[MERC] Vendetta Mercenary Group

(Garypls Fink) #575


(Natural CloneKiller) #576

Hope sunny scotland is treating you well mate.

(Tora Bushido) #577

Thanks, but who are the twins? :rofl:


(Garypls Fink) #578

Absoluetly glorious mate

(Pheonix Jr) #579

In fact i only reply to their comments when im on the shitter as they really are a waste of my time.

Here in gnomelands whenever we go to the shitter we call it taking a VMG

(Google Chromius) #580

Yea, I can absolutely say that i’m fairly disappointed in the performance of my guys. Especially my second in command who can’t seem to stop recruiting shitters. Some one please help.

(Natural CloneKiller) #581

Hire VMG. We farm tears, protect your assests and kill the enemy. We are the best at what we do.

(Yaosus) #582

How old are you? 9? To come up with such dumb accusations. Even Saeger was better than you at trolling.

Honestly I was really dissapointed when you guys left and I was contemplating looking at the front door too, but then I decided to give the new guys a chance and with a few exceptions, bad players, people with mental issues or out of pills the majority are good guys and I am happy I stayed.

What is it that makes you angry about me? Is it the fact that you’ve been a merc for so long and you have never flown a 35 bil Vindicator? Looks like the prodigy got jelly. BTW I just finished building a 70 bil vargur :slight_smile: It’s called being effective as a merc, I am sure you’ve made tons of isk since you left as you killboard shows lots of activity…in December 2017.

(Pheonix Jr) #583

it would be a lot more active if you pussies would decc me already

(Garypls Fink) #584

Do you get Luukje to fly your 35 bil vindi and 70 bil vargur too?

(Yaosus) #585

Why, you don’t have enough isk to dec VMG yourself? I can send you some if you want.

LOOOOOOOOL do you sleep in this thread ahahahahah

(Alocer Agaliarept) #586

Most of us in gnomes were there when you begged luukje to do the 1v1 for you on your account. your almost exact words were “I dont think im good enough to take dom so can you just log onto my account and do it luukje?”

(Pheonix Jr) #587

can confirm the truth in this post. perhapse if We challenged him to a 1v1 he’d try to get luukje to do it for him again?

(Garypls Fink) #588

Should really get someone to look into Yaosus account sharing. Do ISD’s read this?

(Yaosus) #589

LOL. Khrom told me you were stupid :)))) is that all you got? hahahaha dude you are pathetic

(Alocer Agaliarept) #590

you sound like a 13 year old girl with the way you type. and thats okay because we all had a big laugh at you in the leadership chat “God’s of VMG” when we saw you flying that vindi with 1 oneiros for repps

Khrom included, should i delve into the amount of times we laughed at your pathetic forum trolling all day, I recall on numerous occasions khrom stating that you make VMG look bad on the forums

(Yaosus) #592

Please stop baiting, trolling and posting crap in here.

(Garypls Fink) #593

Speak for yourself.

(Alocer Agaliarept) #594

You look like a fool and your whole leadership team laughs at you behind your back and you are too much of an oaf to even realize it, prime VMG material if you ask me.

(Yaosus) #595

Your trolling attempts are really dumb. It takes the three of you to come up with a good line and most likely you googled it before pasting it in here.

I was there on so many occasion when the leadership was discussing your fate, how toxic you were, how unreliable and simply stupid, but as I clearly recall the Gods of VMG stated that you are really comfortable as mules and nobody can shine their shoes like the twins did. So they kept you around, fed you second hand crap until they decided it was time for you to go.

No matter what crap you write in here, reality is I still fly a vindi like you never had :slight_smile: you got kicked from VMG because people simply got tired of you being their personal slaves.