market process work differently than the political process. In the political process things are often determined by Median Joe or Median Jane (i.e. the median voter theorem by Duncan Black). But with the market process it works quite differently, people are allowed to try out “crazy ideas” and as a result we get lots of trial and error. And even though people do not have to support the crazy idea initially. But for those crazy ideas that do turn out to be good ones those of us who did not initially support it can still benefit from them…a type of free riding, but unlike free riding for public goods there is not under-provision.

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Locates Are Us

or Locates R Us i forget. One is good the other isn’t.