Mine Field Pics

No I do NOT want mines back!

But, does anyone have any video or screen shots of them being used?

In AEGIS and Superior Sleeper Sites.

There also is an L4 Burner mission with some large mine fields. The one where you have to kill the Talos’ imho.

I think she is talking about the old player deployable mines such as the Anaconda mine, not LCO mines in missions or deadspace sites.

One of the reasons the old mines were removed was because a player could deploy them in low sec and jump into high and get Concorded when some hapless fool ran into them in low.

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There are inactive turrets not mines. You activate them while below 10km range.

Oh, I was under the impression they were mines. Doesn’t the agent talk about “minefields” when you get the mission? It’s while I have run them.


That’s a shame. I have thousands of them I could have contracted to you.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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