[MERC] Vendetta Mercenary Group

(Natural CloneKiller) #515

Hire VMG for any citadel defence or attack in high sec.
Thinking about moon mining…need some assets protecting? Need a local removing…contact us.

(Yaosus) #516

Smacktalk is good for you and I love smacktalking as much as you do, the only difference is that you have no smacktalk subjects nor power to raise your voice in any local, we kicked your beehinds so hard in Hisec, in lowsec and in the wormholes (cheeky wh farmers).

Assisting on wars to get the wrecks blue and then sending Apophis Kaundur to loot your “allies” is not good if you want to call yourself a mercenary.

(Cyber Fight'r) #517

You know you play a spaceship game right?

Btw: You would win every Tora lookalike contest. I think in the deep of heart you want to be like Tora :slight_smile:

(Yaosus) #518

(Luke Reynolds) #519

350mil for you guys to take down the FOB in bania it only has one bar left!

(Creepy Goatman) #520

They charge waaay more than that. And you also need to pay P-E, PIRAT and Wrecking Machine on top of it or you can go suck an egg.

(Natural CloneKiller) #521

Hire VMG. We kill 12 bil pods. And sotiyo’s.

(Tora Bushido) #522

Couldnt resist the smack talk … HIRE VMG … hehe, you wont be sorry!

Well maybe… :smirk:

(Yaosus) #523

Ehh you want to get some attention and be around some really cool guys. It’s fine :slight_smile: you can hang out with us from time to time.

(gnshadowninja) #524

Cheers baby cakes, one question…

Where’s Kypp?

(Natural CloneKiller) #525


Currently open to Citadel attack or defence

Hunting contracts

(Pheonix Jr) #526

name A single hunter asside from gnshadow?

(Tora Bushido) #527

I can confirm, as being VMG’s worst nightmare, that Gnshadow is their best hunter… :mage:

(Erin Davis) #528

We all know what marmites worst “nightmare” is, a certain citadel off their balle undock.

(gnshadowninja) #529

I saw my name, it had good comments, I liked the comments.

(Pheonix Jr) #530

did nat mean this type of hunting? I hear hunting those NPC’s can be semi challenging, sometimes you have to even talk to Agents to find them, And I don’t mean locator agents :slight_smile:

(Natural CloneKiller) #531

To say you left vmg you seem pretty obsessed lol.

(Pheonix Jr) #532

I’ll call out all of VMG’s false claims in the same fashion I call out Marmites, If you don’t like it, perhapse you should enforce standards on your alliance and leave yeetha

(Natural CloneKiller) #533

You misunderstand . You can write what you like . Vmg is a much better community without cancer in it. We hunt more than any high sec group but if you want to be a fan boy please continue to watch our kb and tickle our forum like tora does.

(Pheonix Jr) #534

please feel free to come and hunt me literally any time you’d like

Edit: Tainted wanted me to add that camping gates (even to include those in madi/niarja) is not a form of hunting.