Mining in Missions

They seem to have removed the big one which was recon. It’s quoted in one guide as 6 million units of veldspar which is 3x any other mission with veldspar.
Even with a couple of Orcas that would take several hours to clear in my estimate.

That is what I gathered before the mining tweaks.

There are tons of missions some with some very interesting mine mixes. And some of the relic/data sites in HS/LS have mine-ables as well. Same trick although they are a bit more open. Clear the site then site on it for materials.

I don’t know that it applies to all of them, but I had the asteroids at a relic site despawn on me with an alt on site.

Definitely the NPCs… they get all the kewl new ships.

Normally stuff doesn’t de-spawn unless there is no one on grid and the objective of the site is complete. In the case of missions that also requires you to be docked complete the mission with the agent sometimes only in the station where the agent is. Wrecks disappear after 2 hours, I think that is still correct.

That is my experience, but I had a ship on site and was bringing an alt in to mine it out. Got the mining barge into warp, flipped screens back to the scanning character, and he was sitting in empty space.

Wondering if maybe the sites have a hard cap on the amount of time they can exist, and perhaps I just caught it at the end of its lifetime.