Missing intel on zKillboard

I can’t find a particular toon on zKillboard. I know he might not have set up the API, but shouldn’t there be intel anyways? At least one of his victims should have had it.

Some people don’t post their losses. Some people don’t realise zkill exists.

I think I remember @Scipio_Artelius saying that zkill only shows ~50% of all kills or something.

Edit- apologies 68% or so.

I didn’t post on it for the longest LOL.

Yeah, actually tracking it long term, it’s less than 50%.

It’s a relatively easy stat to track:

  1. ESI provides the endpoint to get the number of all losses
  2. zkill posts stats on the number of kills recorded

So just tracking those 2 figures at set periods and then plotting it:


* the spikes where zkill is recording close to or >100% of the ESI value is where zkill is running batch jobs to pull prior kills (eg. new characters, corps or alliances added, periodic collection of war losses, etc.)

Given that zkill also includes jspace where the ESI doesn’t, the percentage of loss that makes it’s way to zkill is slightly lower that the above graph, with the mean in the above graph being slightly above 40%.


Even if only 1/7 victims posted his losses, why can’t I find any of them? Three of my corpmates vaguely kind of remember the guy saying they think someone with a similar sounding name, possibly the same guy, just comes by in an Occator, Venture, or Orca through low sec now and then for the past 3 years. One of them said to ignore him if he’s in local as he’s a non-entity and an older player said never ignore local, every grey can be a threat and besides even if the guy they remembered really was a non entity, none were 100% sure we were talking about the same guy I mentioned since they weren’t 100% sure they remembered his name correctly.

Maybe none of them are posting. If they were, they’d show.

I wish one of them would post… I like to get intel on people who frequencly pass thorugh my normal reas so I know if they hunt people or not.

Very unlikely this is a problem, because if missing killmails were a thing, a lot of the games players would be raising complaints.

This is a bit of a problem because I want to know if I see him in local and should think “just through traffic like last week” or “uh oh, I need to align”

A couple of things.

Firstly, are you sure you have the name spelt correctly? For example, Klondike and K1ondike would be different characters, but in game, will look very similar (since 1 looks like an l - and there are other examples).

That aside, hunters are unlikely to be missing from zkillboard (especially in the areas you play in lowsec). They lose ships too and at some point, someone will have been on zkill.

Even in that case though, a character with no killboard isn’t necessarily innocent either. They could be scouts.

In lowsec, local knowledge built over time is the best filter you can develop when there is no killboard for a particular character.

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