[MERC] Vendetta Mercenary Group

(Pheonix Jr) #596

misinformed on a lot of levels, We left vmg, we werent kicked. lmao moron, So how about that 1v1 tho?

(Alocer Agaliarept) #597

Last i checked i left, but is that loeni’s response now? I cant quite because I was fired? LMFAO how would you know anything about what goes on in any leadership channel mr successful hasnt even made vmg leadership yet

If you guys really the best decc me, then i can add some green for this month on you plebs

(Yaosus) #598

Well first of all I do not like cleaning shoes and being a personal slave to anybody. Secondly, I know you nasty buggers are flipping burgers everyday and this is not my life’s goal, I usually spend my time doing nice and lucrative things IRL, and with my 1h a day playtime still I managed to be more successful than you two raking tens of bilions of isk and making myself a nice shiny fleet of ships you would never even dream undocking :slight_smile:

(Alocer Agaliarept) #599

but does luukje fly them for you though, i noticed you never replied to that lol

(Pheonix Jr) #600

m8 you do realise that we run skill farms right? We don’t have to go on those shitty citadel ops to earn isk. lmao, Still waiting for your shitty alliance to press the button.

(Yaosus) #601

That is a poke coming from someone who is around 5 years old. IDK where did you came up with that. I barely talk to Luukje :)) let alone do that. But you must find happiness in something, so troll ahead :slight_smile:

(Pheonix Jr) #602

why dont you just press the button already, because forum trolling isn’t really my game. Even if you do make it too easy

(Alocer Agaliarept) #603

We are willing to hire VMG to decc us by the way

(Yaosus) #604

Why don’t you push it? Is this the stockholm syndrone we’re having here? You love your former masters so much you can’t harm them. You were a bunch of good slaves to the alliance :)) your shoe shinning skills are +5 :slight_smile:

(Pheonix Jr) #605

it’s hard to take your insults seriously considering khrom had to negotiate your coalitions way out of our last war because he didn’t want PE disbanned and you plebs farmed. But go ahead and keep stirring garbage that you can’t actually back, Maybe have a chat with khrom before you go picking fights you can’t win?

(Yaosus) #606

Do you feel like you’re being followed sometimes?

(Alocer Agaliarept) #607

As I said we are willing to hire VMG to decc us, name your price on how much vmg needs to press the button on us

(Garypls Fink) #608

(Yaosus) #609

VMG is the name you slaved on building over time while flipping burgers. In the merc world you really are nobody.

How many times have you asked Natural how to talk to clients, how to take new contracts and so on? Admit it, unlike yourself I do not have to invent things. I know them and I do not have to shine shoes for it :slight_smile:

(Pheonix Jr) #610

tell that to your coalition, who surrendered to us

(Alocer Agaliarept) #611

Then what’s the issue deccing us big man. will you have luukje fly your ships for our war too?

and funny that we are nobodies your only vmg contribution is shitty videos and a half baked website with people on it that arent even in vmg anymore lmfao, you cant even make their website right, worthless lmfao maybe you should ask luukje to make the videos and websites for you too

(Garypls Fink) #612

The true and pure VMG of old would have said no problem to deccing a group like us talking smack. Why not now?

(Pheonix Jr) #613

because MC won’t be there to back pack them with numbers, and trottle just disbanned his alliance, who will hold their hand now? PIRAT?

(Yaosus) #614

Oh now I get it. Little pheonix :)) was butthurt because I did not change the website when he asked me to. Well I ignore the plebs, the slaves and the burger flippers by default. No offense :)))

(Pheonix Jr) #615

still waiting on that 1v1 phleeb