Minmatar rebellion was a catastrophe

(Diana Kim) #22

I haven’t heard Angels would stab anyone who would really deserve it. They stab only innocent peoples. Otherwise, they would die out from stabbing themselves. Repeatedly.

(Anabella Rella) #23

Kim can you crawl back under whatever slimy, moldy rock you’ve been hiding under these past few weeks please? We all were enjoying the peace and quiet.

P.S. Any time you want to bring your scrawny neck out of squid space and try doing something to actually back up your racist ramblings I’ll personally bring a fleet to meet you. K thx buh bye.

(Kador Ouryon) #24

Oh God Above…

(Ria Nieyli) #25

That was rather crude and tasteless.

(Amhra Rho) #26

Literally in shackles and after being fed fedo roadkill for two and a half centuries, the Minmatar not only rose up in rebellion against the supercilious, weak-willed and pompous Amarr, they conquered them, winning the conflict which has categorically defined the vastly superior race of the two for all times. Not content to simply send the Amarr literally to their knees to sanitize their own floors, the superior intellect of the Tribes then conned the Amarr by convincing them that their nonexistent god spirit insisted on reparations for their many and egregious sins. Thus, to this day, one quarter of the Minmatar race lives and thrives on what was once the Amarr Empire’s own choicest worlds.

Today, the Minmatar Republic represents the largest force of sheer population in the known civilized universe. Republic Talwar fleets strike abject terror, their Vargur are all but indomitable while at the same time savaging enemies with jaw-dropping firepower, and any ship unfortunate enough to find itself opposed in anger by a Hel will be immediately transported into, well, Hell.

While nothing in the universe is more devastating than a round of EMP XL to the face, science-hating Amarr military geniuses couldn’t conjure up an offensive technology any more advanced than the hopelessly antiquated 20th century laser, which can consume its own capacitor in less than a minute. Moreover, the backwards Amarr have been unable to advance even that chosen technology in the slightest for millennia, while, at the same time, lacking the simple and obvious imagination necessary to switch to something - anything - else.

How bad are they? They couldn’t even keep their own Empress alive.

Agitprop is worth what you pay for it, while the truth is worth its weight in gold. Long live the Tribes.

(Diana Kim) #27

But what does this “largest force of sheer population” represent?
Uneducated, unwashed, angry and poor beings, most of whom lives below poverty line, that State citizens wouldn’t even be able to survive. Lack of food, lack of commodities, lack of services, lack of medicine and human resources organization. These people are forced to become criminals by the same regime they have constructed, since they are unable to create something consistent. Hell, most of minmatars don’t even have proper clothes, they are so poor that they indecently display their skin! I am pretty sure you saw a lot of minmatars in their natural habitats, and that is… below human dignity. I barely can call these beings as humans, they are half-naked almost like wide animals. Brutes and savages.

Now, what this “sheer population” can do? Act as a cannon fodder? It is a well known fact, that the same minmatar ships require more crewmembers than ships of any other Empire. What is this, a way of Republic to weed out that population by stuffing them into ships like fish into barrels?

And should you speak about “science-hating” Amarr, if it is exactly Minmatars whose scientific levels are lowest in the cluster, who still stuff their ships with archaic fission reactors. Do you glow in the night after flying with THAT under your nose?..

Or, thanks for reminding for EMP XL. Minmatar weaponry again is still worst in the cluster. Well, yea, you can plug HUGE bullet in that barrel, good on you. But look how it works. Projectile bullets are propelled by a chemical reaction - explosion inside barrel inside YOUR OWN ship. You know, I prefer my missiles, because I know, that when they explode, they explode not inside my ship, but inside enemy ship.

So, what do we have: fission reactors, explosions inside weapon barrels, and generally frail and rusting ship infrsatructure. It is not surprise that from that shaking your ships fall apart, so you need dozens of engineers running around to reattach thingamajimmies that stop working. And compare that to Caldari mechanics. They just sin in Engine rooms and supervise gauges, that always report, that Everything goes smoothly.

Amarr technology is significantly more modern and advanced than minmatar’s odd jobs. I am surprised they don’t peek out from ship windows in EVA suits and throw javelins at enemy ships. That would be so minmatar!

Moreover, Minmatars disturbs peace - it’s them, who started the war against the Empire, and decided to bully them about slavery - that is internal issue of Amarr only. Warmongers and criminals, spreading out from their filthy overpopulated and underdeveloped regions, they poison the space with their hatred and lawlessness.

I am pretty sure that will stop the moment the Empire will reclaim the Republic, and I wish the Empire good luck in this feat. For the whole cluster will become cleaner and better place to live in once Minmatars will be collared and stuffed back into slave pens instead of spaceships.

