Mass Test on Singularity: Thursday, November 7th, 2019

You could just help with the tests to, you know, help.

And CCP could help a paying customer by being clear that the sp can only be used on singularity. I help by paying my fee every month.

Yeah… They do:

Maybe you should actually read first? Ya know so you don’t look like a retard!!

Yes i must be retarded as I took that statement to mean we would be awarded sp while being part of test on singularity. Nothing in statement that says sp only usable on singularity. The statement is deliberately vague to entice retards like me into helping with the test, thinking they will get sp that can actually be used somewhere useful. Last I knew Tranq. sp stayed with you when you logged onto singularity. Perhaps I missed the nerf. A better statement would have been:
2m skill point will be awarded, usable only on singularity, for this mass test.
Congrats on you being smart enough to understand CCP’s true meaning.

It is pretty clear. Sorry you misunderstood.

Your account on singularity is a mirrored copy of that on Tranquility. It is evident depending on when the last mirror occurred because they will usually not be identical.

And that mirror copy of tranq. is why I wonder why anyone needs separate sp usable only on singularity

Because Sisi is a test server. If you want to try out something different on there then you might need some skill points to do it.

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