[MERC] Vendetta Mercenary Group

(Natural CloneKiller) #555

You remind me of seager basically doing sweet fa in game and just trolling the forums. Its quite cute but mainly sad.

(Alocer Agaliarept) #556

The only thing sad here is how desperate vmg is for members, iv been telling khrom for years to remove your ability to recruite because you’re ■■■■ at it, the only thing sad here is your desperate letter to tainted saying the derp is gone then turn around and recruit kickah lmfao, i think you should make sure you dont have any mud on you before you try to sling it, your new team is quite sad and continually recruiting marshite and pe low tier players is the reason you need so many blues to accomplish any citadel defence garbage.

Besides that how does trottel feel about you poaching a whole corp from him, another example of what it is to be blue with VMG lol.

(Natural CloneKiller) #557

Lol. Were after different things. Were recruiting for activity and citadels. Its not like there are a pool of khroms out there to recruit. The difference is im willing to give people a chance and if they improve great. If they dont adapt they go. Like yourself…good pilot. Aids personality and character so you did not make the cut. Yes you are right small numbers can hunt and be dangerous like when vmg 2.0 started but we have a sustainable model of recruitment that means the alliance is active and servicing clients all the time. And yes vs some of the fights we take we want blues . When you grow up little one you will realise we want different things.

Ps. Your still obsessed with vmg. The salty lvls are high in you. No one here gives a ■■■■ about you but you cannot move on …

Im quite happy with our team and community. As for who we recruit lol why do you care lol…sad.

(Yaosus) #558


(tainted demon) #559

I love that lil “didn’t make the cut” in your eye’s… after 5 years of him being in VMG… and after him leaving with his corp by himself. (seems to be the running theme for those who don’t make the cut in VMG they are put up with until they cut themselves out 1-2 years later)

If you actually had this “model for recruitment” that you claim and were able to enforce it you would have a lot more activity and a stronger core because of it, also new players coming in would have a base line standard to fit into, don’t have different rules for different ppl depending on how nice they are to the guy in charge of booting them lol

We do want different things I 100% agree with that part.

(Natural CloneKiller) #560

Im quite happy playing the game with friends. People i get on with. Like yourself mate you area great pilot and someone i respect as a mate. I have no time for the twins. Both are toxic and cause drama. In fact i only reply to their comments when im on the shitter as they really are a waste of my time.

(Alocer Agaliarept) #561

did not make the cut lol. i left of my own accord, thats the big problem your simple mind doesnt understand is that you dont kick any one, there are numerous pilots you yourself have said should probably go but you’re too much of a pussy to kick them, lol didnt make the cut ■■■■ out of here jita rat

(Pheonix Jr) #562

lmao he HAD a pool of khroms, it’s called the original VMG, only loeni’s stupidity drove them all out of alliance and into nullsec, (die, gary you lil sev myself) It’s funny he said we didn’t make the cut after we left because THEY were the ones too stupid to fly with,

@ loeni -we cut your entire alliance because of poor skill. To this day the only people i’d be willing to fly with in your shithole is gnshadow, Khrom and Erin,

please. feel free to find that big red button any time you want to go at it in game loeni.

(Yaosus) #563

Why do you care? I shared part of your vision and I understand why you left…but from there to calling me names and dragging me into your personal vendetta against Loeni its a long way. You are no better than some actual VMG members you criticize.

What I do not understand is why do you walk the saeger path, just mind your own business as we do. What bothers you?

Better make new friends than new enemies.

(Pheonix Jr) #564

Because we’re waiting for big bad vmg ./sarcasm to do literally anything other than jita camp like dock rats.

(Yaosus) #565

Ah, I get it now. You are simply stupid. Well have a nice one.


(Pheonix Jr) #566

i’d be carefull calling people stupid when your alliance lost a mach to npc frigs, Perhapse you should re-evaluate your position in the game before you go stirring ■■■■ you can’t finish?

(Garypls Fink) #567

Hi boys o/

(Yaosus) #568

I do not control every player in the alliance. I joined VMG almost two years back and my only losses were in fleetfights.

I do not need to do jack when it comes to you cowboy. You are here to stirr the ■■■■ up. Well have at it. Are you a superstar in Eve too?

Are you threatening me you almighty eve mercenary? Please come down from your horse and we can have a sip of whiskey and talk for a while.

(Pheonix Jr) #569

I’m just here to see if loeni has what it takes to slam that red button

(Alocer Agaliarept) #570

in khroms own words via whatsapp to our guys “You guys are the prodigy team” lol does that count as super stars of eve mr officer guns with 1 oneiros.

(Yaosus) #571

Its called having balls. Two of them. Not one shared between two people.

(labtecwar) #572


Currently open to Citadel attack or defence

Hunting contracts

(Garypls Fink) #573

But nobody hunts though?

(Alocer Agaliarept) #574

funny you bring up balls when i remember you loggin in to ask luukje to pilot your account for you to a 1v1 you called with dom, IRONIC

Isn’t that against the TOS??