[META] CODE as a controversial topic

I gank in Essence (mostly in Arnon) because I’m a very casual player. I generally just log in, gank a retriever or two, and call it a night. Sometimes I’ll charge into Perimeter or Uedama (usually just for fun) to see how far I can bump a freighter before getting bored (pretty far) but right now I don’t have much interest in doing more than that.


Not at all.

C’mon man, a little ribbing, in the spirit of fun, won’t ruin anything.

No. James promotes an idea and the code grew out of it. He is not the leader, or a leader of anything tangible. Most people seem to have forgotten that initially it all was about the New Order and its Knights. It’s called minerbumping, not minerganking. :slight_smile:

LOL! What’s this? Another carebear to tell us all about how the New Order has lost it’s way and strayed from the “original path”.

You have no idea what you’re talking about, now more than ever.

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Why do you feel attacked?

You’re the one continuously acting like a carebear, and i’ve been pointing that out.
Can you point out any posts of mine where i do the same?


Miner, calm down. You’re just ignorant and it shows, same as everyday, carry on.

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sorry for the edit, it was too slow apparently.

Ironically CODE is funded by an alliance that afk mines in rorquals in null sec. and bot-carrier rats in dead end systems whose bots auto dock when local shows any non-blues.



CODE. has been funded by ganks and New Order members only since the Mittani stopped “sponsoring” the alliance


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I’ll believe that when Mittani gives us the API’s of all his accounts and all his officer’s accounts and full view of his alliance corps wallets and transactions.

I personally have a friend that just recently donated 315b. I guess he’s a Mittani alt?


How do you feel about that? Is it making you angry that the Mittani is sponsoring our gank fleets in Highsec?


No. That’s called providing content. The propoganda part is hilarious though since that money comes from afk botted multibox nullsec rorqual mining.

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Where did it come from, before afkmultiboxrorqual mining was a thing?

0.0 space always had means to “afk-something”.

Looking at the evidence provided by CCP and the nullsec whiners, nullsec is carebear space. An interesting twist to their carebearism is that they hide in the group and get ships replaced. It stands to wonder, if many otherwise might not even engage. It makes a funny connection to several vocal members of code, who behave like carebears as well. Even the gameplay fits the description at least in parts. Interesting observation. Anyhow, this thread has most traffic during the USTZ +/- a few hours or so. Also quite interesting. So far it works. :slight_smile:


Yeah, this is what i always see funny. People call others names while doing the same.

But this is what EvE is. :v:

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We’ve got to burn out the rot eventually, though.

If you got a plan I’d like to hear it.

You would not talk about overreactions if you studied CODE as much as me.

We all know that gankers are bullies not only in the game but also in real life because how else could they gank miners and freighters that are flown by other players who are just trying to play the game and not hurt anyone. It is not fair and there is no surprise that the online player count is so low when these old players are allowed to bully new players and make all of the game so toxic.

Now as for CODE gankers they are just alts of GOONS and not only that but Real GOONS (that means they could join because they were from the Something Awful forums. I have done a lot of reading about this). When they joined they were promised all about making lots of isk in nullsec and if they were good at making isk they could have their own little empire and renter corps to bully by the Mittani. (Now I don’t know if the Mittani is really James315 but he could be and I will talk about that another time).

What they were not told is all about having to get a tattoo on their arm to be promoted when they all went to meet at Fanfest in Iceland. btw, Iceland* has lots of volcanoes and lava just like that Other Place - that is why the Higher Up GOONS like it so much.

After you get the tattoo it means you become a Goon Lord (not all people in Goons get this just so you know - some are normal people who don’t know any better and you can still be their friend but be careful). Then you have to give 10% of your isk every month to Higher Up Goons for the RMT activities and for another kickstarter campaign about some book about Goons but mainly the Mittani.

The Goon Lords are angry and bitter about this and so they join CODE to take it out on the HighSec players who all pay for subs with real money and because they can do whatever they want in HighSec and are good people in RL without exception who just want to play alone in peace which makes CODE people who are bound for life jealous. They always want to gather tears and salt (they hate salt because in RL it burns them on the tattoo mark).

I am not afraid to say this because I hardly ever log in and besides CODE pilots are cowards and are no good at PvP and are scared of my powerful friends in nullsec.

PS If you look ok on the map , Iceland is opposite Australia. When The Judge’s favourite football team missed the finals series for the first time in 7 years they were able to get him over to Iceland and only there could the GOONS trick him**

**PPS GOONS are responsible for global warming (the greenhouse gases all come out of the volcanoes in Iceland from all the heat from the RMT Computers underground controlling the Rorqual/Carrier/0.01 Market Trading Bots). That is why they destroyed CO2 as a symbolic gesture , but I can’t talk anymore about that.