Mining nearly killed in high sec

Well, i am a 150m character in high sec with Maxed Mining Boosts, decent rorqual and Orca expertise, magic 14 etc.

Last two months i have no much time to enter in game for RL reasons. Normally y enter and boost some friends, and have too the experience to mining in Null sec some months ago with excavators in a well fitted rorqual as a BOOSTER. I like mining byt like more Help others with Maxed Bonus. I know the rats of Null sec -0.9 before leaving null for real life reasons some months ago.

I am reading Forum, /r/Eve and some of my friends told me is SAFEST lately mining in lowsec than in highsec, or they tell me only mining in 0.5 have some sense for mining profit and RUN when Recon squads appear. Other option is have two or three battleships and logi for kill recon, and be ready to lose T2 combat drones.

I have three monitors in my main computer, can open SIX full clients. PC with 32gb ram, SSD disk,my computer support without problems 10 accounts (i activatre ten accounts for the last CSM elections).

Today in morning, one hour before downtime, i had time to enter. Then go to a 1.0 Pocket system in high sec, yes, max high sec, with my high sec character, and take off and go to a mining belt.

My game play was supposed to bet mine with two maxed Skiff pilots, and bring a Dominix or nightare to kill recon squads.

[Orca, Ritek’s Orca]
Reinforced Bulkheads II
Damage Control II

Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
EM Ward Field II
Survey Scanner I
500MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive

Mining Foreman Burst II
Mining Foreman Burst II
Mining Foreman Burst II
Small Tractor Beam I
Small Tractor Beam I

Large Transverse Bulkhead II
Large Transverse Bulkhead II
Large Transverse Bulkhead II

Valkyrie II x5
Mining Drone II x5
Infiltrator II x1
Mining Drone I x10
Hammerhead I x5

Scordite Mining Crystal II x22
Armor Reinforcement Charge x300
Mining Laser Field Enhancement Charge x4827
Mining Laser Optimization Charge x505

I NEVER take off with the skiffs, my idea was mine a little when my Battleship come. I stay in my orca checking market orders when the recon squads Appear 9minutes and 20 seconds belt time. I was mining some scordite for simplify the life to my Skiffs when Recon squads come.

In 30 seconds I lost around seven Medium Drones T2, two heavy Drones T2, five T2 Light drones and in the first 15 seconds i go to 40% less shields.

I dock.

No sense to use Orca as a isk negative in a maxed booster , with max shields, max drones, and non â– â– â– â–  fit. No sense in have CASUAL Mining operations.

I go to sell my exhumers characters, maybe sold other characters to shrink my accounts, and go to hold this pilot for Completition and plex with the sale of other characters.

Remember, i was in 1.0 with maxed shield pilot, mxed boost pilot, maxed drone pilot, in a TANK fit.

Botters not leave high sec. PLAYERS leave the game.

I dont go to null sec again and no sense to mining more.

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Swap your damage control and reinforced bulkheads for 2 x drone damage amplifier II

Swap survey scanner plus one adaptive for Explosive Field II plus Thermal Field II

Use Warrior II and Valkyrie II

Replace one Mining Foreman Burst with two Shield Bursts. Load boosts for shield strength and for shield resists

Learn in which order to take out the attacking ships so that they attack the orca, not the drones.

Yeah. No sense Recon Squds do more damage in high sec than Standard Rats in True Null sec.


Your crap fit and didn’t bother to research Trigs. Therm/Exp Hardener, faction maybe and loose the bulkhead hull crap, concentrate on shields. Maybe use a shield based buff link.

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Crap fit that ? Better than suggested in Eve university

As far i see the OP do a tank fit Versus Gankers and we dont know what are the Local Rats. We were assuming Thermal/Exp area, but Guristas Area, as example, need resists 79 kinetic 18/ thermal , then you must decide if normal NPC kill you . I cant use an ORCA but is reasonable because is a good Fit vs Gankers standard NPC.

Well, there was a lot of flexing in that OP… :roll_eyes:

Yes, a crap fit, assuming that the OP was expecting to battle trigs in high sec and not defend against unwanted pvp.

