Mike Azariah for CSM16

Are you nuts? I’ve been shitting on scarcity weekly on the Meta Show, and I’ve opposed it constantly. It’s in my platform.

It’s literally the #1 thing on my list.

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Not sure why Brisc is in this thread. He should be nursing his health after putting it all on the line for experimental ‘therapies’; or is it Rockefeller profits; or is it political theater. I’ll admit, I’m confused.
I guess since CCP has been needling in the propaganda since inception there is no conflict here.

Not to put too fine a point on it; Mike, how do you feel about CCP (the one with the implied black cube logo) not so subtle promotion of medical tyranny in in-game story-line and mechanics.

Are you willing to point out that this platform like so many others is being used to ::coughs:: guide minds in a suggestive manner by (most likely) CCP (the one with the hammer and sickle).

Thanks for hanging in there Murtaugh.

I’m in this thread because 1) I like Mike and 2) the guy whining called out the entire CSM, not just Mike.

As for the rest, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Can you write that in English please?


Ukrainian ancestry. Communication may experience corruption. :slight_smile:

I’ve no beef with you or your publicised medical decisions, they are yours to make and you are free to express them.

I too like Mike.

Thankfully, you are not required to grasp a single word I type.

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Oh, I get it now. You’re one of those guys who thinks the vaccine is going to give you three heads.

Well, so far I’ve had no issues, and my WIFI reception has been fantastic.


Two more heads is better than one right?
Genuinely pleased for you. I hope the rest of the world fares as well, including internet accessibility.

I agree with snowflake that I am more Murtaugh than I am Riggs, these days


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Don’t worry Mike, I don’t really expect you to call out the pharmaceutical industry’s propaganda pervading the game of eve online. I just wanted to call attention to it myself using you as crutch.
Forgive me.

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Glad to see you are running again.

Thought I’d ask, with the Industry changes and increased reliance on Gas Harvesting. Should this portion on mining be revisited? Such the cost or access the actual Gas Harvesting skill or the current limitation (kind of) to a couple of frigates? Plus - I do not think there has been a change to Booster production since its introduction. The skill itself is not very flexible, since it is trained to Level 2 or 5 - when used with Venture/Prospect and 3 or 4 provide no benefit at all.

Good Luck for CSM16.

I honestly have never figured out why the gas Harvesting skill was so expensive. As for the levels meaning something, sometimes they are just stairways to the ‘better’. But yes, we do talk to CCP about the Gas changing the landscape, so to speak.


Laughingly; I guess that clears the air on that topic. Penance; for kicking up a stink.

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Look I know this is NOT campaign stuff but . . . I just gotta share it.

and yeah, I will be sharing it on the Bus forum thread as well



Those cards are awesome!
And thanks for listening in on my interview by Ashterothi on the EVE Universe show

I like knowing who I may be working with and am running with/against


Hi Mike, glad to see you’re running again! You have my support.

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It would be a pleasure to be working with you on the CSM.

I’m barely a month into EVE Online, but I’ve seen Mike interact in Rookie Chat and gotten to know a bit about him through videos I’ve seen on YouTube and the links in his in-game bio. From everything I’ve seen, Mike absolutely has my vote.

What matters most to me is that I feel confident Mike has the knowledge, experience, and professional attitude to serve as a liaison between players and “the powers that be.” That’s the trifecta I look for whenever it comes to someone speaking on my behalf.