Minmatar rebellion was a catastrophe

(Diana Kim) #42

Now what’s that and why would that even matter? I am not a dumb gallentean, who would scream all over that “Slavery is evil!” Slavery is a form of relation, and that is. It can be good, it can be bad, it depends. Inside the State territory - it is illegal. And since it is illegal, I’ll enforce it. Outside the State territory it can be legal or illegal, and that’s not my freaking business. I am not a dumb minmatar to tell others how to organize their lives, I respect their way of life, however they organize it, provided they don’t use it against us.

In other words, I will shoot anyone who would try to enslave anyone inside the State territory right through their head without thinking twice.

But if any holder inside Empire territory will capture you and convict you to slavery for your slanders, I’ll happily high-five them and tell them huge “THANKS” for all the Caldari State.

(Makoto Priano) #43

Highlighted with no further comment.

(Arrendis) #44

Right. We’re the ones telling people how to organize their lives. The people who continue to enslave people… they’re not doing that at all, right, merc?

(Diana Kim) #45

Then let merc answer your question, troll. Not me, since I am not a merc.

(Arrendis) #46

Sure you’re not. Just like the CEP didn’t declare Heth a criminal and the leader of a terrorist organization, right?

Face it, merc, everyone knows what an empty suit you are. You’re really not loyal to the State, you’re only loyal to getting to kill people.

(Halcyon Ember) #47

She’s stated as such in another thread, whilst also hoping that they enslave me. I think she wants it to be legal in the state but as usual is too much of a coward to actually say something.

(Diana Kim) #48

Ember, I already told you in a different topic, stop trolling in threads, your assumption about me is as wild and inadequate as only a blabbering idiot could assume.

Spreading such sort of desinformation is a crime in Caldari State. I have no idea, whatever uncivilized hole of New Eden cluster you crawled from, but please go back and stop showing your lack of upbringing on public.

Thanks in advance.

(Halcyon Ember) #49

After you

(Mizhara Del'thul) #50

I can understand she wants the IGS to revolve around her, but what I don’t understand is why so many of you keep obliging her.

(Lasairiona Raske) #51

Gods, I agree with Miz. Damn. :wine_glass:

(Diana Kim) #52

I am not obliging her, I am telling her to shut up.

(Halcyon Ember) #53

This…this is priceless

EVE-0nline; Heavenly Plots
(Darian en Chasteaux) #54

Why is it that everytime I seek to enhance my moral ineptitude I seem to find the right communique; quite by chance?

Being Gallente doesnt seem to have many perks as far as helping our nabers, and I have mostly tried to sway away from conflict whereever it arises; but this just never seems to cease and desist.

In fact it demands a further exploration of homeworlds affected by the Amarr from the Minmatar. It seems as though Minmatar have had a pleasant but rough ride to the edges of the Amarrian homeworlds, and I happen to be in that naberhood exploring; to wit there really doesnt seem to be anything interesting in that neck of the woods anyways; yet still.

Maybe instead of all this meaningless bickering we could setup a slave trade tax?!

Not that I am into trading slaves; I tend to avoid conflict.


PS my pod reappeared in Amarr space recently

(Arrendis) #55

A pleasant ride? Slave trade tax?

What the hel are you even talking about?

(Diana Kim) #56

Well, first of all, trading slaves is just a business, not a conflict. Why would you say such a thing?..

And the second - slave trade tax?.. So far, the slavery is legal only in the Amarr Empire and its subsidiaries. In all other empires slavery is illegal. Now, whom will you be taxing then? Minmatar Angels, who will be bringing slaves from the Republic to sell in the Empire?

I don’t know about you, but if I’ll see an Angel trespassing State border, I’d just put a bullet into their head, instead of asking to pay taxes for their goods, even if they would bring legal goods.

(Lasairiona Raske) #57

I can legally be in state space. You’d be committing an illegal act by shooting someone who doesn’t have a criminal tag behind their name.

(Ibrahim Tash-Murkon) #58

Slaves are taxed. Well. Very well. Sometimes too well.

(Diana Kim) #59

Ah, well, inside the Empire, I assume? I was thinking about the international trade, since Mr. En Chasteaux didn’t look to me as an Empire representative.

(Diana Kim) #60

All angels are considered criminals according to CONCORD and Caldari State legislation. If I will shoot an angel without a criminal tag and will be arrested, it’s enough for me to present evidences to the tribunal that the target I destroyed belonged to Angel Cartel to be released.

The only reason when I can not shoot an Angel Cartel employee or asset, is when they surrender. I will have to detain them or capture intact in that case, which I really don’t like doing.

According to regulations, an encounter of a confirmed member of a pirate organization (e.g. Angel Cartel) wearing a confirmed weapon, or flying a combat ship is a reason to shoot on contact without asking to surrender.

On encounter of unarmed pirate, I, unfortunately, will have to detain them, and I am allowed to shoot only if they will resist.

And I am obliged to accept surrender of armed Angel provided they put down their weapons before or during the fight.

Luckily, majority of Angels are already tagged by CONCORD for elimination for every pilot who will see them.

(Makoto Priano) #61

So, by the law, then, when a Caldari station’s defenses shot you down for your firing on a StaPro compatriot, it’s because you were in fact engaged in piracy?