Mission Runners Declining?

So to be clear:
It’s easier to make a new pile of turds than clear up the old pile that lays rotting in the corner? Yes, that does sound like CCP’S business model indeed. They don;t even have to do that much work to fix missions. A new algarythm to select missions on a more even basis would be a huge help and encourage more carebears like me to keep playing.


■■■■ I’d do it for free - just as long as I could put it on my resume.

@CCP_Falcon free labor here.

If you by wildest chance get your wish, I would like to have a private chat with you on what should happen to that Damsel in Distress…:wink:


[conspiracy theory] [sarcasm] Let the PvE mission content remain as-is forever, something for new players to get bored with. They’ll run into the waiting arms of the null-sec cartels, primed for real content: record-busting Giant Space Battles between Alliances and Coalitions that Span the Stars! [/s]


You misspelt Annoying… fixed

I mean the null pve content is pretty much the same and just as old as the mission content. There’s no reason to go out there unless you want the group level gameplay null groups offer.

Wow, you’re nearly funny. Emphasis is on the nearly though ok?

The cowbag never learns, always hooking up with the abusive ex.


because there is a number of other things people can do for more isk

Nothing new with missions in over a decade is kinda dumb.

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Missions just don’t pay very well.

They’re a useful step in the journey, but ultimately should lead to Incursion in High Sec.

And, really, people should be heading out to Low or Null for the decent loot. Assuming Null gets Economic levers after the Blackout experiment.

Well when you get the same missions over and over again plus they have never changed in all the years Eve has been going thats prob why.


As 90% of PvE activities. You do same thing over and over. Problem is that now you can make much more isk in less time with much less SP, even is hisec doing other PvE things. And they probable won’t change missions soon. Code is to old to touch it.

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I started out in 2007 (This is just an alt) But what I seen over the year mostly on this forum is Null sec,Null sec,Null sec,Null sec,Null sec, PVP,PVP,PVP,PVP. Does are they things people mostly nagged that was improvements on so yeah it´s no wonder hig sec mining and pve has not changed in the past 12 damn year I play or kept and eye on the game.

Sure they added moon mining but that´s a corp thing and nothing for people like me that some times want to do some ■■■■ for my self and not always be up in the ass on my crop mates.

Sure they added Abyssal and now Emerging Conduits but that ■■■■ you need to invest in a ship that cost more money than it´s worth.

I read some one did 8 Emerging Conduits and calculated he made about 128mill but first need the damn 2-4 bill to fit a damn blinged out gila or some other expensive ship to do them.

To make and of my calculation is correct to make back that isk you spent on the ship you need to do a total of 187,5 Emerging Conduits I may have calculated bad but so far seeing the damn blinged ships u need for abyssal or Emerging Conduits all I can say is the risk = the reward is ■■■■. I don´t mind if the risk is high but if I shall spend 3 bill on a damn ship with high risk and the reward is 30-50mill why even bother.

But mining and missions needs a rework I don´t care if abyssal or Emerging Conduits is the hot new thing you had missions and mining sense what 2003 and you don´t re-work it a little 1 or twice common.

Sure this is a pvp oriented game but people often want to do pve to afford to pvp. Ships is not free nor the fitting. It is not like call of duty you spawn with new guns and grenades. Also some people enjoy pve even if you scream it´s a pvp game if your game have pve there are people that willl play for that and who are you to question or tell how people shall play eve ?

So please CCP dig that head of your out from the ass and do some damn changes or is your long term goal to see this game decline so far you have to shut down. I mean back when I stared I could see 50-100k people online depending on the time of day now it is 18-26k at most. You have lost more than half of the player base in 12 year sure that´s not allot but lose any more and will cost more to host the game than it´s worth. I seen f2p mmo games shutdown even with 50k player base, because it cost them more money to run the servers than people spend on cash shop items or premium time.


Not even close. There are plenty of people running conduits in various T1 battlecruisers and battleships with no bling at all. There are youtube videos showing all kinds of ships that can run them.

Mission have always been tough. On the one hand they are boring and repetitive. But at the same time they are consistent. So many EVE players do an isk making activity based on how efficiently they can generate isk/hr. Consistent missions are boring, but consistency breeds efficiency.

Having more robust missions, or even ones that can vary dynamically would add to the fun factor. But then people would complain they cannot gain an efficient way to run them…

Regardless it would be a nice area for CCP to revamp.


t3 abyss can be done in ship worth BS. Income is compared to well skilled mission runner

Missions in current state wont be changed. Code is to old to touch it. We either gonna get something new (if they find idea to monetize same ■■■■ in new dress) or current missions will stay until they will break even more.

EVE gives many possibilities to make isk doing PvE combat even in hisec with better income on characters with less SP. Do them if you think that missions are boring or don’t give enough income.

I dont get it, bling gila?

All I see in the emerging conduit sites are Praxis, Rattlesnakes, and Ravens. Some marauder to overkill and a rokh once.

I understand if its Rattlesnake or any marauder. Tho, who blings Praxis and ravens?

And seriously, Rokh? I want to know how he fit one, I always like the ship. Rokh looks like a train. I love train. Always think Caldari freighter should use Rokh model. Coz you know, freight train.

Like the ancient mercedes trucks those Gallente industrial ship get the model from.

…uhm, what are we talking again?

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well obviously you wasn’t around before missions changed around 2004/5

Aye. The missions objectives might not have changed, but salvage drops getting nerfed, t1 non meta and drone poo no longer dropping and giving you large amounts of minerals to sell.

Burners might have been a buff to LP gains per hour, but complete clearing in highsec is no longer as much as it used to be. A lot has changed. Warp speed of BS has changed.

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the 4 reasons why level 4 missions are on a decline
drone aggro
Abyssal Deadspace is better
rating in 00 is better
exploration can make pretty close to the same amount per hour a day one player can do it

people prefer a low effort tasks or fun activities and level 4 missions are not low effort tasks drone aggro turns them into the most tedious activity in game they’re not fun to do there’s nothing exciting about them all it is is endless tediousness to make a few bucks

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