Minmatar rebellion was a catastrophe

(Halcyon Ember) #202

How do you know that flinging actual poop isn’t, on a cosmic scale, more noble a retort than slinging metaphorical poop in the form of words on a forum? Who can say? Especially as in a cannibalistic society at some point they’ll be flinging their devoured enemies at them. Surely an eloquent statement in any language?

(Rana Ash) #203

Now this thread is getting down right depressing and i have no booze around : /

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #204

Clearly there has been a serious failure in your logistics chain…

(Jason Galente) #205

I appreciate open-mindedness, but that level of open-mindedness is simply degenerate, and you know it.

(Halcyon Ember) #206

My lack of cannibalism and poop flinging suggests that I agree with you. Sadly I don’t speak for the universe.

(Orgah) #207

I’d generalise.

Humanity is a force of nature. Pity so many of you don’t understand what you really are.

(Rana Ash) #208

Well i didn’t know things would take a Deep dark turn into some Cave…

(Azazel Drakonis) #210

I think you’ll be waiting a while Ana…

(Diana Kim) #211

That was said to Ms. Tamiroth, not to Matari and what they will take from it is not really my business. Nor I care in particular how proud or inflated they are.

(Viktor Revon) #212

Here we go down the damn rabbit hole again.

They are a people just as us, Ms. Kim, and in fact we share more in common with them than we do the Amarr.

I do not see how they are unable to make their own decisions. They are perfectly capable humans just as the Caldari. If you are speaking about the war on the level of government decision, I do believe that most within the republic do quite hate the Amarr.

Have you seen the level at which the average Caldari worker lives at? What they’ve lived at before? With Tibus Heth as a hero of yours, I would have suspected you’d know.

Do you mean the Amarr Empire? The ones which enslaved them? They are to the republic what the Gallente are to us. Oppressors.

I know you have a difficult time understanding humour, so I’ll take a moment to notify you that this was a lighthearted joke by the Matari.

There are quite a few civilized Matari, far more than the barbaric.
A Matari’s joke is no match for your desolate sense of humour though.

And you dare accuse them of living in decadence while fighting with whatever they can against their former masters, who live lavishly and fly ships smothered in gold? You must be in a land of fantasy.

You tarnish the image of the State with your ill-considered, harsh, and erroneous words and claims. These people have suffered hardships just as we have, and our closest to us in experiences in this universe.

(Viktor Revon) #213

I am both amused and offended by this satirical mocking of the OP.

And for the love of the Maker, she is not the true representative the State.

(Anabella Rella) #214

Maybe if Kim could pay someone to bang her scrawny ass her racist, xenophobic outlook would improve.

Then again, probably not.

It’s all academic anyway as there’s not enough isk in the cluster to bribe any sane man to do the unpleasant task.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #215

To think this could have all been avoided if the Gallente gave Diana Kim that Jin-Mei Szechuan sauce.

(Elmund Egivand) #216

The combustion of one’s tongue does not stop one from posting.

(Lasairiona Raske) #217

As much as we wish it would…

(Rana Ash) #218

Liar, Liar tounge on fire???, has she been into my uncles home brew?.

(Elmund Egivand) #219

I was commenting about the Jin-Mei sauce. Last time I tasted that thing my tongue felt like it was stung by an entire hive’s worth of hornets. I had to suck on mayonnaise-coated ice to soothe my tongue.

(Arrendis) #220

That just means whatever you were drinking with it wasn’t strong enough to block the pain, man.

(Rana Ash) #221

Ooh i see, but i really doubt it rivals mu uncles brew. I have been told that if you leave it near a heat source it will combust…

(Andreus Ixiris) #222

Clearly you’ve never tasted proper Intaki curry.

Back in my CAS days, I used to be known in my dorm block as the man you went to if you wanted to prove that you were hard as nails. I’d just whip up a curry that I considered a bit on the spicy side.

Those weak-kneed Gallente scrubs usually couldn’t take meaningful notes in class the next day, the burn was so bad. “Caille cuisine?” I’ve eaten cardboard that had more flavour. Try some Akat Mountain Mouth Mangler, bitch.