Mission Runners Declining?

So to be clear:
It’s easier to make a new pile of turds than clear up the old pile that lays rotting in the corner? Yes, that does sound like CCP’S business model indeed. They don;t even have to do that much work to fix missions. A new algarythm to select missions on a more even basis would be a huge help and encourage more carebears like me to keep playing.


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■■■■ I’d do it for free - just as long as I could put it on my resume.

@CCP_Falcon free labor here.

If you by wildest chance get your wish, I would like to have a private chat with you on what should happen to that Damsel in Distress…:wink:


[conspiracy theory] [sarcasm] Let the PvE mission content remain as-is forever, something for new players to get bored with. They’ll run into the waiting arms of the null-sec cartels, primed for real content: record-busting Giant Space Battles between Alliances and Coalitions that Span the Stars! [/s]


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You misspelt Annoying… fixed

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I mean the null pve content is pretty much the same and just as old as the mission content. There’s no reason to go out there unless you want the group level gameplay null groups offer.

Wow, you’re nearly funny. Emphasis is on the nearly though ok?

The cowbag never learns, always hooking up with the abusive ex.

because there is a number of other things people can do for more isk

Nothing new with missions in over a decade is kinda dumb.

Missions just don’t pay very well.

They’re a useful step in the journey, but ultimately should lead to Incursion in High Sec.

And, really, people should be heading out to Low or Null for the decent loot. Assuming Null gets Economic levers after the Blackout experiment.

Well when you get the same missions over and over again plus they have never changed in all the years Eve has been going thats prob why.

As 90% of PvE activities. You do same thing over and over. Problem is that now you can make much more isk in less time with much less SP, even is hisec doing other PvE things. And they probable won’t change missions soon. Code is to old to touch it.