Minmatar/Caldari: Relations
(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #28

Please, could I visit this engine room? I may need to supervise something there…

(Arrendis) #29

So you’re saying the Caldari people are weak, and can’t survive as well as the Matari? That’s an interesting way to try to insult people. ‘You’re tougher than us! HAH!’

Which sin are the Caldari engineers committing, and how often do you join them?

So tell me, Diana… was Luminaire III an ‘internal issue’ to the Gallente before Heth invaded?

(Amhra Rho) #30

I didn’t realize that capsules have showers lol.

Of the four races, only the 'Matar have a true and legitimate claim to counter-aggression, yet they have magnanimously chosen instead to proffer the scheming, immoral Amarr a wary, supervised peace for millennia, giving them a chance to prosper and raise their bratty, brainwashed children. A lesser people could have (should have?) annihilated the Amarr for what they’ve done. The twists and turns of history are mercurial - that day may yet come.

Don’t be fooled by Amarr’s shiny, gleaming, spotless golden ships. It’s true that they spend many prideful hours making sure that they’re nothing short of visually stunning. Meanwhile, five-year-old Minmatar children join their (slightly) older brothers and sisters in time tests to see who can clear and load 32kg lithium greased Phased Plasma L rounds into a series of white-hot 'Phoon projectile chambers the fastest. Beauty comes in different forms.

Amarr’s enablers, the Caldari, would do well to take a jaundiced view of Amarr tall tales, braggadocio, faux piety, and fake news. Maybe the Gallente would then find them a little less insufferable.

(Diana Kim) #31

I was talking about normal, not capsuleer population.
But going back to capsuleers, after we decant… without showers… would you walk around with all that sticky pod good on your body? :crazy_face:

That claim is anything but legitimate. It is nothing but bullying of neightbors for what their ancestors did almost thousand of years ago, and who are long dead (and can’t actually be called to responsibility anymore by any reasonable claim).

I am Caldari. I don’t care how ships look. I care how they perform. That’s why I’ll pick an Amarr Coercer and burn down Minmatar thrasher to cinders.

Remove Minmatar.

(Arrendis) #32

Well, you do, we’ve all seen the footage.

Do feel free to come demonstrate that whenever you’d like, merc.

(Lasairiona Raske) #33

I thought the Caldari tested people for mental instability before giving them control of regiments. I’m pretty sure this is not the message the State wants to convey. Seriously waiting for someone in higher authority to end this ■■■■■■■■.

(Halcyon Ember) #34

This implies that her command of troops is a legitimate thing advocated by the Caldari government. I think we’re all aware that she’s simply a mercenary and a terrorist with delusions of grandeur. I could round up a few thousand ground troops, give them a uniform and declare myself an Imperial Commander but I’m sure everyone would find it just as laughable as we do every time she makes a similar claim.

(Kaela Kualen) #35

I like this version better.

(Makoto Priano) #36

Behold the inconsistency and double think that the Caldari Collectivist mind is capable of. They have been so brainwashed they cannot see the contradiction in their own nonsensical rhetoric.

Ms. Kim is an example of the aberrant extreme in Caldari society, not the common mold.

As for the rest, Ms. Kim, you do realize that slavery is illegal in the State, yes? By saying that the Matari should never have been left in the leash, you’re tacitly endorsing illegality.

Mind, we all know Ms. Kim just engages in violent rhetoric to be violently rhetorical, and will use whatever mental gymnastics she pleases to try to provoke more of a response.

What a hollow sham of an individual.

(Trii Seo) #37

The very definition of a galnet Troll one may say, would it not be?

(Jaret Victorian) #38

She’s having a meltdown all over the IGS lately.

(Trii Seo) #39

A mad dash for relevance once more, sparked by a crushing realization of one’s lack of thereof?

After all, why accept the truth in silence and change, when you can scream and watch the universe roar in laughter. I would say prime entertainment right here though - and Lasa put it best right at the start:


(Diana Kim) #40

Excuse me, but that’s the dumbest question I’ve heard so far from you, Priano.

There is a search button in this galnet site, there is a search option to find my replies on old forums. There is IGS channel and archives of it. I am pretty sure that everyone who heard me speaking about slavery would hear that I was commenting that the slavery is illegal in the State.

And now you ask me that question? REALLY? :grinning:

Priano, you are the extra kind of special.

(Makoto Priano) #41

Oh, no, no. I’m specifically trying to highlight that you’re a moral relativist. Thanks for making it crystal clear.