[MERC] Vendetta Mercenary Group

(Alocer Agaliarept) #616

Why would I be butthurt about a shitty website. you actually have people on it that arent in vmg anymore, you had one job yaosus and cannot do it properly maybe vmg should ban you from the forums again like they already did once lmfao

(Dom Arkaral) #617


I didn’t hear about that one :joy:

E: @Yaosus do you really feel the need to try and lower people’s reputation over whatever job they do irl?
It’s pixels, if you get that mad over pixels you should honestly stop playing

(Pheonix Jr) #618

yep when you two had set up your duel he said he didn’t feel he could beat you so he asked people in vmg to log on and do it for him, Then Tainted brought up the bannable TOS violation and every one declined the offer.

(Yaosus) #619

That is untrue like all the things they say in here. Being a very good pvper Luukje was supposed to OK my fit for that. After 5 years of cleaning the shoes of the VMG leadership, slaving daily for them they got kicked and angry I ignored them when they asked me to remove the members who went with them from the website.

Angry that father Khrom turned their back on them, they came on the forums to troll :slight_smile:

(Garypls Fink) #620

What crack you smokin’ bro hahaha.

(Alocer Agaliarept) #621

yeah man thats definately how it happened XD your ability to think of a lie is even worse than your fitting/pvp skills XD

And as i said before last i checked I left willingly to slaughter PE but maybe if you spent less time making vmg look bad on forums and more time learning how to actually pvp so you could back up your smack youd know lmfao

Also still waiting for you to decc me, iv offered to hire you to do so, how can you be the best if you cant be hired to decc a 7 man corp?

(Pheonix Jr) #622

idk what he’s even talking about either neither of us flip burgers irl lol. We worked in the oil field for 99% of our time spent in vmg.

(Dom Arkaral) #623

Idk why, but that all feels as truthful as anything you said about me in the past

So no, not buying it :slight_smile:

(Yaosus) #624

For me its funny to expose you for who you really are. Mindless mules, people with no solid backbone. It’s fun though to troll from time to time.

Dude for a guy who claims to “slaughter” your KB is rather empty. Probably the burger business picked up on December :))

(Pheonix Jr) #625

yea mate, no solid backbone, I have an entire note tab full of PE killmails, I can’t wait to start one for vmg too.

I can’t tell you how many kills we’ve led you morons to and held your hand every step of the way, Just ask Onineko who the largest pains in his side were when he was in mym8 trying to hunt FF. Decc me so I can start my vmg km note tab already

I mean… you guys were LOSING the war to mym8 with the only kill on the board being nudels interceptor untill lil and lukka SERVED murdoch’s orthrus on a plate to erin to kill, since G-M3N didn’t have an active war on mym8.

(Alocer Agaliarept) #626

Im not sure what makes you look worse here, you trying your hardest to convince people we were kicked or you trying to lie about asking vmg members to log into your account for you to 1v1 dom lmfao

(Yaosus) #627

Yes at a gas station filling cars, selling beef jerky and flipping burgers on Holydays :slight_smile: By the way hows the internet nowdays? I remember when wind was sofly blowing the lines went down :slight_smile:

The amount of utter butthurt is amazing. You realize you three are practicly sleeping in this thread answering me each time I poke you :))))))) Trained monkeys from your time spent slaving your VMG superiors. Well spent time I might add. Keep up the good work grunts.

(Pheonix Jr) #628

you are too stupid to realise that we are your vmg superiors. lol old vmg > new vmg. Every single time.

(Garypls Fink) #629

Im here for the drama to be honest. It fuels me.

(Pheonix Jr) #630

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS

(Yaosus) #631

You are the drama queens, you came in here crying that bad Yaosus does not remove your two members from the website and that Natural was mean to you, well of course slaves must be ignored :)) And I love how precisely you react to my pokes.

Go on keep on replying my trained monkeys :slight_smile:

Google your next answer so that you can look a little smarter

(Alocer Agaliarept) #632

Face it yaosus you cant beat us in forum trolling or in eve, we are better than you in every way thats what is really bothering you and why you spend so much time fixated on us replying to a forum you are happy we are speaking to you other than calling you an idiot and telling you how you should fly so that you dont make vmg look stupid in game, you already do that enough on the forums lmfao

(Yaosus) #633

LOL you’re doing it wrong, you are here in VMGs thread because as good slaves you miss the beatings :slight_smile: If I were you I’d focus more on doing merc work then call my three pilot alliance to troll on the forums. You know :slight_smile:

(Alocer Agaliarept) #634

If we are so small why are you so hesitant to declare war on us then, Luukje cant fly your ships and you cant beat me so maybe you shouldnt be talking so much

Iv already offered to hire you, the “Best” literally will not let me pay them to decc me

(Pheonix Jr) #635

the only beatings we had were when we beat our heads against a wall at how stupid your entire alliance is