I don’t know where you’re getting “better” from… also that page was last updated on 9 April 2017… when were trigs introduced?

Yes… and I think this says more about the players out in null (unfortunately) than much anything else I’ve seen posted for a while. OP has been playing long enough to amass ~150 million SP, fits primarily a hull tank then complains when

doesn’t work in high sec… there’s mining boosts fit which if you don’t bring out the skiffs are useless but even with them aren’t going to help improve the orca vs trigs, shield hardeners alone simply do not equal a shield tank (@Ortzog, fyi eve uni fit is for max ehp to defend against player ganks) and medium & heavy drones vs frigates has always worked so well :grimacing:


So @Ritek as it seems you’re packing it all in, can I have your stuff?



@cypr3ss_Deteis i am not leaving. As @ortzog Say, my fit was versus Gankers and Trigs was second. I not go to use the Orca for protect versus Trigs if that means i must make a hole for gankers and my current NPC (angel space).

I made around 1 Trillion in Market in high sec before citadels, my source of income were make freighters, compress in POS and sell it. I begin to use ORCA when the combat drones boosts. I am primary a Regional Trader now.

Three things :

1 ) Same Orca with serpentis SPecific in Null sec serpentis, can kill without problems the 0.7 rats if not officer spawn. is STRANGE the 1.0 High sec are dangerous than -0.7 rats.
2 ) I stay playing now because i have a goal to do with this char. Go to two accounts when the other expire, and is for market reasons, not flying in space (by the way plan sell six to ten characters and move myself to other of my accounts).
3 ) My goal were give boosts in my NPC space. If i want mining can go to anomalies In high sec or Mining missions level 4.

Because the changes in Mining and taxes, i assume the NPE changes go to lower retention rates than now.

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Join a corp with an athanor that spawns moon ores. I mine in high-sec everyday, and Triglavians never bother me. The ore is more valuable anyway. Why are you in belts?

If you lose an orca to highsec rats I don’t know what to tell you. An unfit orca should be able to tank 32 DPS from guristas with max shield skills. Obviously you should be fitting it, in which case it would be more. Also, the sheer buffer should be able to withstand any standard belt rat attack for long enough to kill the rats, unless you’re completely AFK in which case you deserve what you get.


Recon rats do omni damage. They have a special missile.

@Dark_Lord_Trump You really need to research trig recon squads before you look sillier with your statements. It is a LOT more than 32 dps.


My venture with one small shield extender/booster can tank 3 regular Angel rats in .7 forever, same ship dies to trigs in seconds, seen the missile hit for 280 dmg * 2 while the regular rat hit for like 4 dmg.


And you need to read my post. I never said anything like that.

When the thread has been about Trig Recon rats which are highsec rats, throwing out the DPS of Gurista’s clearly is silly and irrelevant. So either you are talking a point no-one cares about and that is irrelevant, therefore silly, or you seem to think Gurista’s rats do the most DPS you face in highsec, which is silly

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Or perhaps I was talking to someone else who had brought that up and I was refuting the idea that it was necessary to tank vs normal rat type in an Orca. Which is silly on their part, and silly on yours for not reading.

The problem are normal Gankers. I was using that fit for Gankers, not for Trigs

By the way yesterday i mine with the orca missions lvl in highsec, safest

I’m sorry, but you can’t blame game mechanics for your lack of situational awareness and lack of research. I mean, I get the frustration from losing your ship that way, but it’s not the game’s fault. That is squarely on your shoulders.

Sorry you lost stuff, though. Still sucks.

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i dont loss anything of value, isk negative as oother say. If i need choose between help others or be better target of Gankers, i dock my orca.

No “situational awareness” here , no afk, etc.

It’s literally all in the fitting, skills, and logistics. @Lily_Inkura gave some helpful advice, as did others.

This is a risk vs. reward game. That’s never going to change, nor should it. You make your decisions and then you live with them.

Trigs are good. They actually help with the botting issue passively without being too in your face. They force people to stay at their computer playing the game instead of AFK Orca mining. They keep high sec interesting.

Again, I understand your frustration and I empathize, but things are as they should be. You’re the one that has to adapt. This is Eve.

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Adapt or Unsub.